Editorial boards around the country condemn Clinton Foundation scandals

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The Newark Star-Ledger’s editorial board writes that the Clinton Foundation scandal is another example of the “slipperiness” that has surrounded Hillary Clinton for decades. “But it is slipperiness, the same kind we saw years ago when Clinton made $100,000 on cattle futures as a novice investor; and more recently, admitted to using a private email […]

Man solicits ‘oral sex in the cracker aisle’ at WALMART

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Police say a Mitchell, South Dakota Walmart was where Michael E. Holland thought he could find some male companionship. Holland is accused of approaching several people near and in the store, including employees, looking to pay for sexual services. The first victim, a 16-year-old victim, says in court documents a white man, allegedly Holland, wearing […]

Milwaukee sheriff: Baltimore leaders show ‘total capitulation to thuggery, criminal element’

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Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke told WTMJ host Charlie Sykes Tuesday that the events in Baltimore represented a “total capitulation to the thuggery and the criminal element.” Clarke said the mayor of Baltimore was incompetent and in way over her head and should have asked for the national guard sooner. “To tie the hands of […]

eBay CEO to host fundraiser for Hillary Clinton

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Hillary Clinton will swooping into California next week to rake in cash for her presidential campaign. The former secretary of state will be appearing at the home of eBay president and CEO John Donahoe. His wife, Eileen Donahoe, was appointed by President Obama as ambassador to the U.N. Human Rights Council.

Baltimore mayor’s comments make city a ‘no-go zone’ for the civilized

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If you value private property rights and the law, steer clear of Baltimore, Maryland. After the city of Baltimore devolved into violent rioting in the wake of protests over the death of Freddie Gray, Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake made a stunning admission. “I made it very clear that I work with the police and instructed […]

DA at center of targeting scandal now suggests charging Scott Walker with defamation

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For guys who ordered pre-dawn raids using battering rams, the John Doe prosecutors turn out to be awfully touchy … in fact, so thin-skinned that they actually let the mask slip. Milwaukee DA John Chisholm was apparently so unhinged by recent criticism that he actually suggested Saturday that Governor Scott Walker be criminally charged with […]

Milwaukee sheriff: Baltimore police commanders ‘playing patty cake’ with rioters

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Baltimore could use a little David Clarke right now. His sentiments are easy to see why. The Milwaukee County sheriff took to social media to slam Baltimore politicians for creating the conditions that led to the riots and violence. http://t.co/9lxFF8YvkP I am tired of this mealy-mouth crap from politicians. They cause the conditions for a […]

Jackson, Sharpton descend on Baltimore

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Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are seizing on the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore. Sharpton claims he’s “been asked by many in the Baltimore area since day one to get involved,” according to a statement on his website. ” … I will come to Baltimore this week at the invitation or Rev. Westley West, […]

Local NAACP president arrested for dealing cocaine

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An Indiana public transit worker was arrested after police say they bought cocaine from him while he was in uniform on his bus. Timothy Miles is also president of Muncie, Indiana chapter of the NAACP. The Delaware County sheriff’s office claims its investigators have audio and video evidence showing Miles sold cocaine to a confidential […]