Nancy Pelosi suffers face spasms, brain freezes while denouncing Conyers

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As the media focus has shifted to the alleged sexual harassers in the Democratic ranks, questions are not going away about Nancy Pelosi’s continued bizarre behavior. The House Minority Leader held her weekly press conference, and while the media focused on her call for accused serial harasser John Conyers, they overlooked her frequent flubbed words, […]

CIVIL WAR: Dems battle each other publicly over sex abuse allegations

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Several Congressional Democrats are turning on their colleagues amid a flurry of sexual assault allegations, with some encouraging the accused to resign. CNN highlighted comments from Rep. Kathleen Rice as she left a recent meeting with House Democrats that allege party leadership are not addressing allegations against Reps. John Conyers and Al Franken seriously. “I […]

Sarah Sanders cheers CNN boycott of White House party: ‘Christmas comes early!’

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CNN is having a tantrum over the White House Christmas party this year, and spokeswoman Sarah Sanders couldn’t be happier. “CNN will not be attending this year’s White House Christmas party,” a CNN spokesperson said, according to Politico. “In light of the President’s continued attacks on freedom of the press and CNN, we do not […]

DESCENDANT: Pocahontas would be ‘very proud’ of Trump!

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As the mainstream media foams at the mouth about President Trump’s latest dig at Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren, a descendant of the actual woman says Pocahontas would like the president. Sky News talked to Debbie “White Dove” Porreco and Irene Bedard, an actress who voiced “Pocahontas” in a Disney movie. Two Pocahontases, two very different views […]

Now Hillary blames ‘media guilt’ for election loss

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Hillary Clinton is blaming “rank sexism” for the growing chorus of folks who wish she would just “go away” after her humiliating defeat to Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election. Far-left comedian Trevor Noah recently asked Clinton about her unpopularity during an interview on her book “What Happened” for The Daily Show on Comedy […]

Bitter Hillary laments nobody is asking her for 2020 advice

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Hillary Clinton admits nobody is seeking her advice on running for president in 2020. In a recent interview with the Hugh Hewitt radio program the twice failed presidential candidate revealed that “nobody’s actually been to see me” about running for the nation’s top office. “I see Democrats all the time, and nobody has said ‘Hey, […]

Pass the sour grapes: Schumer pushes political discord around Thanksgiving table

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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is fueling the fire of Thanksgiving family politics this season with a fancy chart he hopes his followers will use to shut down their conservative kin. Schumer’s advice for Thanksgiving, via Twitter: Bring this chart to Thanksgiving dinner. It’ll come in handy when that family member who always talks politics […]

Maxine Waters praised John Conyers’ ‘impeccable integrity’ — 3 weeks ago!

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Less than a month ago, Congresswoman Maxine Waters told a women’s convention in Detroit that her Democratic colleague, Rep. John Conyers, as a man with “impeccable integrity.” Women from across the country gathered for the Women’s Convention Sojourner Truth Luncheon on Oct. 28, when Waters took shots at President Trump while praising the 88-year-old representative […]

Pelosi suffers brain freeze — while questioning Trump’s ‘fitness’ to be president!

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Nancy Pelosi suffered an ill-timed brain freeze on Thursday, just as she was questioning Donald Trump’s “fitness” to serve as president. The House Minority Leader was criticizing the Republican tax plan during a press conference when the topic turned to articles of impeachment that were filed by several House Democrats this week.

MAXINE WATERS: Impeach Trump — for name-calling!

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Maxine Waters loves to talk about millennials, and she’s apparently adopted some of their traits, too. The California congresswoman made an appearance on Bloomberg TV on Thursday and her definition of “high crimes and misdemeanors” — the standard for impeaching a president of the United States — appears to be lowering.