MAXINE WATERS: Congress ‘can define what is impeachment’

By Victor Skinner on Thursday, December 7th, 2017 in Uncategorized No Comments

“The Amazing Maxine Waters” on Wednesday gave an interview update on her relentless effort to impeach President Trump at the International LGBTQ Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C. The 79-year-old career politician from California told “Manmade Multimedia” impeachment is “a big idea” that not all of her colleagues are ready to commit to, in part because […]

$107 Hillary tree-topper ushers in ‘Merry Resistmas’

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Nothing says “Merry Resistmas” like topping a Christmas tree with the holy Hillary Clinton, clad in her “iconic power suit with angelic wings.” For a mere $107, the nonprofit Women To Look Up To is making that nightmare a reality. Those looking to celebrate “Resist-mas” now have the perfect accessory: A Hillary Clinton Fallen Angel?? Who […]

DEM TAX CUT CONFUSION: Pelosi ‘didn’t mean it’s the end of the world’

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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi described the Republican tax bill as an “Armageddon” and argued it’s the “end of the world” at a press conference Monday, and Democrat Minority Whip Steny Hoyer quickly provided cover. “Minority leader, at this news conference and on the floor you, Democrats talk about this bill often in very apocalyptic […]

Disgraced Dem rep, Clinton superdelegate gets five years in prison for charity fraud

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Disgraced Florida Democratic Rep. Corrine Brown, a super delegate for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, his heading to prison. Brown was sentenced to five years in prison Monday for mail, wire and tax fraud related to her sham charity, One Door For Education, Fox News reports. Her attorney argued she deserved probation, but U.S. […]

DEM REP: Conyers harassment behavior ‘that of a predator’

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While House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi only days ago affectionately called John Conyers an “icon,” California Congresswoman Jackie Speier used far starker language today to describe the behavior of her colleague: “that of a predator.” Appearing on CNN, Speier acknowledged she called for Conyers’s resignation.

Sanders supporters crash Hillary book signing: ‘YOU are what happened’

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Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton received a surprise welcome at a California book signing Friday, when a band of merry Bernie Sanders supporters belted out their Clinton-hating rendition of several holiday classics. Pasadena Star-News photographer Walt Mancini posted a video of the stunt on Twitter Friday afternoon. “Bernie Sanders supporters blaming Hillary Clinton for getting […]