If the Ohio crowds for one of Hillary Clinton’s top surrogates are any indication, it’s time to panic.

Bernie Sanders drew only 150 fans at a rally in Akron on Saturday, according to WKSU.

The event had the appearance of an academic lecture, with supporters listening intently in rows of chairs in Centennial Hall at the University of Akron.

But even some of the 150 attendees weren’t supporters of Hillary Clinton.

Here’s a self-described “Anarchist for Jill (Stein).”

The turnout was a little better in Kent. Attendance figures were not immediately released, but it appeared to be a few hundred at Kent State University.

A third event in Canton, Ohio was canceled. The campaign did not give a reason for the cancellation, according to the Akron Beacon Journal.

Given the poor attendance in Akron, it was likely due to low RSVPs.

  • ozzy3_97

    This election was never about party. It was and remains about substance…:(

    Who will do something for the people ahead of the party is what we looked for and what we promoted. That someone is Donald Trump….:)

    The things we know that are eroding opportunities, eroding incomes, eroding benefits/healthcare, eroding our infrastructure and eroding our schools are policies of both parties, supported by both parties and promoted by both parties….:(

    We wanted a leader who sees and hears us and has the audacity to stand up and identify the corruption existing in our government and will do what it takes to end it for the good of the people and we found one…..:)

    We didn’t want PC, we didn’t want a polite and yielding leader and we didn’t want a leader owned, controlled and manipulated by corporations….:(

    That’s where we are and that’s how the highest numbers of motivated voters will respond on election day. The future is close, change is close and we will do what’s in our best interest by voting for the new and improved leader of our country…:)

    Vote Donald Trump for yourself and the future…JMO..:)

    • jmoke

      What we really did not want is a New World Order!

  • retirednavysnipe2003 .

    Well at least the Democratic machine bought Sanders a vacation home after they screwed him.

    Enough said.

  • ONE happy Lady

    HE lost his credibility with his supporters when he turned on them and endorsed Hillary after the way Hillary and the DNC treated him. She would have gotten more people to listen if she had offered free food. well may be not

  • jmoke

    Marxism, Socialism, Communism: 20th Century Death Toll

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    An estimated human tally for the reign of collectivist destruction has been published by the late R. J. Rummel of the University of Hawaii and is included within the table below. The source of the figures in

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    Yep vote for Godless Socialist Bernie Sanders, like your pesonnal Islamic Savior o’bama you morons you!

  • ONE happy Lady

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uAvqnoAjII Sanders said to never listen to him if he tells his supporters who to vote for

    • alinla56

      Trump said he personally saw “thousands and thousands” cheering from roof tops in Jersey on 9/11.

      He also said he lost “hundreds of friends” on 9/11…but never actually attended even one memorial service. Go figure.

      • ONE happy Lady

        What does this have to do with my comment ? HOW do you know he never attended any memorial services?

  • jw

    A Hillary Bum Sniffing Bernie is of no use to anyone. Go back to your new dacha old man, you and your legacy are through.

  • Cindy

    What part of Bernie or Bust did corrupt Hillary and the corrupt DNC not understand? Personally, I thought it was a very clear and direct message.

  • Fred Doe

    Hillary has told us her plan to stop terrorism. It’s to immediately import ONE MILLION more muslim Syrians! Pew says that a minimum of 15% of muslims worldwide support ISIS and their terror operation. Import one million more and you have most certainly brought in 150,000 muslims terrorists into this country! Muslims who believe they should be doing what ISIS is, if they aren’t already doing it! It is not possible to actually vet anyone from the middle east as there are no records to rely on. But a muslim terrorist wouldn’t lie to you. WOULD THEY!

  • Fred Doe

    Do you actually believe that this is still battle between left and right?! This is a battle between the globalist 1%ers who infest both parties and America! They want their rape of America and it’s citizens to continue through open borders that drive wages down and prices up and the continuation of shipping businesses and jobs overseas in order to get that last penny in profit while they gut this country. They own the MSM and will stop at nothing. That is the explanation for the never Trump GOP elites and the corrupt DNC agreeing, laid bare.

  • Silver Fox

    Small room, smaller crowd of listeners, not voters, no enthusiasm.

    Zombie Clinton is going down in flames. So sad for her, so Great for America.

  • whataboutme2

    This just gets funnier every day. Bernie doesn’t care if you show up anyhow, his bank account is full with that new CF money.

  • cornfield

    150 misfits

    • djbaluta

      150 Comrade Misfits…or,
      Demo-Zombie-Crypto-Commie-Liars! Just doing what The Bern and hILLscary do best, talking about being victims and who’s to blame!

  • Gobias Industries

    Don’t vote for the Hilldog!

    • alinla56

      Actually, Bill choose to stick with Hillary through thick or thin.

      IN sharp contract to Trump, who dumped wife No. 1 because he was banging wife No. 2 … but dumped wife No. 2 when an even nicer piece of ass came a along….NOW wife No. 3 is no where to be seen after she made a jack-ass of herself at the RNC by plagiarizing Michelle Obama. If he fires wife No. 3 he may promote his current mistress to wife No. 4. Stay tuned

      The Big Dog will make a great First Gentleman.

      • Gobias Industries

        If you define Billy’s behavior with stuck with Hilldog I feel sorry for your wife and the herpes you covered her with.

        • alinla56

          “…with which you have covered her.” would be correct grammar.

          Clueless, vile AND stupid is no way to go throughout life, son.

          • Gobias Industries

            No idea if you’re right cuck but who really cares, a troll that switches to being a grammar nazi has lost! Keep trolling for Hildabeast you’re doing your part to elect a complete POS lIke yourself and every other troll.

          • alinla56

            You sound just as smart as Trump.

            Do you also have a tiny little penis as well?

          • Gobias Industries

            The size of my cock is irrelevant being I’m not a homo with the intent to tear your anus open the way you like. Just get back to the gloryhole at the gas station and start catching.

          • alinla56

            Wow…You really know a lot about gay subculture.

            Admit it: You are a closeted bottom, obviously.

            Do you swallow?

          • Gobias Industries

            Zzzzzzzzzz come on a super smart grammar nazi troll like you can do better then deflect. Uninspired to say the least I expect better from you.

          • alinla56

            YOU ARE the one who wants to discus glory holes and the anus and such. Ick!

            Yeah…you like to catch…and it shows…you secret is safe, closet case. .

          • Gobias Industries

            “You secret is safe”

            Clueless, vile AND stupid is no way to go throughout life, son.

      • Ashley West

        Bill and Hillary have a marriage of convenience. She is a lesbian, and he is a pedophile/rapist. Besides that, the vast majority of Americans have had multiple marriages, so your goofy little troll line will go absolutely nowhere.

        • alinla56

          Remember…If you don;t know what the fuck you are talking about, just make shit up…THAT is the Trump way.

          ANy thought on how Trump humiliated his wives?

      • Jim Scott

        “….Bill choose to stick with Hillary through thick or thin….” That is the silliest thing I seriously have ever heard. So is thick and thin Bill getting a BJ in the oval office….that would her sticking with him, not the other way around.

        • alinla56

          Marriage is a symbiotic relationship, no?

          It is continent on the willingness of both parties to put up with the other’s bullshit. Sure Hilary should have done to Bill what Trump’s first two wives did to Trump when HE was revealed to be a lying piece-of-shit philanderer. Why she choose not to is her business, agree?

          But why it is silly to observe that Bill could have left her and lived a nice comfortable life, but he choose not to. What do you not understand about that?

  • alinla56

    Bernie Sanders drew only 150 fans at a rally …

    WHich is about 125 more people than visit this pathetical hate blog gets in a day.

    • Ashley West

      So you visit pathetic websites? says more about you than them.

  • Ashley West

    As usual, it is the local democratic party members and a few union bosses. Rank and file union members are voting for Trump as are normal people. We went to a large county fair yesterday and there were Trump stickers and buttons everywhere, but not one Hillary item to be seen.

  • alinla56

    Remember more than 65 million people voted to reelect President Obama.

    Not many of them are likely to vote for a racist piece of shit like Trump.

    Can we all agree on that much at least?

    • U.S. Grant

      What has Trump said or did that was racist?

  • NGC

    Bernie is keeping his promise. I feel sorry for him concidering what Hillary stands for.

  • kaywheel

    There is no fan club for Judas.

  • LinusToo
  • Kevin Tucker

    You had a good thing going for yourself Bernie, maybe you shouldn’t have sold out to an establishment criminal.

  • Yabba_Dabba

    Saunders stabbed his followers in the back when he betrayed them after vowing never to support Clinton…

    Is it any wonder that they have zero interest in being stabbed again?

    • pyrewoman

      When did you hear him vow that exactly ? He said from day 1 that he would support whomever won whe primary. Selective memory isn’t just a clinton problem I see.

  • Supernevadasmith

    Yippee Kai Yay Mother ……Clinton

  • Gadea


  • Computing votes: Contrast Hillary 2016 with McCain 2008 and Romney 2012
    McCain 2009 and Romney 2012 had their vortes multiplied each time by 10.
    For Hitlery 2016 the script is reversed. No, I don’t mean “Hillary wins”.
    The original script ALSO had Romney and McCain as winners but, unlike Hillary, only to be stripped of their titles after completing the mission of disarming the citizens.
    The script was modified to have “president Obama” first time in October 2008 and again November 2012, at the very last minute, in fact “as votes were being counted”.
    What I do mean: this time Hitlery”s official votes won’t be computed by applying a multiplier to the real votes. They are already in script: 66.6 million votes.
    The script of having a US senate with “republican” majority and a “democratic” president was implemented by using software to multiply votes by 11, both in 2008 and 2012.
    Elections by Voting machines are always rigged, the sky is the limit. But now …
    Now “elections” where people still count paper ballots are ALSO rigged
    The basic trick is as simple as: conceal results for each ballot box and publish only aggregate results.
    It works because the leaders of the parties belong ALL to one and the same secret society.
    So the basic trick is as simple as: conceal results for each ballot box and publish only aggregate results
    ** illuminati-eyes.blogspot — /2013/09/

  • pyrewoman

    If democrats lose it’s because they belittled us, insulted us, painted us as angry white frat boys, conspired against our candidate, and straight up ignored the independant voter. They did this to themselves and unlike their candidate we don’t have memory problems.

  • Apr 20, 2016, on Hitler’s anniversary: End Times Sign: 3 digits milestone for multiplying votes
    New York primaries: Clinton real votes counted 100 times each – milestone for converting real into official results.
    Contrast it with Trump’s results, generated, by BOTH a multiplier and a divider.
    Contrast the very last thing Hitler’s oldest daughter, “billionaire Trump” and “socialist Sanders” would say:

  • PoliticalThunder

    I’ll bet they are all Hillary plants too.

  • madamepresident2016

    President Hillary Rodham Clinton 326 electoral votes – take that to the bank and bank it – SMILING ….

    ” Lets Go Hillary “

    • Mary Kay Baker

      You Hillary bots are so stupid. There are at least eleven states where the exit polls are so out of wack it isn’t funny. All of them happen to be in the states with easily hackable machines. Your lady certainly did win the primary by cheating at every level. That is why she isn’t winning against Trump. Strange polls say that Bernie would easily beat Trump. However, anything to do with that woman stinks of corruption. If your lady really did win the primary why is she doing so badly now you idiots. Also DNC emails proved what she did win happened by the DNC cheating. Their charter says they are suppose to be impartial but they took Bernie supporters money through act blue knowing they where cheating. They are being sued because of it.

      • madamepresident2016

        let me repeat that again >>> President Hillary/Democrat 326 electoral votes – SMILES!!!

        • Mary Kay Baker

          You hate the middle class don’t you. She has exported so many jobs, her husband and she are responsible for the deaths of so many people because of her war hawkishness she has supported a non-democratic government in Honduras that has left those people running for their lives just to support corporate interests there. The evidence is that the DNC undermine democracy in the primary. She helped Wall Street Economically rape the American people. She has a negative rating and no one trusts her. But you celebrate she will win because of the undemocratic electoral college. To be smiling over this you are either a 1% shill, uninformed or a sociopath. Mickey Mouse could beat Trump and she needs this much help to win, your candidate is a pathetic cheater. She has prove herself a liar time and time again, anyone smart enough to watch videos of her know this. Your candidate is pathetic, but since the 1% bought this election for her people like you can afford to smile. If you love democracy you should be crying.

          • madamepresident2016

            3-2-6 >>> watch those numbers – SMILES

    • Deplorable IG

      She might as well say that she has a path to 600+ electoral votes, because every single one of them will be obtained by cheating. A cuntbag like hitlery (or you) isn’t actually liked by anyone.

      • madamepresident2016



        ” Lets Go Hillary “

  • Mary Kay Baker

    I think many Bernie supporters realize that he believes Trump is worse than Clinton and that is why he is stumping for her. Others think he was threatened in some way. Whatever the case, we support Bernie in his support of good causes, like his recent support of Native Americans over the pipeline. This is further proof that Bernie supporters are not and never have been Berniebots. However Hillary supporters including the mainstream media do everything they can to whitewash her corruption as we learn more about it week to week. We supported Bernie because we like his ideas and his record. We liked the lack of corruption in his past. For the same reason we can not support her because of her record, her corruption and the fact her ideas change with the wind. This is why we can not support her no matter what Bernie says. We will support Bernie where he supports the causes we believe in, unfortunately for Hillary many of us do not agree with Bernie that she is the “lesser” of two evils.

    The media should take note. You used your power to beat Bernie Sanders and thought you could redirect/frighten/bully/embarrass us into supporting Hillary. You can’t insult and bully people as you did during the primary and then try to get them to support you in the general. You have and are losing a great deal of your power, your coverage has become so obviously as to become laughable. The things Trump claims he will do, most of us realize he can’t do without the help of Congress or at least support from the American people who will pressure congress. He has the support of neither. Hillary is a career politician who is married to a career politician. They have been very effective at getting terrible things done, they have proved they can work with congress and other career politician’s to undermine the American people for the sake of the wealthy/powerful. This is why so many people can not get excited about her.

  • This is the result of stabbing your supporters in the back.

  • No one likes a traitor

  • hefalumpe

    if the democrats lose, it’s because they nominated an unpopular corrupt war criminal who also now appears infirm and ill. we told them it was a bad decision before the convention.

  • Mark Gann

    Im sad about this … sanders had the fire and the d.n.c. actively squashed it. Thanks debbie shultz. Now we got a douche bag and a turd sandwich to pick from.. thanks. D.n.c. yall really screwed this pooch…. for anyone educated and listening. The d.n.c gave u donald trump:aka hitler 2.0

  • zayahv2

    Wait they didn’t actually think they could make him campaign for her and that we would just be like, “Baaa, Hillary, Baaa”…. lmfao.

  • Tijuju Furry

    All the thousands more of us were campaigning for Jill Stein at the time never Hillary never heard good friend Donald Trump that agreed to run against her and lose Trump is trying his best to lose but he still winning that’s how horrible Hillary is let’s all vote Jill Stein for president

  • Marvin Lee Billings

    Absolutely no one can sell this sh!t sandwich .

  • Marvin Lee Billings

    Rigging an election is absolutely the worst thing you can do in a democracy. That is what the core of democracy is everyone comes together with a vote and their vote is their political voice. Now should you go as far has to willingly accept someone who has rigged an election. Then you have lost your political voice. And you have entered into a stage of oppression. And people without a political voice only have one option and that is insurrection, Civil War , or civil unrest that will bring about death and destruction and misery and suffering. And no one ever wins the Civil War you just suffer through it.
    Now if someone doesn’t understand how dangerous it is to accept Hillary Clinton’s vote rigging , Then they do not understand how a democracy works. And how vote rigging not only undermines the Democracy it will ultimately destroy it.

  • Joe Leonard

    i am not sure why clinton is so despised and distrusted. but she is. so she either literally sux or her opponents have done an excellent smear campaign. either way, get ready for at least 4 years of trump’s presidency. almost anyone should be able to defeat trump handily. if clinton can’t then she should not be running. if she can, then she needs to up her game substantially.

  • Lexington Goyle

    Tragic. You know I hear Wikileaks supposedly has proof that Sanders was threatened by the Clinton campaign which given the dead that follow in Hillary’s wake and the fact he did a total 180 on us after a single meeting with her back in June.. it’s plausible.

    The Establishment got to him in the end from the looks of things. Looks like Hillary’s postponed his suicide.

    • James Gilbert

      Bernie knows too much by now and will be found dead with a pillow over his face which coroner will rule as a fatal heart attack

  • Goralski Steve

    Kent State is mostly black, yet an all white crowd?

  • fxrsniper

    Lmao Trump brings in thousands at every rally

  • Some thing is wrong here

    Why on earth would I vote for a degenerate
    spoiled brat, con artist who is going to make
    America great,yet buys so much garbage
    from China that is also made in the USA?
    You have been conned thinking drump will
    do anything better than clinton.


    • He is very flawed, yes, but anything is better than Hillary.

      • Some thing is wrong here

        Yes picking the lesser of the two evils
        which we have been forced to do the
        last 36 years.
        Besides senior Bush and Patron St.Raygunn
        we have had no choices. Until Americans wake
        up and start to change things it will be that way
        for another 36 years.

  • Tifosi Nelson

    What an old bastard Bernie turned out to be! I feel stupid that I gave up a day of work and voted for this shithead. Trump 2016!

    • James Gilbert


  • continuallyamazed63

    Just because there are more people, does NOT mean that they are FOR Hillary!

  • Calvin Hughes


  • Ray Gross

    Only Naive Fools would expect a candidate or friend to agree with them 100% of the time on ALL issues. Here are five issues of importance to Millennials.
    CLIMATE CHANGE: Trump has assumed the GOP Science Denial position that Fossil Fuels do not cause Climate Change while Hillary Clinton is all for phasing out these destructive practices and fostering Clean Free Renewable Energy technology.
    IMMIGRATION: Hillary Clinton is for Comprehensive Reform while Trump has been Nominated on his Pledge to Round Up all 12 million illegals, break up families and Deport them all and build a 15 Billion $$ Wall which will not solve the problem anyway.
    LGBT and ABORTION Rights. Trump has said he will appoint Justices to the Supreme Court who will REVERSE LGBT and Abortion Rights Decisions. Hillary Clinton supports these as fundamental Human Rights.
    COLLEGE AFFORDABILITY: Hillary has a plan (on her website) while Trump has his University which is being sued for FRAUD.
    TRANSPARENCY: Hillary says she will appoint Justices who will Overturn the Citizens United case while Trump will appoint more justices like Scalia who will support the Billionaire OLIGARCHY. Hillary Clinton has released 39 years of Tax Returns while Trump has only made false excuses as to Why he can Not release his. Just more of his BS.

  • Staranand
  • Amatullah Hill

    Remember when he told us not to listen to him if he ever told us who to vote for. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uAvqnoAjII

    • Indicordis

      Kind of makes you wonder how they paid him off.

      • Amatullah Hill

        or what they threatened him with. All I know for sure is that he speaks like a complete different person.

        • Indicordis

          True that!

  • Indicordis

    Interesting how stumping for #ZombieHillary burst Bernie’s bubble. Maybe voters are afraid the virus she has infected him too?

  • disqus_t0RkOnWGvs

    She needs to drop out. The propaganda is becoming insulting, and I feel badly for Bernie, who’s spending his precious time arguing for what he was against. Poor guy.