Nearly a week after his self-imposed deadline, former vice president Joe Biden unveiled his definitely not “middle ground” proposal to save the world from climate change, and the announcement came where some least expected.

[email protected] rolled out his climate plan in Berlin, NH. Tone deaf. Berlin is one of the most economically depressed areas in NH. Per capita income of $21K. 20% in poverty,” NH resident Pat Hynes posted to Twitter. “Odd location to roll out a policy that appeals to elitists.”

Biden himself noted in his remarks that the local paper mill industry that collapsed years ago offered good paying jobs, but he insisted folks must now focus on developing the “fuels of the future” by taxing the companies that produce the fuels many are already struggling to afford, the New Hampshire Union-Leader reports.

Biden claimed the government must act with urgency to impose methane pollution limits on oil and gas producers, launch a new federal pollution police, and “make polluters bear the full cost of carbon pollution they are emitting,” according to the news site.

If the government doesn’t act now, in 10 years “islands sink” and the people on them will pose a “national security” problem, Biden said.

“If you are a pessimist, 10-12 years, an optimistic 15-20 before things fundamentally change and I am pessimistic,” Biden said in Berlin. “I think we are seeing the effects.”

“The profound security implications of this; when we first got elected the first briefing we got over at the Pentagon which was the greatest threat we faced was climate change because of significant mobilization of populations when the islands sink,” he said, referring to his tenure as Obama’s vice president.

Biden repeatedly stressed that his climate plan is amazing and bold and drastic, and definitely not “middle ground.”

Socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, author of the Green New Deal, criticized Biden last month over remarks from his climate change advisor that the campaign was seeking a middle ground approach to the issue to gain broader buy-in.

“I will be damned if the same politicians who refused to act then are gonna try to come back today and say we need a middle of the road approach to save our lives. That is too much for me,” AOC said.

Biden has repeatedly pushed back in recent weeks and repeatedly promised to unveil a very bold plan to address climate change by the end of May, a theme he continued at the June 4 stop, The American Mirror reports.

“This idea of middle ground; they asked a brilliant woman who works for me — she used the term middle ground. I have never used that phrase. There is nothing middle about this,” Biden told the Union Leader during a one-on-one interview.

Biden touted work he did to crack down on Delaware chemical companies, in 1972, as well as $100 billion in tax money spent on “clean energy” through the Obama stimulus in 2009.

Biden’s climate plan – immediately criticized for plagiarism from other policy proposals – would cost taxpayers $1.7 trillion, a drop in the bucket compared to the $100 trillion+ price tag on the Green New Deal, which includes outlandish socialist policies like guaranteed government jobs, money for people unwilling to work, retrofitting every building in America to meet government imposed green standards, and the total elimination of fossil fuels.

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