Hillary Clinton confidante Sidney Blumenthal says he wants “transparency” in the ongoing FBI investigation into Hillary’s home brew email server — but not too much transparency.

Speaking to MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, Blumenthal said he’s looking forward to a resolution in the investigation.

“Have you been interviewed by the FBI in this email investigation?” Matthews asked him.

After stammering for a bit, Blumenthal said, “My feeling about this, that uh, I’m as eager as anybody for this, uh, to be resolved.

“And what I would like, uh, for this to, is, is, for this to be completely transparent and for, uh, the Department of Justice to finally issue, uh, its report.

“I have been urging transparency. I urged that my deposition before the Benghazi committee be made public the second I walked out. I wanted it to be a public hearing and not a private one,” he said.

“So I’m in favor of complete transparency in this process and a very quick resolution so that we can see so that in my view,” he continued, before Matthews cut him off.

“Have you been interviewed yet by the FBI on this matter?” Matthews pressed.

“Well, I really don’t want to talk about an ongoing inquiry right now,” Blumenthal said, apparently forgetting his statement 15 seconds before.

He said we should “wait and see” until the end of the investigation.

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