Ex-Obama aide tells Hillary to ‘go away’: ‘Take a very long vacation’

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A former spokeswoman at the State Department is the latest to weigh in on Hillary Clinton’s comments disparaging Americans who voted for Donald Trump, and she offers a simple message: “go away.” Marie Harf, former spokeswoman for the Obama State Department, appeared on Fox News Sunday to discuss Clinton’s recent comments in India while promoting […]

VIDEO: ‘Afghan refugee’ shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ charges German Chancellor Angela Merkel

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel loves the Muslim refugees flooding into her country — but there may be one less in that category after a man charged her shouting “Allahu Akbar” this week. Video shows Merkel exiting a building and approaching an awaiting car as a belligerent man being wrestled to the ground by security forces. […]

Dem Rep threatens Trump: ‘We have to get this guy out of there’

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Channeling his inner Maxine Waters, Democratic Rep. John Garamendi went on live television and called President Trump a “security risk,” and said “we have to get this guy out of there.” In rhetoric that could trigger a Trump hater to action, Garamendi told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer this week that if there were “physical threats” made […]

PELOSI: ‘We’re going to win big’ in 2018

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The way Nancy Pelosi sees it, Democrats will “win big” in 2018. The 77-year-old House Minority Leader made the prediction during a recent press conference in which she dismissed criticisms from Republicans as simply politics as usual. 

Nancy Pelosi calls border wall ‘obnoxious’ — as she lives behind one

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Nancy Pelosi a border wall to protect Americans from potentially dangerous illegal aliens is “obnoxious”. But she has no problem with protecting herself with one. The Free Beacon reports: “Should Democrats give border wall funding, for example, right now when there isn’t a hard deadline on the table like there was last month?” a reporter […]

WINDED: Pelosi loses breath during short sentences, suffers brain freezes, repeats words

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As speculation grows that Nancy Pelosi will not lead House Democrats after the fall election, it’s not hard to see why her colleagues want to replace her. While addressing reporters on Thursday, Pelosi lost her breath during several short sentences, suffered more brain freezes and could be seen staring blankly at reporters, while also frequently […]

CNN anchor flirts on air with new Dem Rep: ‘Do you think the president is better looking than you?’

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It’s likely Conor Lamb wishes he had that 5 minutes back — as do the dozens of Americans watching that morning. CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota gushed over the winner in a Pennsylvania special election this week. How embarrassing for her! @CNN’s Allison Camerota makes a complete fool out of herself! Blushes and flirts with @ConorLambPA! […]

DNC chairman refuses to criticize Hillary’s comments disparaging female Trump voters

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Tom Perez, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, won’t discuss whether he agrees with failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s recent comments about the 2016 election. Fox News Special Report’s Bret Baier confronted Perez about Clinton’s assessment of her 2016 election defeat during a talk in India this week, and Perez refused to disavow the remarks. […]

Hillary, Bernie denounce guns — while hiding behind visible ones!

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Guns for me, but not for thee — that’s the mantra of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. As teens walked out of schools to complain about “gun violence” yesterday, the pair of politicians couldn’t be happier. To all the students across our country who took part in #NationalWalkoutDay: Never let anybody tell you your voices […]

MOOK: Hillary sat in lawn chair ‘wrapped in blanket’ on campaign plane

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Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign manager was asked today what his favorite memory was from his time working with the failed candidate. It wasn’t the convention, the nomination or even her “basket of deplorables” comment. No, Robby Mook says his favorite story from the campaign involves Clinton sitting in a lawn chair wrapped in a blanket […]

Fmr Hillary campaign manager slams voter putdowns: ‘This was bad — She was wrong’

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A former Hillary Clinton campaign manager admitted there’s no excuse for the former first lady’s derogatory comments about Donald Trump supporters, and suggests its simply the latest evidence Clinton is “still struggling” with her embarrassing 2016 election defeat. Patti Solis Doyle, a longtime aide to Hillary Clinton, appeared on HLN to discuss Clinton’s recent comments […]