Diamond and Silk ‘still being censored by Facebook’ — as socials skewered on Capitol Hill

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Representatives for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube testified before the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday that there’s no political bias when blocking content from the sites, but not everyone is buying it. “We are still being censored by Facebook… Actions speak louder than words. This lets us know that this is straight bias…and it is deliberate.” […]

DNC chair Tom Perez says election meddling ‘act of war,’ Dem admin would be ‘dealing with this’

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Tom Perez, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, thinks allegations of Russian hacking in the 2016 election constitutes an “act of war,” but it’s not important enough to turn over servers associated with the scandal for investigation. Trump highlighted the missing DNC server, and the party’s unwillingness to allow federal investigators to examine it, during […]

Dem Rep slams ‘super judgemental, elitist’ Nancy Pelosi: ‘Just trying to preserve leadership position’

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Congressman Tim Ryan attempted to laugh off Nancy Pelosi’s assertion that he and a colleague are “inconsequential,” but in doing so, he acknowledged what many people say: that the House Minority Leader is out of touch with regular people. During a Saturday appearance on Fox & Friends, Ryan was asked to respond to Pelosi’s criticism […]

Speech problems mar Pelosi appearance: Says tax cut will add ‘2 children dollars more’ to deficit

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What is wrong with Nancy Pelosi? The House Minority Leader — and presumptive Speaker of the House if Democrats retake the majority this November — displayed more bizarre behavior for reporters on Thursday as she held her weekly press conference. Pelosi suffered brain freezes, speech problems and confused Russia and China at least twice. 

‘Clock Boy’ defamation lawsuit bombs in court — Teen’s case dismissed against pundit who ridiculed student

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Ahmed “Clock Boy” Mohamed’s time is up, as one Twitter user put it. @KurtSchlichter cleaned his clock — Bored_In_America (@Bored_In_USA) July 11, 2018 “@Kirt Schlichter cleaned his clock,” Bored_In_America posted. Schlichter represented conservative columnist Ben Shapiro against Mohamed’s 2016 defamation lawsuit, which demanded apologies and retractions and damages from folks who criticized the situation the […]

WEEKENDERS OF THE WORLD UNITE! Sanders, de Blasio relax at Bernie’s $600,000 lake house

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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s “weekend at Bernie’s” was “really wonderful,” he said. Last weekend, De Blasio and his family trekked to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ $600,000 vacation home on the shores of the picturesque Lake Champlain, where photos show he canoed with his wife, waded with his son, and shot the breeze […]

LUXE STREETWEAR: The $165 Maxine Waters ‘fighter’ t-shirt!

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As President Trump has repeatedly pointed out, California Congresswoman Maxine Waters is the “unhinged face of the Democrat Party.” Now her mug is literally emblazoned on a black sleeveless “luxe streetwear” number from Mexican-American high-fashion designer Willy Chavarria’s latest collection. Willy debuted the tribute to Waters at Men’s Fashion Week in New York City over […]

VIDEO: Hillary keeps distance from Deplorables as she flies commercial

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Is Hillary attempting to fashion herself as just one of the people in preparation for a 2020 presidential run? Bill and Hillary Clinton were forced to fly with the unwashed masses recently, according to video posted on Twitter. The video shows the pair apparently sitting in the First Class section, captured across the aisle peons […]

WINNING! CNN already confirms ‘Justice’ Kavanaugh

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Even CNN is subliminally realizing there’s little chance Judge Brett Kavanaugh will stopped by Senate Democrats. During a live report at the White House after the president’s announcement Monday night, reporter Jim Acosta slipped and referred to the nominee as “Justice Kavanaugh” — twice. “Sarah Sanders did say they don’t anticipate any problems at this […]