Hillary blames superficial voters for making her spend 600 ‘exhausting’ campaign hours doing hair, makeup

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Now we know why Hillary Clinton wasn’t able to campaign in Michigan and Wisconsin: She was forced to spend so much time looking more presentable to all those sexist American voters who only care about appearance! During a book event in Australia this week, the failed presidential candidate once again disparaged Americans, saying the double […]

‘Sex expert’ urges parents to ask newborns for consent for diaper changes

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Self-professed “sexuality educator, speaker and author” Deanne Carson is on the front lines of combating the so-called “rape culture,” working to replace it with a “culture of consent” beginning at birth. Carson appeared with florescent pink hair on ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) in Melbourne, Australia this week to discuss consent laws and advocate for parents […]

WOKE: Americans applaud CNN Jim Acosta’s list of ‘policies dumped by Trump’

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CNN’s chief Trump heckler Jim Acosta posted to Twitter Tuesday to complain about Obama-era polices that have been scrapped by the current administration, but the response was undoubtedly not what he expected. “Obama policies dumped by Trump: Iran deal, Paris Climate Agreement, Trans-Pacific Trade Deal, DACA, Obamacare Individual Mandate,” Acosta tweeted. Obama policies dumped by […]

Diamond and Silk at NRA: No more ‘slave mentality,’ ‘walk off that Democratic plantation’

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Diamond and Silk are on a roll. Last month, the hilarious Trump-supporting duo did D.C., giving lawmakers a piece of their mind about social media companies censoring their conservative views. Over the weekend, the black sisters from North Carolina brought down the house at the National Rifle Association’s leadership forum in Dallas, Texas, where they […]

MAXINE MELTDOWN: Waters shouts ‘Damn this president!’

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California Congresswoman Maxine Waters had another meltdown this weekend as she bloviated about what she thinks President Trump is doing to the country. “We’re in a difficult time in this country,” Waters said during an appearance before the Teamsters union Local 630 in Los Angeles. 

2020 VISION? Pelosi in Iowa tonight

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Why is Nancy Pelosi going to Iowa? The House Minority Leader, who says she will run again for Speaker if Democrats recapture the House minority, will be the keynote speaker at the Polk County Democrats’ spring dinner tonight. The Des Moines Register reported in March: House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi will headline the spring dinner of the […]

CA school mural features Trump’s bloody, decapitated head on a spear

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Parents and other community members in Chula Vista are fuming over a mural at the MAAC Community Charter School that depicts an Aztec warrior putting a spear through President Donald Trump’s decapitated, bloody head. KFMB reports: MAAC Charter, chartered by Sweetwater Union High School District, touts itself as a community school that offers students a […]