Accusing Bill Clinton of being a rapist is now coming with a physical price.

Video shows a protester holding a “rape” sign at Hillary Clinton’s Las Vegas rally on Wednesday night was beaten by a mob of Hillary supporters near the media pen.

The video shows several people in union t-shirt sparring with the man, who is trying to get away from them.

He could be seen holding onto the security fence as he was ripped off and thrown to the ground.


Bill Clinton “rape” protesters were pushed and shoved during two Florida rallies on Tuesday.

Clinton was speaking in Fort Myers, Florida Tuesday afternoon when a man wearing a “Hillary for Prison” t-shirt began shouting “rapist” as Clinton was talking.

As Clinton stopped talking, the camera panned to show the protester being shoved by a Hillary supporter. He could be seen struggling to maintain his footing.

A similar incident took place hours later in Safety Harbor when a man and woman held up handmade signs reading “BILL = RAPIST.”

Clinton urged the crowd to sheer for him.

“Give this guy a hand. They have had a terrible week and he’s just gotta do this,” he said.

The protester was grabbed on the arm by a security agent and another person around the shoulder, and forcefully led out.

The woman was led out, as well.

On Monday, a man wearing a Bill Clinton “RAPE” t-shirt was positioned behind Hillary during a rally in Detroit, Michigan. Video showed him tumbling down the stairs as campaign personnel attempted to force him out of the venue.

These incidents are happening virtually on a daily basis now and they have to be affecting the campaign’s psyche.

  • gregory alan elliott

    Bill Clinton is a rapist. He should NOT be First Lady. He;ll rape himself.

  • Creepy Uncle Tim Kaine
  • tiffiny vanvorken

    Trump, as a private citizen, says and does crazy things. That should NOT disqualify him. Hil-LIAR-y, former First Lady, Senator, and Sec of State says and does crazy things. That DOES disqualify her. BIG difference.

  • Now Occupy

    Look at what hypocrites the Clinton supporters are. They don’t believe in Freedom at all. In fact, if they have their way our country would be no more. There’s no way somebody could have faked that many leaked emails. It’s just not possible. It’s a sad day for America. Our only chance is if Donald Trump wins and I can’t believe I’m saying that.

  • Creepy Uncle Tim Kaine
  • gregory alan elliott

    Bill Clinton is a rapist. Bill should NOT be first lady. Bill will rape himself. Perv.

  • American Patriot
  • jessix

    That’s funny – Everything Hillary Clinton accuses Donald Trump of doing seems to be a projection of what she herself is doing! Now they’re beating up Trump supporters at Clinton rallies? Clinton supporters never got beaten up at Trump Rallies..

    • VonDuff1

      Using their Hillary ‘Stronger-Together’ signs to hide the beat-down, from the camera.

  • dmxinc

    There was a mob of people at a Clinton rally?

    That’s a first.

    • VonDuff1

      300 People … max

      Trump gets 30,000

  • G Bailey

    Who was the midget oriental guy trying to mount him?

  • Slaughter the Sheeple Trump

    He IS a rapist. I guess I will be beat up next for saying that

  • Billy Bill
  • Efficiency Expert

    Notice how Hillary stays on script during the crowd’s scuffle with the protestor. This is how she will act if, when elected, her policies are met with obvious public disapproval: sheer indifference.

    Hillary Clinton is a globalist sociopath.

  • Thetruthhurtsbad1984

    So much attention from the top media networks on accusations against Trump that have popped out with little vetting just after wikileaks let loose with some real damaging sting bombs against Hillary and her camp ,…and so little interest or interviews on very convincing women, one who has told of Bill raping her and then later Hillary’s innuendo threatening her,.. letting her know that she was aware of what happened ( Bill must have gotten scared and told Hillary what happened telling her she’d had better look at the rape as a contribution to her husbands outrageous sexual appetite.

  • Kenny

    The day that I get beat up by a Cankles supporter, is the day I’ll quit life. I call on Grandma Crony to publicly denounce this violence and suppression of free speech immediately.

  • jay hand

    what a douchebag…

  • Benebeth

    Raped twice.

  • Pepeboy1

    I thought the headlines said, Hillary Clinton dead at age 68; I guess I was day shucks!

  • regan fan

    The “Goons” are from the Carpenters Union headquartered in Las Vegas

  • Holly

    “we care about people”…as the person gets the beat down. Unbelievable

  • David

    It’s also about Hillary’s treatment of rape victims like this 12 year old girl who was raped into a coma.

  • The Dog

    This is a direct and credible violation of the First Amendment of the USA Constitution.
    “Freedom of Speech” is first and foremost the “Freedom of Political Speech”.
    It must be protected actively and vigorously. If not the Republic is doomed.
    It is worthwhile to see that, at least some, Democrats believe any opposing message should be silenced, squelched and suppressed.
    Amazingly, most Democrats do not have a problem with the silencing of dissenting voices!

  • justin stark

    Remember when Clinton’s goons were disrupting all of Trump’s rallies;
    and of course they blamed it on Bernie Sanders’ supporters? I still do.

  • AJ

    There was a pro-HIlllary protestor at the Trump rally in Ocala yesterday with an obscene sign denigrating Trump and being the deplorables we are we ignored her. But then again we are just deplorable dumb rednecks. What would have happened if the shoe were on the other foot. Hillary’ are no better than Hitler’s Storm Troopers.

    • Lynda

      Showing your good manners and intelligence.

  • Wes

    The democrats don’t want anybody that stands with God and country, it is all over their emails and the press evidenty supports the same type of character.

  • Alex Wu

    Why do I not hear any of this in MSM?

  • St8kout

    Trump’s biker supporters should start showing up with these Tee shirts. Nobody will mess with them.

  • tada

    union thugs, hillary and the left. humm, you know liberals the tolerant ones, the peaceful ones. just like black lives matter, just singing songs and peacefully gathering. keep showing your true colors, i will never support any of you, wont help you and you guessed it not vote for you.

  • Reg

    Remind people that all the victims were fellow Democrats. Republicans ignore their rank-and-file, Democrats assault theirs!

  • American Patriot
  • Crocodile9

    ‘Hillary supporters’? Read paid Soros thugs. Pathetic!

  • Proud Conservative

    LibTARDS ARE a violent bunch aren’t they?

    • gary2505Texas

      Yeah they used to go to trump rallies and beat up Trump supporters.

  • frank

    Tolerance from the left “progressive” means mass murder of opponents. BTW-what’s”progressive” about Hillary who is Wall Street’s candidate? you fools-LOL

  • Gas_Passer
    • Puddintanes

      I think I will have a bean burrito.

  • Puddintanes

    Liberals are retarded.

  • BoDeen

    Purple is the new brown.

  • RSnyder

    Raping Bill has turned into a carnival barker; when was the last time you think when he and Hillary shared a bedroom, let alone a bed.

    Bill has a private pu$$y suite in his presidential (just try to keep your panties on! wait let me take out my teeth) libary. That’s libary, ma’m.

    • Puddintanes

      pussy is good

      • RSnyder

        Uhmmmm, it’s certainly not bad, if you go that way.

        I love women and respect them but but yeah, it’s good.

  • JoanieBaloney

    What kind of nuts would support Hillary and her rapist husband. Sadly, the Clintons didn’t have enough decency to just go retire and never be heard from again. But no…..they are getting what they deserve and I pray we won’t have to put up with them for 4 more years.

  • kbworkman

    They complained about violence at Trump rallies but he didn’t have union goon beating up on protests.

    Someone may have gotten punched but not beaten up by a group of thugs

    Hypocrisy is the hallmark of the democrats.

    Accuse your opponent of what he are doing

  • Larry Lawless

    This is very much like a Nazi Gathering.

  • Garrett Barry

    Bill Clinton is scum along with his wife and their surrogates. I dread to think this gaggle of scum will be the same people who “lead” us for 4 years ….

    If so, we are in for 4 years of lies and corrupt crap well beyond anything we have ever seen before

  • YarplyTwelve
  • Red Cricket

    Hillary supporters and nothing more than jack booted Nazi scum! So are the parasitic biased and corrupt and UNELECTED news media organizations! TRUMP 2016! IN A LANDSLIDE!



  • Greg Zoll

    The crowds just keep on getting smaller. Now that the mob mentality is finally coming back home to show that Hillary and Bill’s supporters are the ones behind what is going on at the rallies, nothing will ever change.

    Maybe Bill can head out to North Dakota and talk those in desperate need of mental health services, who want to live on private land and see how it feels to spend Winter outdoors.

  • M Aurelius

    “The Party Of Tolerance”


    Can we retire that fatuous description of those goose-stepping Hillary backers fascists now?

  • jrford

    Pretty small crowd, but just a smidge larger than what Hillary draws. Pathetic!

  • Silvertone

    Ahh…the tolerant left. So full of peace and love.

  • www47

    Typical liberal “tolerance.”

  • Percy

    “Matt. Sludge is a poor sad little toilet bowl nugget that posts under many names thinking that he is amusing and cleaver. It is easy to pick out his lame posts as he types the same pathetic things over and over. No friends and not an original thought bouncing around in his very small brain.
    Pity the little creep but do not answer him/it.