Nancy Pelosi thinks Senate Republicans have “assaulted” Christine Blasey Ford, but she botched her own attack when she confirmed Judge Brett Kavanaugh herself and called him “Justice.”

Pelosi claimed Ford has been assaulted three times — once by Kavanaugh in the early 1980s, again when her name was released, and a third time by Senate Republicans.

“…the assault by the cowardice of the Republican senators on the Judiciary Committee to act in a manner in which they did, the process does not serve justice, does not serve seeing truth, does not serve the integrity of the Court, and does not serve the respect for women in our country,” Pelosi said.

“Three attacks. So let’s hope as we go forward that … Justice— Judge— not to be Justice, Judge Kavanaugh will not— that he will withdraw his name,” she said.

Pelosi also suffered brain freezes and a face spasm as she attacked Kavanaugh and his Republican supporters.

After suffering a brain freeze while warning Kavanaugh would serve a lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court, she said, “When they hoeing— having a hearing…”

Pelosi suffered a face spasm saying “an act of cowardice,” requiring her to repeat it, and then was struck by a brain freeze (again) as she attacked the “all-male committee.”

She mistakenly said “stell” instead of “tell,” being forced to correct herself.

She misspoke again as she said “rallegations” instead of “allegations.”

The real doozy came when she referred to Kavanaugh as a “Justice.”

She froze and called him “Judge.”

“Not to be Justice,” she corrected.

It is widely speculated the 78-year-old Pelosi will become Speaker of the House if the Democrats regain the majority in November.

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