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Pro-Trump vloggers Diamond and Silk took center stage during the Congressional hearings with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg this week, and they tell The American Mirror they are being punished by the social media giant for their conservative views.

When asked if they believe Zuckerberg lied to Congress, Lynnette Hardaway said, “I think that he got the information from his representatives,” saying she believes he stated info he was provided.

The duo is resisting more government regulation for platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, but “We want to be able to run our platform in support of Donald Trump,” but that’s made difficult when they’re deemed “unsafe to the community,” as was done this week.

“It should be an even playing field, across the board,” Rochelle Richardson added.

“There’s nothing wrong with two black chicks who’s down with politics who have conservative views,” Hardaway said.

“Especially if the platform is for all ideas, algorithms and different tactics should not be in place to suppress some ideas. That’s not fair to all,” Richardson said.

Diamond and Silk disputed the idea that there’s a bias against them because they’re black, but do think there is one because of their views.

“You know what the stereotype is: black people are supposed to be on the left — they claim that they lean left,” Hardaway said.

She said when they don’t say what the left wants them to say, “Then they want to deem it as something that’s wrong with what you’re saying.”

She added algorithms then hurt social media reach.

“And it’s not just our voices. It’s other conservative voices or any Trump or pro-Trump supporters,” Richardson added.

The do doesn’t believe there should be regulation of the platforms, but, “Because they have the platform to control the whole world — they even have the platform and the mechanism to make you hear only what they want you to hear and go along with it and other voices are silent,” Hardaway said.

“Because they have that, if they are found censoring free speech, they should be fined at a high level.

“They should be hit with fines,” she said.

“You should not be censoring people’s free speech.”

Hardaway said Zuckerberg had his chance at the American Dream by building his company, and they should have their chance, too.

“They oftentimes tell us, especially as minorities, ‘pull yourself up by your bootstrap.’

“So when you start pulling yourself up by your bootstraps and then somebody comes along and takes your bootstraps and uses those to hang you out to dry…

“We want to obtain the American Dream, too,” she said.

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