Hillary Clinton’s regular inability to remember facts has apparently spread to Democrats in the Senate.

As many other Senate Dems likely will, Dick Durbin attempted to downplay his previous support for Judge Neil Gorsuch, going so far today as to plead ignorance, claiming he couldn’t remember voting for him.

“Do I have it right that you voted ‘aye’ in the voice vote in 2006 when Gorsuch was up for the federal appeals court?” Morning Joe panelist Willie Geist asked Durbin.

“Good question, Willie,” the Illinois senator responded, “and I just don’t remember to be honest with you.”

He conceded, “it’s possible, I don’t believe there was a lot of controversy surrounding him.”

The MSNBC chryon noted Durbin “can’t recall” his previous support for Gorsuch.

But Durbin attempted to argue that vote will be different from the one for a Supreme Court nominee.

“He’s moving from AAA ball to the big leagues here,” he said.

Geist then reminded that “the Congressional Record shows you did vote in favor — it was a unanimous vote.”

Durbin admitted that nothing has changed since his affirmative vote but that when there’s a nominee for the Supreme Court, “different, important questions are asked and people are much more careful.”

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