Sen. Elizabeth Warren is taking a stand against big-money fundraisers, but there’s a catch.

During an interview Monday night on MSNBC’s “All In” with host Chris Hayes, the 2020 presidential candidate said she will reject political fundraisers with wealthy donors during the Democratic primaries, but not during the general election.

If she wins the Democratic nomination, Warren will abandon her own promise to voters and go back to “traditional” fundraising with the wealthy elites she claims to be against.

Oddly enough, Warren actually admitted in the interview that her stance is hypocritical, but brushed it off because she will need big donations to defeat President Donald Trump if she takes him on in the general election.

Warren told Hayes that avoiding big-ticket, high-priced fundraisers will help candidates connect with grassroots voters and build trust leading up to the 2020 general election.

“They’ve got all of their donors, they’re wealthy-wealthy donors; they’ve got their Super PACs; they’ve got their dark money; they’ve got everything going for them,” Warren said, referring to Republicans.

For context, a CNBC report indicates that Hillary Clinton spent roughly $1.2 billion compared to then-candidate Donald Trump spending around $600 million during the 2016 general election.

So, her argument that Republicans — and not Democrats — being “controlled” by “dark money” and wealthy donors is completely disingenuous and completely untrue.

In essence, Warren is the first of the 2020 Democratic field to swear off “fancy fundraisers,” but she won’t refuse large donations altogether.

Warren also dodged several times when Hayes pressed her on what constitutes a “large” donation.

Warren hasn’t been upfront about why she will only accept money from the “dark groups” she claims to loathe in the general election but not the primaries.

This is just one of many bizarre comments Warren has made recently.

Earlier this month, she voiced her support for removing Trump from office despite having no justifiable or legal reason to do so.

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While speaking to a local news following a rally in Las Vegas, Nevada, Warren was asked about fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe saying Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and others at the Department of Justice spoke about invoking the 25th Amendment to remove Trump in May 2017.

“My point here is that if they believe that Donald Trump cannot fulfill the obligations of his office, then they have a constitutional responsibility to invoke the 25th Amendment,” Warren told reporters.

Warren said she believes that Trump’s Cabinet has a duty “to the Constitution of the United States and to the people of United States.”

During an event to officially announce that she’s running for president, the Massachusetts Democrat was caught on camera yanking a child to stand closer to her on the stage.

Toward the end of her rally, Warren can be seen embracing a woman for a quick hug on the stage.

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Then, she grabbed a young boy in a blue jacket by his arm and aggressively yanked him over to her before cracking a weird smile and waving to the crowd.

Beyond that, Warren’s event was apparently so boring that several of the attendees who were standing behind her on the stage left early.

A duo was seen huddled together under a blanket behind Warren. As the two hour rally dragged on, they had apparently had enough and left.

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