“Fake news” is indeed alive and well in the United States — and it resides on the “news” site of AOL.

AOL News attempted to swing for the fences on Friday by trying to link U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan’s logo — which features the ceremonial mace created in 1842 — to the emblem of Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich.

Here’s what AOL published yesterday, claiming Ryan’s logo had a “stark resemblance to Nazi symbol”:

But that big swing turned into a huge whiff, as Ryan’s logo features the Speaker’s mace, a ceremonial object used when the House is in session.

The mace precedes the Speaker’s entrance into the chamber, and can also be used to silence a member out of order.

Here it is:

The original mace, which had been in use since the founding of the House of Representatives, was burned by the British in 1814 during the War of 1812.

But to AOL News, it’s just proof Paul Ryan loves Nazis. Never mind the U.S. relic predates Hitler’s reign by some 90 years.

Thankfully, the “news” site conceded the similarity is “likely…just a coincidence…”