In an effort to make a smug attack on the conservative position that the best way to fight a bad guy with a gun is a good guy, an NBC producer tweeted that the failed assassin who tried to murder Donald Trump could be considered a “good guy with a gun.”

Matt Mowrer, an associate producer for NBC Universal since 2014, tweeted late Tuesday night that anyone who kills the Republican nominee is considered deserves the same praise as someone who tries to stop a mass killing.

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“It could be argued that the dude who was hoping to assassinate Donald Trump is a good guy with a gun,” Mowrer tweeted.

Quickly after he began receiving backlash and blocked his account preventing anyone else from seeing his tweet.

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  • Dennis Opihory

    he should be fired

  • overboosted

    Imagine if someone had said that about Obama in the 2008 campaign. Loss of his job would be guaranteed, as would a cavity search by the secret service…….


    • ImNotPC

      Actually, Obama would have done the cavity search himself. He’s into that kind of thing.

  • Robot Panda

    I hate him but I think his point is an anti-gun one. You know how the NRA says “The only thing that can stop a bad guy is a good guy with a gun”? I think the guy is a complete retard, but it seems the point he’s trying to make is that who gets to decide who is a good guy and who is a bad guy? As far as everyone who is not a Trump supporter is concerned, Trump is the proverbial bad guy. He’s not done anything to harm anyone, and Bernie’s supporters are the only violent ones in this election, but he’s seen as the bad guy. Doesn’t that give credence to the argument that shooting him, as an act done to stop “the bad guy”, makes the shooter “the good guy… with a gun”? To me, that’s what he’s saying. That good and bad guys can be arbitrary distinctions.

    However, this is why I think Americans should all have access to guns, where he probably thinks it a reason to restrict people’s ability to access them.

    • PoliticallyAcceptableTarget

      We all make these judgments. They’re not arbitrary distinctions. At all. They are however distinctions. Who gets to decide? Yeah, well we all do, invariably. Non-American tried to murder a man running for president of the US, who has never done one solitary thing in official capacity. Really hard to argue this wanna-be murderer is a good guy. Unless your idea of a good guy is someone who loathes choice & democracy & free speech, who’s willing to murder people in the name of that loathing. Pretty sure the NRA is talking about rapists, arsonists, murderers. Donald Trump is none of these. That distinction is not arbitrary. It is one of fact.

      • peaches

        well said

    • HockeyShark

      “I think the guy is a complete retard”
      You can’t be hired by any “news” agency unless you are.

  • getthemlibsout

    is this the clown in charge of editing on air tapes?

  • Bootsie ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    If you are still paying for cable/satellite or watching t.v. then you are using your paycheck to keep media hacks like Mowrer in a position of influence.

  • peaches

    He is irresponsible. He is almost advocating the murder of a Presidential candidate.

  • disqus_mYlu9693B9e

    This fuckstick should be in handcuffs tomorrow morning, but first FIRED.

  • tofubamboo

    but he works for NBC! Of course, they are probably hugging him….

  • Buckshot

    Why does this retard still have a job?

    • bobfairlane

      Kikes and Libtards have a big network.

  • Jsmith

    Sorry NBC, you need to fire the guy, lest your corporate bottom line be negatively impacted, if something were to happen to Trump. No corporate entity is immune from being a co-conspirator.

  • blame_canada929

    If he was such a good guy, why did he have to steal a gun?

    • alinla56

      Because hypocritical Republicans think the 2nd Amendment is invalid at their own rallies.

      • blame_canada929

        Did you just make that up?

        • alinla56

          Is it not accurate?

  • alinla56

    Are you saying his point CANNOT be argued?

    That is illogical.

    And why does Kyle Olson routinely misrepresent the basic facts? The NBC producer never called the little jerk a “good guy with a gun,” he simply suggested one could argue as much.

  • Victor Bassoon

    Getting fired is the least this idiot deserves.

  • Tammy

    Just ask yourself this……what difference does it make! Sound familiar???