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New Democrat Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib took her “swearing in” literally on Thursday when she appeared at a MoveOn event and really let it fly.

After talking about being a “bad ass organizer,” she said, “Well, I say that f*ck that!”

Moments later, she revealed what everyone knows: Democrats will pursue impeachment.

But, since it was swearing in day, she did it in her own crass way.

“We’re gonna impeach the motherf*cker!” she told the far-left malcontents, who responded with wild cheers.


But now, she’s refusing to defend her comments, first hiding behind a male staffer, then fleeing to a portion of the Capitol not open to the public.

In video posted by CBS Capitol Hill producer Bo Erickson, Tlaib could be seen confused about where to go to try to get away from the media members pursuing her.

“Reach out to our office…” the staffer said.

“Yeah, we’re trying to talk to your boss,” a reporter responded.

Tlaib then suddenly changed directions.

“If you’re unapologetic about your comments congresswoman, why not talk to us?” a reporter shouted?

Tlaib was mute.

She changed directions again, looking for anywhere to hide.

“Do you stand by your comments?” another asked.

She still had nothing to say.

She then ducked her a yellow police tape and to a set of stairs that go under the Capitol grounds.

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