If President Obama had his way, he’d probably never leave the White House.

During an interview with the Golf Channel, Obama confessed it’s only because he’s being “forced out” that he’ll leave the executive mansion in January.

“Have you taken any divots out of the South Lawn here?” he was asked by David Feherty.

“The rough’s a little thick here, I don’t practice that much,” the president responded.

“You know, I’m a… I’m not a hack,” Obama said, divulging about his golf game he’s worked extensively on during some 300 rounds during his presidency.

“But I’m not quitting my day job.”

“Actually you are quitting your day job fairly shortly,” Feherty jumped in, referring to the president’s term expiring in January.

“Then I may get good. I’m being forced out, I didn’t quit,” Obama said.

Then talking about his game again, he said, “I’m an honest 13 (handicap). I think my irons are good. My drive is straight but unimpressive in length.”

So will he actually leave? We’ll find out in January.

  • josh michael

    His Presidency handicap is 30 trillion!!

  • Johnny99

    Every president is forced out and none of them wanted to leave. This is nothing but a diversion for the imploding White Party.
    Make America White Again – The Donald

    • Liblies

      Democrat = KKK party….the home of the white supremist

  • Etu Brutus

    squatter mentality

  • kemboi

    Well we are not forcing him out soon enough.

  • Yougetalife

    Stupid moronic idiotic dumaz bs.

    • Reneg Not

      Yes, 0 certainly is all that.

  • AlCarn

    How long before we hear that term limits are racist?

    • civilwariscool

      is hanging weak, frail muslim terrorists that lie about their handicap racist?

  • Yougetalife

    The right are ignorant morons.

    • The Grinder ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰ

      Says a proven stupid liberal.


      • WaldoBinney

        The wrong are brainwashed lackeys.

      • Funkenstein ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ


    • Reneg Not

      How original!

      • Funkenstein ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Not really, just a true statement

        • Reneg Not


    • Yip Yap

  • Diogenes2001

    I was under the impression that the First Family hated living in the White House, it being built by slaves and all…

    • Liblies

      “They didn’t build that”……..lol….commies say the damnedest things…

  • civilwariscool

    the hick muslim scumbags infestation is almost over

  • capoprimo

    Given the chance, I too would opt to hold on to a well paying job, all expenses paid, servants on call 24/7, paid vacations including expenses, 3-4 hour work days, be able to write your own laws, what a life!

  • Jesse Scott

    Shoulda never been in it to begin with

  • civilwariscool

    how will they get rid of the old lady terrorist pee- stench from moochies mother that has been squatting there ?

  • David Rowley

    He’ll leave or he’ll be forced out.

  • Dr. Hfuhruhurr

    Forced out!?? He should be thrown out on his scrawny a**!

    • Funkenstein ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      You upset?

  • Kriss

    He does realize that’s what happens when your term is over.. right?

  • What president in his 2nd term has EVER said that he’s being “Forced Out”?????
    This man is the biggest narcissist that has ever held the Office of the Presidency!!! OMG!!!!

    • Funkenstein ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      I like how you fall for these articles. We are making a fortune off you

      • Joe

        Technically, you’re just costing the democratic party more (aka Hillary), so the more you comment the less they have for adds. Win/win.

      • Will setag

        And you fall for the bs from obamas mouth. With as much coke as obama used in college I’m surprised he can even talk . But he is your guy

    • Comical Ali

      ur a retard. OMG!!!!!!!

  • DnvrEngr

    I do not believe that he is going to vacate his current residence anytime soon, if at all.

    Why do you think he is importing all of these young muslim men from Syria? I predict (and I pray that I am wrong) that come October before the election these “troops” will carry out coordinated terrorist attacks in most, if not all, major cities in the USA. These attacks will be of such a disastrous scale, Obama will claim that he has no choice but to suspend the election and declare declare Martial Law, And hence, he will remain in office and his home that, as Michelle reminded us, slaves built.

    • cmsland

      The so-called “October Surprise” that occurs before every election. Sure glad we have as many guns as people in this country.

      • COMALite J

        Good luck with your guns against drones.

  • Reggie_Essent

    I just hope the fumigators can get the monkey stink out of the Oval Office before Trump moves in.

    • Funkenstein ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ


      • Reggie_Essent

        S’up Funk?

      • Will setag

        It was pretty much self explanatory. ….like an all black locker room.

    • Liblies

      Smells funky I’ll bet….

  • artie help

    The Victim card……

  • Chuck

    Pesky Constitution.

  • Illuminati Seti I

    This idiot thinks he is actually above the presidency. What a buffoon. His supporters are not going to let him leave office without a physical fight or revolt. They are going to do anything they can to subvert the election to Hillary’s favor. Trump is going to put a stop to the Obama legacy of racism, corruption and stupidity.

  • NAmericanBlueJacket

    Barack’s MAMA forced him out…when she dropped him off at his WHITE granny’s house
    so she could keep CHASING AFTER “EXOTIC” MEN.
    That’s when little Barry Boy, the Negro President, stayed with his WHITE granny. BARRY BOY’S MAMA DIDN’T WANT HIM EITHER.

    • Liblies

      Ahh yes…the mudsharking commie whore…where would Barry be without his commie mommie.

  • fel121
  • ripeforchange

    More like having his ass kicked to the curb!

  • WWII

    Probably because he claims to be Black.

  • King Obama has no place in America.


  • cmsland

    Don’t hold your breath. I see a scenario where he remains in office. Marshall Law could be put in force in, say, South Chicago, due to out of control crime. Then violence spreads in other cities, requiring an expansion of Marshall Law. Then, perhaps, another terrorist attack on our soil requires another expansion of the law. Under these circumstances, Obama would declare that in the name of “national security”, he must “postpone”, (code for cancel), the upcoming elections.

    • Liblies

      Say hello to civil war II…..a whole lot of commies will disappear in the blink of an eye….

    • DnvrEngr

      Martial, not Marshall. But I agree with you! See my post below:

      • cmsland

        I think I watch too many Gunsmoke reruns.

        • IllKeepMine


  • Damnfingers

    He can’t be forced out soon enough…

  • realistic12

    Hey, more power to him. The man has gone his whole life without ever having a real job and not even doing the one he was elected to do. Well done stereotypical [email protected]

  • largejack

    How many previous presidents have used the term ‘forced out’ after serving their maximum turns?

    • Wrabble

      According to Nancy Pelosi, 500 million Presidents are forced out every four years.

  • Talk about a retarded statement: if you take a 6-month contract job and it comes to an end, you cannot claim you were forced out because you AGREED to a 6-month term. Same holds true for the US Presidency. He’s a hack.

  • Obama says he’s an honest 13 handicap and I say bullshit to that.


    • Yip Yap

      Well, he ought to as much time as he spends golfing….The country is certainly better off when he is there instead of the Oval Office.

    • Liblies

      Ohhh, he’s handicapped all right….

    • TheGreenButterfly

      Yeah, that “jump up” move in the middle of his swing is a “tell” that he’s a fokking LIAR. No way anyone with that collection of jerks is anywhere under an “honest” 20.

  • Mick McCall

    Nigra in public housing. They never leave willingly……

    • TheGreenButterfly


  • ali_Shabazz_Kingfish_Stevens

    This chittering spider monkey is a malignant narcissist and in his mind the world would be better off if he was simply declared “President for Life”, like Idi Amin Dada. Then he could REALLY “show you something” about racial hatred and the Muslim jihad.

  • marco a. poshar

    Dude is DELUSIONAL , Typical for his kind , WOW,,,,,,,,your term expired dude get out and move to Canada,,, or Kenia,,,,,,

  • disqus_xp4GYx7DZk

    Reggie is unimpressed with your length as well…

    • Reggie_Essent


  • trudat

    Absolute power, corrupts absolutely.
    His comments just validated the conspiracy crowd. What else are they right about?

  • Gerria

    What does he mean…he didn’t quit? He never really started…too busy playing golf, traveling and pontificating.

  • petemobtv

    He should be ridden out of Washington on a rail, tarred and feathered!

    • IllKeepMine

      I have a better idea. Board, towel and water.

      • petemobtv

        Thanks for a good laugh!

  • Sedition

    Oh, he WILL leave when his term is up.

  • Trump Card

    Nice click bait AM. I thought there was an actual story here.

  • It’s that damned Constitution, always getting in his way.

  • rawheadrex

    The White House has acquired human characteristics and is experiencing a digestive issue in which the only solutions are forceful expulsion through one orifice or another, barring disastrous explosive reaction if other avenues are blocked.

  • JTS, Sr.

    Let me the first to say…with a carefully placed EMP over a big city before November there would not be an election… and therefor he would not leave. Then our country would be just another third world hack place to live.

    • IllKeepMine

      He is leaving buddy, bet on it.

  • Oh Really

    A 13 handicap after 300 games in 8yrs. HE SUCKS!!

    • IllKeepMine

      I have seen that swing. No way he is as good as he thinks.



  • jjthetraveler

    Isn’t this always what socialists try to do?? Once in office they steal freedom.

  • timtan

    He needs to be forced out like a packed colon!!!!! Obviously he is a whole lot of sheet!

    • DnvrEngr

      Agreed! GO STEELERS!!

  • The way America is going, he might have a third term and maybe a fourth, if not more…