Could tiny crowds and weak enthusiasm spell another Midwest upset of Hillary Clinton?

Bill was campaigning Wednesday in Columbus, Ohio and only a small number of people turned out to see him in a meeting room at the Ohio Education Association.

Bill Clinton OEA

The Toledo Blade pegged the crowd at 300, but the photo casts doubt on that claim.

“Look, I think the president ought to make it. And if you nominate somebody qualified, which he will, the person ought to be confirmed,” Clinton said in a hoarse voice, according to the paper.

“But what you need to know is — not only have the Republicans promised not to do that, because they had a 5-4 majority that helped their policies — the next president, in all probability, will get one or two more appointments even if the president gets them confirmed. We cannot stand to have a Republican president, a Republican Congress, and a Republican Supreme Court.”

A recent poll shows Hillary Clinton with a 9-point lead over Bernie Sanders.

Several polls from Ohio’s neighbor to the north — Michigan — showed Clinton with double-digit leads over the socialist senator, only for him to win the state on Tuesday.

Video from NBC 4 shows additional crowd shots shows the crowd was nowhere near the reported 300, which could spell more trouble for Clinton during Ohio’s primary next week.

  • Bossman

    It is a shame, Bill use to be able to pull in some hot liberal babes, now all he can get are a bunch of metrosexual girly men who bring their cows along for the ride. My, how the mighty have fallen.

  • BuLaia

    Very diverse crowd the dems got there.

  • allan paull

    She is the best money can buy.She is really good at influence peddling and taking donations to the tax free trust.Who her daughter runs at 3 mil per year and who also has a hedge fund in Columbia with Foundation money and she looks like Kim Jong Il in that pant suit.

  • That escalated quickly

    Trumps election is not about who can beat Hillary. Electing trump is partially about what he can do to help the country
    Trumps election is mostly about flipping in DC the bird. Will we be cutting our nose off to spite our face? Maybe but at this point I don’t care anymore

  • armymom

    Why doesn’t the camera man pan out to span all 65 people there? At Trump rallys, it seems the camera men always keep the cameras tight. Hmmmm, why is that, do you think? 10,000 vs. 65?

  • chicobill

    Fools still worship this rapist