The Washington Post tweeted a disturbing photo that may show what some Hillary Clinton staffers really think about the American flag.

“With many hours to go, Clinton’s staff has flags ready for their election night party,” the paper tweeted.

The campaign appears to be violating basic flag etiquette.

According to, “Don’t let the flag touch the ground.”

  • Vunderkint

    Is it just partisanship or are people really intentionally blind to the truth about the Clintons? Terms like Kool-Aid drinking zombie squads don’t begin to cover the apparent self-delusion of their supporters, what do they really expect to gain from the Clintons?

    “Democracy will soon degenerate into an anarchy; such an anarchy that every man will do what is right in his own eyes and no man’s life or property or reputation or liberty will be secure, and every one of these will soon mould itself into a system of subordination of all the moral virtues and intellectual abilities, all the powers of wealth, beauty, wit, and science, to the wanton pleasures, the capricious will, and the execrable cruelty of one or a very few.” — John Adams, An Essay on Man’s Lust for Power (1763)

  • ann

    Oh, right, like that photo couldn’t possibly be from somewhere else. What a bunch of hooey.

    • Bye Hollary Perp

      You’re ignorant.

  • Bye Hollary Perp

    Only Democrats support flag desecration. See flag burning.

  • Scooter Livingston

    To Steve Hall of St. Petersburg.

    Thanks for posting a link to this on your page. I needed a laugh today.

    Bet you didn’t mind when Bush disrespected the flag this way, do you….

    • Scooter Livingston

      BTW, Steve..clean your forehead. You look silly with that schmutz on it today.

  • lambwood

    This is nothing more than Republican dirty tricks. The photo was photo shopped, Hillary Clinton runs a top notch well oiled machine. This could never happen in real life.

    • Scooter Livingston

      I’m not a Hillary supporter, but dirty tricks like this are right up the GOP’s alley.

  • Mahender Goriganti

    I don’t judge Hillary or any of the so called patriots with all kinds of flag posting of Trumps and GOP inc. ‘s showmanship. but what is in their heart and not what they say but what actually they do to show most of the ordinary people of this country.

  • Jean Strand

    “appears”????? What’s wrong with those people?

  • Jude Stringfellow

    What a bitch.

  • OverUnderSidewaysDown

    So what does old Clintoon stand for:

  • Mark Cartwright

    Please tell us exactly who put that flag there…a totally disgraceful thing to do.

  • Glenn Griffith

    Did anyone look under the pile of flags to see if their was a body under there?

  • ron

    Hmmm…Looks like you actually have some evidence of this “scandal”.

  • Trythis Last

    Vast right wing conspiracy

  • Marty MacKay

    The flag is not on the floor. Dammit, lying does not help our cause.

  • BT1_USN

    How do we know that Hillary’s staff did this?? How do we know anything above really happened. All we see are what seems to be U S Flags on the floor some where. We are taking their word for it that Hillary’s staff did this!!! Can “YOU BE SURE” that Hillary’s staff did this?? There is “NO” proof!!

  • Marty MacKay

    The flag isn’t on the floor. Look at the photo

  • cb2000a

    The Clinton’s as a rule show zero respect for America and what it stands for (as does Obama).

  • David Hodges

    What an effective diabolical scheme: Associate the Hildebeast with disdain for gods which neither see nor hear nor speak nor smell, according to Deuteronomy 4:28. This spell casting sorcery should keep us worshipping the image of the beast. “Yahweh is my banner.”–Exodus 17:15.

  • Terri Lynn Sullivan

    I am no Hillary supporter, as she is as sociopathic as Trump. And, as far as her foreign policy psychopath viewpoints are concerned, she is as a right wing extremist as bad as Bush. A war criminal who puts millions into our so called “defense” industry of which has little to nothing, in reality, to do with “defense”. We are a self destructive war economy, any “enemies” created through the sponsorship of terrorism for decades.

    It’s no big deal for our flag to be “touching the ground”. Its a flag, a piece of cloth. Not a human being. Our obsession with our flag is sick. The bigger deal against her would be her perpetual sustaining of the unsustainable maniacal marketing myth 500K plus innocent young women/men have “fought for that flag” or more inhumanly “died for the freedom” it symbolizes in the Iraq war she voted on. “Freedom”???? that refers to free college tuition for citizens, not throwing kids into a fighting arena for a corrupt Capital & connected business cronies for control and profit. There was no accountability for her action, her daughter never even fought in the war SHE voted on. Our war economy must end. Time to put money into the positive, overall social good of our nation, its people. Into education, healthcare, infrastructure, environmental protection, clean energy.

    Please, no ignorant comments about “ISIS”, or “terrorist”, or insane comments that I would not be able to “post these words” had someone not “fought for my freedom” to do so. Move on already from war-owned media myths! Many of us have! USA ranks 94th in global peace today DUE to our military obsession. Its the biggest sickness throughout our nation. We’ve been deeply programmed like robots about that flag and what it stands for. It is not still “waving” due to our wars…..It is dying due to our wars.