“CNN is ISIS” signs were prevalent outside the White House and the Bilderberg meeting in Virginia on Saturday.

One activist even managed to place his sign in the background of a CNN reporter’s interview with a protester supporting President Trump.


Several Trump supporters carried the signs:

There was even a chant:


There were more outside the Bilderberg meeting in Virginia:

Salon reports that Alex Jones launched a $200,000 contest to get listeners to make the signs and wear t-shirts with the slogan.

“We are launching a new contest to stand up to the Left’s calls for violence against the president and against other Americans for simply exercising their right to promote Americana,” a blog post announcing the contest said, according to Salon. “Infowars is launching a new $200,000 contest to expose CNN’s Kathy Griffin and mainstream media’s call for violence. We will expose the media’s terrorist campaign.”

Jones promised $1,000 to activists who were captured on camera sporting the slogan.

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