What were United Nations vehicles doing in Virginia on Friday?

That’s what motorists were left to wonder when they saw UN tactical vehicles — with bulletproof glass — on a flatbed truck and rolling down Interstate 81.

Jeff Stern posted several photos of Facebook and added the description, “Can’t begin to tell you how many of these I passed today on 81 near Lexington, VA. Interesting times ahead!”

UN vehicle 2

UN vehicle 1

UN vehicle 3

Tactical Vehicles, with bullet proof glass? What ever could those be for, and why are UN vehicles here, in THIS country?!” Fernando Johnson questioned, while Vincent Sammons noted, “They are sealed against gas too.”

  • IReadit3

    As others have said……manufactured here. Let me know when they are moving without the aid of a flatbed truck, spotted near more than one city center simultaneously and loaded with blue helmeted soldiers…..then I will dust off the AR.

  • NewWest 123

    With what we have seen in this country and especially in the last 8 years, makes for little chance of conspiracy theories anymore!

  • Rav’in

    Geez, military vehicles being built in the USA, imagine that. Now that is really Glenn Beck newsworthy. C’mon Glenn, we have enough real problems that need solving without creating artificial ones. Expend your energy on issues that are meaningful and need scrutiny.

    • 4DDip

      What port are they heading to, passing down I81 south near lexington VA?

  • pianoman

    Why can’t you conspiracy nutjobs just stop?

    The United States is the world’s LARGEST manufacturer of military equipment – that includes vehicles used by the UN.

  • Les Aker

    I live near Lexington and drive I-81 frequently. I haven’t seen them.

    The “UN” on the doors looks photo shopped too. The font is a lot thinner than what I’ve seen on UN vehicles from video released by other media sources.

  • vpats

    OMG D UN, WTF?

  • SuzyU

    Duh! We make them and sell them to the UN. Get some of our money back and create jobs.

  • Buck

    Alex jones

  • U3O8

    The bigger question is why do Americans try to deny the truth that the USA is owned by Supranational / Multinational / Transnational Corporations ? That is the factual truth & there’s plenty of proof. Whether it’s IMF / World Bank / BIS they own the Federal Reserve. So there is the direct nexxus & proof of the deliberate fuzzy corporate connection to NWO or a One World Government. We also know the National Parks have been also dedicated to UN World UNESCO sites so again we see the nexxus. Which is it going to be Nationalism or Globalism ? Sovereignty or Open Borders ?
    Jobs for Americans or refugees / immigrants ?

    Plenty of legitimate cause without unwitty quips & rub’s against other Americans for concern not to mention the TTIP.
    As a former D0D & D0S contractor there is plenty of cause for concern regarding our sovereignty. The US never had or needed Crisis Actor’s before. The US never used propaganda as a legal method (per Smith-Mundt Act of 2012) of brainwashing or “persuading” (the correct Psy Op / MISO term for D0D ops) since 1947. Why now ?

    Things are not what they seem & unless the Hive Mind Collective intelligence of Americans figures it out that the USA had been sold years ago in the Organic Act of 1871 & the history we were all taught was a lie the globalist’s will continue the tyranny & beatings economically, jobs, loss of liberties incrementally until the morale improves.

    Until a planned, scripted deliberate collapse happens people can deny all they want to.

    The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence…

    They aren’t going to give up they’re plans w/o a fight rest assured.

  • Wrightclick
  • Battlesheep

    Who is Jeff Stern and why is he driving a vehicle with a very strange logo on the hood?

  • Kim Frysinger

    Obama Administration and UN Announce Global Police Force to Fight ‘Extremism’ In U.S.

  • mikebank

    Gee, ya think maybe since it’s an Alpine Armoring PIT-BULL Ford F550 Armored SWAT Truck, made in USA, that’s it’s on its way to overseas shipment? Duh!

  • Terry Hobgood

    We were giving them away. They were on the way to export.

  • AntiqueJenkum

    Probably just has something to do with the DOJ’s new initiative to allow the UN to help fight crime and patrol our cities:

    • GenEarly

      Loretty’s got that “safe cities” thingy working in Chicago, don’t you know. A real “bang up” job, yes siree.

      • REM1875

        Ya think any of them will get within miles of “her” people in the urban jungles.

        • GenEarly

          Loretty and Obamy will be watching from Drone TV as the cities burn from their comfortable “Continuity of Feral Gov.” resort. I don’t empathize with their having to put up listening to Hilarity cackle, “We came,we saw, they died” over and over again.
          ProgreSSives can never escape their self created personal Hells’ on Earth, too bad we share the same planet.

          • REM1875

            Gota feeling a few well placed pistol shots inside the bunker will remove some worthless trash that used to be high ranking demonRats once they are no longer needed and it will be between the sHrillary camp and oblamer’s crew who gets the first shots in.

          • GenEarly

            Hopefully the Rats turn on each other. Who really knows how this is going to unfold?
            But from your experience in the military, something always seems to always run down hill.
            It may be our last vote in Nov. with a choice of any difference, so Trump 2016 or Bust, and it may be an economic bust irregardless. Having Frau Hitlery at the helm ensures we sink deeply at sea, Trump may be able to run us aground (on purpose) to enable an escape.
            I’m hearing Depression more often than Recession in non-MSM press, even the MSM broaches the “D” word occasionally. The Evil Soros even says it, as he sells stocks and buys gold mining…..

          • REM1875

            Old george is planning on making a killing off this one. If he keeps it up he better be heavily invested in metals as greenback won’t be worth much. Gonna be very few people who have change for a kilo of gold to pay for cup of coffee.
            Yeah Donald will try and ground the ship of state to try and save it while sHrillary is most likely to head to head for deep water to bury any evidence of her wrong doing (after making sure she is safely away from the disaster in the captain’s gig)
            We are so screwed.

    • Tammie
  • AntiqueJenkum


  • Rob Lillie

    Even if they are built in PA and shipped to port in Florida, then why in the hell are they being spotted in Louisiana and Texas?? Isn’t that a tad bit in the wrong direction from the route you explained??

  • mikebank
  • Cynthia IA

    I still think that we need to get the damn UN out of the USA.

  • Cynthia IA

    And take down the statue of liberty. We don’t need any more wretched refuse on our teeming shore. We have enough of our own homeless and tempest tossed to take care of.

  • BlackBeaver

    Looks like American manufacturing for export. Good for America and American workers!

  • RR

    I hope stupidity doesn’t hurt. If it does you must be in real pain right now.

  • Stephanie Sciortino
  • Leland Whitehouse

    Get those assholes outtta here !

  • NoBeeS

    LOL, well we make them here. Granted if you seen lots of large aircraft dropping para troopers, helicopters buzzing around and these MRAPS with troops in them might be another story.

  • dukiepie

    Perhaps we should allow other countries to build and ship them? I mean we don’t need high paying jobs right?

  • John King
    • P. Henry

      One problem. They are made near the coast and those were moving inland. Oh and then theres the fact that a couple of days ago the UN denied even owning the trucks.

      • P. Henry

        PS Snopes is full of crap routinely. They are an untrustworthy site. Not saying that dont have their uses sometimes but the conclusions are always biased and they ignore certain data that contradicts the conclusions they want to reach

  • Sherron Collins
  • TAM44

    The UN is an enemy of America now. and we need to send them back to the hell hole they come from