A New England police union is poised to formally throw its support behind Republican front runner Donald Trump at an event in New Hampshire Thursday.

Trump FlynnThe New England Police Benevolent Association will be holding a “presidential candidate’s forum” in Portsmouth tomorrow night for the purposes of endorsing a candidate. Donald Trump is scheduled to appear, his campaign tells Seacoast Online.

According to NEPBA executive director Jerry Flynn, the union will be endorsing Trump, “or no one.”

But if Flynn’s personal Facebook page is any indication, the regional union will be standing with The Donald.

There, Flynn wrote Trump would be “The NEXT president of the United States of America,” after a meeting with him in New York City December 1.

Flynn says he and three other union executives met with Trump in Manhattan as a part of a vetting process. After the meeting, Flynn said Trump has an “interesting vision for protecting police officers and correction officers on what he will do on his first day in office.”

The NEPBA sent a letter to all the candidates inviting them to participate in the candidates’ forum and only two committed: Trump and Jeb Bush. But then Bush backed out.

“In fact, the New England PBA will NOT endorse any candidate who does NOT personally attend our candidate forum,” Flynn wrote to the candidates, according to the news site.

Flynn and the NEPBA would be the first police officers to stand with Trump.

In August, Edison Democratic Organization Chairman Keith Hahn looked pretty happy to be getting his picture with the Republican presidential front runner.

Hahn was a part of an ad hoc group of officers that protected Trump as he made an unannounced visit to The Barclays PGA golf tournament held in Edison, New Jersey.

“I’m a cop first, Democratic Chairman second and will always conduct myself with dignity and respect,” Hahn told the Star-Ledger.

Edison police were given 10-minutes notice that the billionaire real estate mogul was showing up. Hahn and five other officers were responsible for tailing Trump.

Keith Hahn TrumpThe Democratic club chairman said Trump was “a gentleman and I appreciate his visit to Edison,” according to the paper.

Hahn’s fellow Democrats took issue with the photo showing both Hahn and Trump with big smiles and thumbs up.

“Chairman Hahn seems unaware that he needs to change parties in order to support Trump and his idea that being divisive is not a part of the Democrats who vote in Edison Township,” Anthony Russomanno, a longtime Hahn foe and aide to Democratic Edison Mayor Thomas Lankey says.

But Russomanno neglected to mention that his own boss also posed with the Republican front runner.

“As Mayor of Edison, it is my privilege and pleasure to welcome celebrities, sports figures, and dignitaries, including politicians from both parties to our community,” Lankey said midst the kerfuffle. “That is just one of my many official duties.”

Police Chief Thomas Bryan said he saw no problem with one of his officers posing for a photo with Trump.

  • Ronnie Johnson

    What a shock it must be to the liberal socialist Democratic Party to discover that their favorite U.S. president, Barack Hussein Obama, is a die-hard black Muslim sympathizer! What should the United States of America do now? Elect another one? Former first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton? I don’t think so. (The irony is that most Muslims can’t stand either one of these new “friends bearing gifts.”) If you want to find out exactly what’s going on, get a copy of “Human (D) Evolution: The Origin of Our Left-wing Species,” by John W. Hayberry. Go to Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, or Amazon. Hurry, before liberals find out and try to burn the whole country down. Try to have a merry Christmas, if possible.

    TRUMP 2016!

  • berthamertz

    All in for Trump. On the Democrat side, the feminists have taken over the limp wrist liberals, pushing Hillary who is not up the the war on Terror as a frightened old lady. Where did Jim Webb go? He was run off as too much of a real man and is the only Democrat who knows anything about terrorists and war. He made Hillary look like a little old Grandma.
    If we want feminists schools, Hillary is up to it, but fighting Terrorists is beyond her ability.

    • DaveLCAC

      Hillary took it in the rear for Obama and she isn’t going to let these white men get her again.

  • GrumpyYoungMan

    Gotta admire a man who sticks to his guns

  • Dave
    • Stingray_3440

      Just amazing isn’t it……………

  • Paul Johnson

    The main stream media, the republican and democrat politicians, what appears to be the whole world portrayed by the media, appear to be against Trump. Many cable networks and newspapers are saying he is done. I have viewed thousands of comments on dozens of stories online, even on liberal sites, that indicate Trump’s support is significant. 90% of the comments and thumbs up are pro Trump. The MSM fails to realize that the tens of millions of average Americans support Trump. Elections are won by the people, not the media.

  • flynny

    Trumps right, when he’s President he should ship out that Indonesian terror trained mosque kid Barry to….

  • Charles Scruffy

    Trump..Speaks for Americans with common sense and taht are sick of politicians being political political political on all issues

  • Buzz

    Worst president in U.S. history.

    • gene459

      Amazing, especially since he hasn’t even been elected yet.
      Does your poor mother have any non-retarded children?

      • Buzz

        Too bad you mother wasn’t pro-abortion.

        • gene459

          Sorry, but I thought you were referring to Trump. The picture you posted did not show up before.

          • Buzz

            No problem.

    • Zoltanne

      Obama said, “As a student of history, I also know civilization’s debt to Islam.”

    • dicksuckingmoslemprez

      Until the next one

    • Charles Scruffy

      What????? Obama?? Yes he is at the top of heap of bad POtus’S

    • Ronnie Johnson

      Did he have a chin implant or something? Cover up his mouth with your little finger to see what I mean.

  • 1911

    The common people know Trump is the best thing going. The only ones that still don’t know that are the media. Capitol hill knows Trump is the best thing for this country too, which is why they’re so against him. they’ve spent so much time working for themselves, they know he’ll blow that wide open and they’ll be screwed.

    • Funkenstein✓FuNk-ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      lookie here’s 1911. crawling out from under the bridge again. You,
      know I think you gotta be a muslim with his love of getting butt romped
      by the goats

  • flynny

    Trumps thinking about Ike and Patton taking on the Japanese and Germans, thinking about how to defeat radical terrorists once and for all.

    Hillary and obama are thinking about free stuff, blm, criminal acts, their next ill gotten millions.

  • dicksuckingmoslemprez

    Does anyone think having a negro president, attorney general, and head of homeland security is a recipe for success?

    • SenBlutarsky

      Is the negro president muslim, homosexual or a foreigner?

      • dicksuckingmoslemprez

        A h0m0, a moslem, and an illegal walk into a bar.

        What does the bartender say?

        “What can I get for you, Mr. President” (LAUGH TRACK)

        • Lilian187

          You sure do have an obsession with his sexuality. Hmm..I wonder if you have a full blown pic of Obama on your bedroom while for you to j3rk off every night.

          • dicksuckingmoslemprez


        • SenBlutarsky

          Good one.

    • Lilian187

      You’re just salty that he gets to live in his White House for another year while you rot in your mommy’s basement. Tell your mommy to bring another hot pocket Jethro..

      • dicksuckingmoslemprez

        Are you a jew?

  • Obama_Dogeater

    If Trump’s election causes at least one liberal/news media suicide, it will all be worth it.

  • britain

    Notice that none of those taking issue with Hahn have the guts to include their names?

  • JoeinClemmons

    This sites advocacy of Trump’s candidacy is pathetic. How is it news that a tiny, bullshit police union endorses Trump, when the other candidates continue to rack up real endorsements from much larger entities? Where is your reporting on that? By making such a big deal out of a nothing endorsement like this one, you actually make Trump appear even more desperate than he is (if that is even possible). What’s your next story going to be, “Local dogcatcher endorses Trump”? Trump is destroying the Republican brand for years to come. He is an ego-driven opporunist who knows nothing of domestic or foreign policy, has the maturity level of a 5 year old, and is a hater of anyone who isn’t just like him. He funded Pelosi and Hillary with millions of dollars to further his own causes. He admits that. He says that is what businessmen do. He should be Republican enemy number one, yet political novices continue to back him. Educate yourselves! Study the process by which someone attains the Presidency. Look at the polling that shows that Hillary beats him by 42% with Hispanics. 42 friggen percent! Come back to reality and support a candidate who can actually win.

    • dicksuckingmoslemprez

      You’re a beta cuck, Joe

    • flynny

      Trump will have many crossover democrats. This is how you win national elections, of course you could jump back on the McCain or Romney bandwagon any time, I got it! You vote for Lindsey, now there’s a real winner! Lol.

    • FLV19

      Hispanics? Very few Hispanics are voting for the GOP anyway. And if Trump doesn’t get into office and fix the immigration system, demographics will ensure that the GOP never wins another election because eventually all those illegals will get amnesty and vote Democratic.

    • SenBlutarsky

      POLL: 70% of Muslims Support Democrats.

      HEADLINE: Council on American-Islamic Relations, C.A.I.R., endorses Democrats

      POLL: 5 out of 5, Gimmie-dat Voters Support Democrats

      • DaveLCAC

        Its all about the handouts -Gruber 101

      • djbaluta

        Left out Felons…64% are Democrats too!

    • porcer34

      […] Trump appear even more desperate than he is […]

      I know who sounds desperate here, and it isn’t Trump.

      Trump is destroying the Republican brand for years to come.

      Good. I am pleased with this.

      […] further his own causes. He admits that. He says that is what businessmen do.

      He is not only correct, but he is honest about it. Two qualities you almost never see in a professional politician.

      […] support a candidate who can actually win.


  • Mendog

    “Chairman Hahn seems unaware that he needs to change parties in order to support Trump . . . ” That is completely incorrect. Anyone from any political party can vote for anyone regardless of their party affiliation.

  • Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha

    PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP. I like how that sounds.

  • Lilian187

    President of what…Hair Club for Men?

    • gene459

      No, of the United States. Don’t like it? THEN GET OUT.

      • Lilian187

        My country bub. If you don’t like the Constitution then you can GTF0.

        • dicksuckingmoslemprez

          Let’s fight for it.

          You and your amalgam of jews, blacks, h0mos, dikes, illegals, communists, and baby murderers against the real Americans.

          The people who built this place.

        • gene459

          I LIKE the Constitution, especially the SECOND AMENDMENT. Again, you don’t like it? GET OUT!

        • flyboy

          Not for long sweet cheeks. You leftards have all but destroyed the Constitution. Time to right the wrong. And I do emphasize RIGHT the wrong.

  • DaveLCAC

    MSM calls Trump every name under their racist sun for his declaration he will block Muslim immigration yet they conveniently ignore the fact that Peanut President did that and more during the Iran Crisis in 1979. Iranian students were required to report to their immigration office and over 7,000 were deported.

    • flowers_for_all_p0liticians

      They also got a serious beat down in TX when the tried pro Iranian demonstration. And then they were arrested… Ahhh, those were the days when America was America for Americans.

  • Ted

    That’s all she wrote. If the police are for Trump it doesn’t matter who’s against him, Trump is the greatest man alive! Some may think I’m being sarcastic, but those who do are mental midgets.

  • be’ElzA

    Help me out here. So, a couple cops endorse Trump. What is the big deal? They don’t have huge membership like UAW or Teamsters. Am I missing some important political aspect to this thàt only New Englanders know?

    • lessismore

      Unions usually support Democrats and almost never support Republicans

    • lou

      Yes, you are missing the difference between democrat union leader lap dogs and and the views of union members who like what Trump is saying. Union members voted Reagan into the Presidency over the union leadership support of democrats.

      • be’ElzA

        Ok thanks.

  • RightWing

    This is good. That is all. Carry on.

  • Marty

    so the elite, the left and the world so called leaders are up in arms, calling Trump a hitler, Trump is bigot, racist, destroying the constitution, while Trump is suggesting what is currently the US law. This is insane and no wonder that so many people support him.

    So here the current us law:

    8 U.S. Code § 1182 – Inadmissible aliens

    (f) Suspension of entry or imposition of restrictions by President

    Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or non immigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.

  • whoisjohngalt58

    tweaking media is becoming funny. it is predictable theatre.

  • lou

    Trump is simply filling the void of leadership from Obama and the White House and Congress. Although they “serve and protect”, it’s not fair to force an officer to use his body to protect a civilian from a terrorist’s bullet.. We have enough “bad guys” of our own without importing more of them unnecessarily under Obama’s lack of leadership..

  • mrca

    And Sheriff Clark from Wisconsin in the administration. Hey, rioters, better get ready for a jail cellmate named bubba the sodomist. Trump will do right by our police. Oh yeah, let the Hillary investigation drag on so Hussein Obama can’t pardon her on the way out. Then lets see what happen when Repubs stop the stonewalling in the justice dept.

  • BigR2

    Trump is playing the same “phrase usage game” that he media uses. The Media does not refer to terrorists as such.
    If a person invites 10 people into his home and he knows that one might just be a killer, does this not make the person stupid ? Are we a nation of stupid people?

  • The Donald

    Why are people so upset with TRUMP2016, in my opinion, Obama is the Liar and Chief, TRUMP have never held office so he is a virgin too. LOL.

  • Hyperborean Saint

    Trump is going to have the republican vote, the independant vote, and alot of votes like union members that normally vote democrat. He is going to get like 80% of white men, more than 50% of white women, and is gong to do better with blacks than any republican president since the new deal, the latest poll has him at 25% (6% for Romney). He will also do very well with mexicans, he is curently at 31% (Romney 27%), but I imagine he will do much better than that on election day because many are probably afraid to admit they support him at this point, many mexicans do not want illegal immigration to continue because it hurts them financially, By election day, I bet Trump gets over 40% of the mexican vote.

    It is going to be the biggest landslide since Reagan-Mondale. It’s going to be YUUUGE

  • DD

    How can a decent American with values and love for the country be a Democrat. It’s an impossible compromise and can no more mix than oil and water. Not saying Repubs deserve the alternative but no decent person with values can be apart of an organization as evil and anti-American as the party of the Democrats

  • globalista

    Of course white police stand with their strongman, Donaldo Trumpolini. “Fat guys with nightsticks support tyrant” is dog bites man.

    • angryguy77

      yawn, nobody falls for the race card anymore.

    • Hyperborean Saint

      get used to getting your a$s beat by fat guys nightsticks for the next 8-16 years commie punk. America will be great again and degenerate traitors will be in their proper place

    • bt1911

      don’t you have a drive-by to attend or burn barrel to sing around somewhere, ray ray?

    • pana2

      there are many black and hispanic police out there….my relative is black and a policeman and a man of integrity…so don’t paint them all bad….

      • Hyperborean Saint


  • valstay

    There will be more Police Unions to come, guaranteed! They have had their backs turned on them but this administration and the DOJ and you just can’t let that happen or you lose trust and support!

  • ObamasRedHouse

    I’m sure Hillary’s minions have many dirty tricks up their sleeves if she is the Libtards Nominee. Trump will trounce her in the Election unless she stuffs the ballot boxes. Or worse. She’s criminally insane.

  • babydriver

    Our nation is already lost.
    Hopefully, Trump can cushion the impact when we hit bottom.

  • Lady ThreeFiftyFive

    TRUMP is making the media, the lefties and the establishment GOP insane…and I’m loving every minute of it!!!

    So sick and tired of the manipulation that is pushed down our throats by the liberals and their bull-horn media, as well I’m angry by our wimpy and ineffective GOP that has completely failed it’s base by not standing up to Muslim in Chief Obama.

    Trump’s in your face – bombastic – non-PC – tell it like it is – no holds barred speeches are breaking the mold, and it’s fantastic….keep it up Trump. Lets make America great again!!!


    • Wingman

      Well put Lady!

  • Wingman

    Love watching those splodey heads

  • Glossolalia

    I wonder if the cops asked Trump how he feels about public employee unions.

    • flyboy

      I would surmise Trump feels about the police union like he feels (and a lot of America feels) about the military: the military is the only competent wing of the federal government institution.

      • Hyperborean Saint

        and it has lost a lot of its competency in the last eight years.

        • flyboy

          The military has lost more senior brass leadership (colonels, generals, commanders, admirals) than at any time since the end of WWII. Obama’s “purge” has been destructive beyond belief to the military chain of command. In fact it has gotten so bad that many remaining senior brass are retiring instead of staying on. The books written about this failed president are going to be epic.

  • Janet91

    Teens for Trump!

  • Knights Hawk

    Russomanno shows his mindset, that the party is over the nation. Apparently if you’re a Democrat you have no right to vote your own conscience, only that of your “betters”.

  • Bob231

    Trump will not be nominated but he’s changing politics for the better.

    It’s time politicians just say what they think and take their lumps. I’d rather have that than the lies.

    • Hyperborean Saint

      How the f$ck do you figure that?

      • Bob231

        I would answer you but you can’t spell so I figure you can’t read as well.

        • Hyperborean Saint

          You don’t answer because you don’t have an answer. Trump has had a twenty point lead over his nearest opponent since August. The only one that even got close to him was Carson but he has faded away. The primaries are in two months.

          • Bob231

            Yes. And president Pat Buchanan and president Hillary Clinton prove you correct

          • Hyperborean Saint

            Pat Buchanan is not a good comparison. He never had that big of a lead for that long. Hillary lost a lead even bigger than that but she is easily distinguishable. It is all her personality. No one likes her. She looks good on paper but when the time comes to vote for her, no one wants to. Trump is the opposite. He is a popular celebrity who will actually bring out more votes on election day because of his personality and celebrity status

          • Bob231

            Hillary was “unstoppable” in 2007 too. Oops.

            She finished 3rd. If that creepy John Edwards stayed in the race she wouldn’t even have gotten close.

          • Hyperborean Saint

            Did you even read my last post? I clearly distinguished that point. It is her personality. No one likes her. The same thing will happen this time. She may not even get the nomination and if she does, virtually any candidate other than Jeb Bush will mop the floor with her. Jeb vs. Hillary will be neck and neck but even Jeb would probably be more likeable than Hillary in the end.

          • Bob231

            Did you read my post? Over half in Iowa are still undecided. Trump cannot crack 35%.

            Trump needs to worry now about Cruz. But it’s difficult to attack someone who acts like your ally.

          • Hyperborean Saint

            You are totally full of sh!t. Of course I read your post, it was only three sentences long.

            “Hillary was “unstoppable” in 2007 too. Oops.

            She finished 3rd. If that creepy John Edwards stayed in the race she wouldn’t even have gotten close.”

            You didnt say anything about half of Iowas being undecided and all you can do is use the same “did you read my post” retort like I did like you are a damn second grader repeating me. Of course I read your post and you did not read mine. You are not listening to anyone else’s opinion but your own

          • flyboy

            Not only that, but Hillary does not have the same level of Moderate and Independent support that Obama had in either 2008 and 2012. And no president has won an election without them since her so-called husband in 1992. Let’s also not forget that Obama only barely got over 50% in both elections. The Democrat party is in real trouble in 2016 and they know it.

          • Hyperborean Saint

            Hillary has not a chance in h#ll

    • lbeacham

      I don’t think the GOP will be left standing if Trump is pushed out by anything other than a lack of votes in primaries. He’s in it to win it. The chips will fly.

      • Bob231

        Cruz now is benefitting from Trump big time. He’s seen as having similar values with it being crazy.

        Even Cruz backed off Trumps Muslim blocking statement. Why? He knows it’s stupid to say so even if he believes it.

        • Hyperborean Saint

          Cruz is a smart guy. He has never criticized Trump one time. He knows Trump represents the will of the people.

          You are totally brainwashed like the rest of the country. When did it become a crime to defend our country against a specific group of people who want to harm you? Jimmy Carter banned Iranians from entering the U.S. during the hostage crisis. During the cold war Russians were banned and heavily monitored by the CIA. In WWII Germans and Japanese were banned. You are brainwashed by the multiculturalist media into thinking it is the greatest crime in the world to discriminate against someone based on race or religion. It is not. This is a white christian country. We are able to defend ourselves against other racial or religious groups that want to harm us.

          • flyboy

            Not only the will, but the mouth of the people….

        • lbeacham

          To be fair, Trump said “pause it”. That’s legal and smart. Create a vetting system that we trust. The press has turned it into FDR’s roundup of Germans and Japs. Big Lie.

          • flyboy

            “We are not properly vetting the Syrian refugees.” –Obama’s FBI Director

          • Bob231

            Trump made a cardinal sin. He equated a specific religion to be blocked and not a country.

            If Trump said everyone from Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, Iran and Iraq he would have gotten away with it. But by calling out a religion, he implied that it could be any religion in the future and Christians oppose that possibility.

          • Hyperborean Saint

            so f$cking what? it is an ISLAMIC Jihad. therefore all MUSLIMS should be banned

          • lbeacham

            This religion is a government with different country names. That’s the point. Just like Communism, They all worship a doctrine of defeating us, not joining us. We acquiesce, we are in the cross hair of elimination. WE are to be subordinates. Do you want this?

          • Hyperborean Saint


        • Uncle Bob

          Ted Cruz is facing criticism on the right over a surprising issue, immigration.

          The senator from Texas and Republican presidential candidate, who rose to national prominence because of his hard-line stands on everything from Obamacare to immigration, is under fire for his past support of the controversial H-1B visa program.

          Cruz has backed quintupling the number of visas in the program, which encourages legal immigration for highly skilled foreign workers. But it’s a position that’s causing headaches for him as the campaign develops.

          “You’ve got Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and even Ted Cruz, to my disappointment, who want to do everything from double to triple to quintuple — in Ted Cruz’s case — the number of H-1B visas that are available to these largely offshore outsourcing companies from India,” influential conservative pundit Michelle Malkin said in a video on her Facebook page last week. “That is nuts

          • flyboy

            Exactly…Immigration is topic #1, and now more recently tied with Islamic terrorism as American voter’s #1 concern. That junk science known as AWG Climate Change can just ride in the back while the adults take the wheel (to paraphrase a snide comment Obungles made to the GOP years ago).

          • Uncle Bob

            Always has a good comment

  • Blackjack6

    Politics and police do not mix

    • Bob231

      Like Obama and the FBI. Too much politics, not enough action.

    • lbeacham

      That would be the definition of a dictatorship. We are close to that. Hillary will complete it.

  • Lady ThreeFiftyFive

    Maybe after Trump is elected, he can initiate some investigations
    into the fraudulent ‘vetting’ of Obama, if proven, he was not eligible
    after all, wouldn’t that overturn all of his executive actions?


    • Prelusive007

      I believe a future president can overturn them all anyway. One executive action is as good as the next. Why not….

  • Prelusive007

    “The sweetest sound I have EVER heard is the muslim morning call to prayer” ~Barack Obama

    Not the sound of his children’s heartbeat .. or their first words .. and certainly not a favorite Christian hymn or the voice, a call from a long lost friend……. but the whining caterwauling of the heathen muslim as they bend over with their ass in the air to worship their pedophile Muhammad’s false god.

    That’s how Obama rolls. Our next president needs to put an end to this shit.

    • Uncle Bob

      Obama: “The Future Must Not Belong to Those Who Would Slander the Prophet of Islam”

      • Prelusive007

        farook Islam.

      • Prelusive007

        Fuck Islam.

  • janger

    I hope the Police Union is right! ANYBODY but Hillary!!

    • Bob231

      Democrats believe cops are bad and “thug” is s racist term.

      The only reason cops vote D is they are lock in step with their Unions.

  • Uncle Bob
    • Hyperborean Saint

      Right On

      • Uncle Bob

        The goal of abolishing the white race is on it’s face, so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacist’s. Make no mistake about it, we intend to keep bashing the dead white males and the live ones and the female’s too until the social construct known as the white race is destroyed
        Professor Noel Lgnatiev: Harvard Magazine Sept-Oct – 2002

  • Glossolalia

    Trump is the only one brave enough to say that we need 100,000 troops on the ground in Syria for 10 years to defeat ISIS.

    • Tecumseh1768

      10 years is way too long. Let the Russians and Syrians handle them, it won’t take 10 years. We, or at least our “allies” just need to stop supporting daesh.

      • Hyperborean Saint

        F$ck that sh!t. WWII only took four years. It would have dragged out much longer if we had to invade Japan with ground troops, luckily Truman was a man, not a girly obama-man. But back then we had Men with balls willing to use force to win wars. We need a president who will wage unrestricted war and do whatever must be done to win.

        • Tecumseh1768

          We’ve done enough damage in the middle east, give someone else a chance.

          If we wish to wage an “unrestricted war” we need to go to the heart of the problem and wage it against the Saudis, and then the Turks. I don’t hear anyone in Washington calling for that.

          • Hyperborean Saint

            agreed. the only reason we are in this mess is the sheer incomeptence of Carter, Bush and Obama. The dictators like Pahlavi, Hussein, Mubarek, Assad and Khadaffi kept a lid on the islamic caliphate through brutality. That is why they were backed by both the CIA and their Russian counterparts. Bush and Obama have intentionally toppled these dictators who were our own pawns. and allowed anarchy to reign.

            what we need is to have the balls to sit and watch the mideast burn for a while. (obviously we have to ban them from coming here and to europe because their goal is to cause panic in our countries through terrorism to support their cause.) and then once they have burnt themselves out support whichever dictators come to power.

  • Uncle Bob

    Self-loathing liberals have been planning white genocide for some time. If you think about it, there was no economic reason for importing millions of muslims from third world countries into Europe/ America It can only have been for one reason.
    The sad thing is for these liberal idiots is that the muslims they adore so much see them as nothing more than useful idiots in their quest for domination of the west.

    • Hyperborean Saint

      They are ethno-masochists

      • Uncle Bob

        By the way i like the Symbol

        • Hyperborean Saint

          the lightning and the sun

    • flyboy

      Liberalism = Nihilism. They are the West’s cultural and economic suicide bombers.

  • flyboy

    Slightly off topic, but not really regarding Trump: for those who have heard the news earlier today, the USAF and Feds still have NOT located those two Afghanistan Air Force trainees who were training at Moody AFB in south Georgia and failed to show up for duty this morning (they were training to be aircraft mechanics, not pilots). But to make everyone feel safer, that AFB is training 30 Afghanistan pilots and 90 mechanics (well 88 as of this posting).

  • be’ElzA

    So what’s the word. does Trump still get this endorsement after his Muslin immigrant freeze?

  • Janet91

    Iowans for Trump! Go Hawks, Go CJ!

  • HomoRationalensis

    Let’s face it, President Trump is finally making it politically acceptable to say we’re sick of Muslims. It’s been too long.

    Serious Presidential candidate “Muslims are not welcome”

    Our leaders said it first folks