Opponents of the Confederate flag will do anything to trample on the rights of supporters of the battle banner.

arlington confederate walkerA “concerned” resident called police on a man walking “very deliberately” down an Arlington, Virginia sidewalk with a hybrid Confederate flag over his shoulder.

The flag had the Gadsden “Don’t Tread On Me” snake in the middle.

According to police scanner traffic, dispatchers determined “the man was exercising his First Amendment rights and not violating the law,” WTOP reports.

Twitter user Wayne Jaing (@WanyeVVest) tweeted a photo to a news outlet of the man walking down Lee Highway “with a purpose.”

Ironically, by using his phone to snap the picture while he was driving, Jaing was likely in violation of the law more than the man carrying the flag was.

“[He was] not yelling anything but [you] could tell he was walking with pride in his step,” Jaing tells ARLnow.

The news outlet deemed it “highly unusual for Arlington,” apparently not remembering — or subconsciously suppressing — Virginia has a Confederate flag option on its license plates and as of now, the Stars and Bars is still allowed at the National Cemetery.

Two weeks ago, a shopper at the Redwood Country Flea Market in Wallingford, Connecticut was so “offended” by Confederate merchandise, he called 911.

“There was a table set up with this material,” Wright said. “It’s not criminally illegal, but obviously it offended this person. It causes some people a sense of being uncomfortable. Certainly the owner could preclude this merchandise.”

The town resident who called 911 said there were helmets with swastikas, images of Hitler and other historical Nazi items.

“I was shaking and almost vomiting,” he tells the paper. “I had to run. My grandmother had numbers,” referring to the digits the Nazis would tattoo on prisoners.

The caller complained that the Confederate items were “not authentic” and were replicas of flags and weapons.

Police chief William Wright said “the reason no one was arrested was because the items were being sold on private property.”
  • Cody

    Crazy idiots. Nothing wrong with carrying an American flag, and the confederate flag IS American

  • NealWV

    These people like this idiot taking pictures while diving need locked up for wasting tax payers money. If they don’t like this country and are offended by everything, then get the hell out! I hear ISIS is recruiting. We will see how tolerate they are of you idiotic complaints.

  • Thomas Magee

    Nah, liberalism isn’t a mental illness…

  • Mystick

    That flag is not the Stars and Bars. Get it right.

  • Don walsh

    Another case of attempted oppression by SWAT-ing. Call the cops to stop someone else, riot if they show up to stop you “not doin’ nuffin’ “.

  • Russell Scott

    Sounds like we are becoming Hitler’s Germany. Remove God from people’s lives and they become temples of hatred, jealousy, and envy. So obvious, the day this country removed prayer and Bible reading from public schools, was the day America started its long slide to ruin.



  • J Dubya

    Anyone who calls 911 over someone carrying or otherwise displaying a confederate flag is not only GROSSLY ignorant but, they are also a gutless coward.

  • numag

    Arrest the people making frivolous 9-11 calls.

  • TheDirtmover

    Seems the caller is the one who needs to go to jail.

  • Josoami007

    Wayne Jaing should have been charged with making a frivolous police report, and driving while under the influence of stupidity.

  • Fred Kramden

    More insanity !

  • Tom

    Home of the brave 🙂 People calling 9-1-1 because someone has a TREMENDOUSLY POPULAR FLAG! If anything says “SHUT OFF YOUR TELEVISION”, this is it.

    I’m going to guess that the one who called 9-1-1 is a rat. They like to help cops because they’re a rat. They like to see people get in trouble because they’re a RAT! A rat coward who loves to hear the sirens and see the flashing lights. They love to gossip and get the neighborhood all worked up. They love to make the phone calls and tell people how scared they were and how they had no other choice but to call 9-1-1. (I’m only guessing)

    One day you might call 9-1-1 and get someone electrocuted to death (taser), or beaten to death (riot baton) or shot to death. Who knows, you might even get yourself hurt or killed (don’t stand too close when recording).

  • ChipsterNGA

    What fragile little flowers they must be…

  • PeteRoeder

    The bozo who called 911 should be charged with misusing emergency services.

  • Anybody with a little knowledge of American history and a scintilla of ethics knows that the Good Guys lost the Southern War for Independence. What most don’t appreciate is how hard they actually fought and how tragic the loss was. We would be living in an entirely better world today had the South prevailed. I was born a Yankee but I recently ordered a 3X5 Army of North Virginia Battle Flag that I am proudly going to fly every Fourth of July.

  • Slaves

  • Such prank calls would drastically drop if jews weren’t allowed to use phones.

    • DrColostomy

      blo me, you faqqot.


    Where in the US Constitution does it guarantee you a right to not be offended by someone exercising their first amendment right?
    You know what?
    I’m offended that you are offended. How about that?
    F ** K OFF AMERICA HATERS (I hope you just got offended)

  • Rick J Black, Sr.

    We, the people of the South and our flag, are not going anywhere. Progressives, Yankees, and the rest of those who are offended by our Southerness better get use to it. Only way to cull us is by genocide. Good luck with that.

  • The Pool Man

    I was so surprised to learn it was a white guy marching with that flag. I mean, for a minute, I thought all people who supported Southern Pride were black.

  • Buster000

    Communism/socialism is a hard pill to swallow in a country where individual freedom is revered. I am truly amazed there are still people in this country who refuse to go quietly. That man can drink from my canteen anyday

  • paul3165

    These people calling 911 should be arrested. It’s illegal to call for non-emergencies.You’re uncomfortable with it: don’t buy it or display it. It’s not racist, it’s about regional pride, rebellion, etc.

  • Bill.Cosby

    Golly. Look behind the apple pie and the American flag and you will find a Kenyan the IRS and HOME(O)Land security ……….trying to molest you .

    Pick a flag …any flag….

  • DrColostomy

    The awhole that called 911 should be charged with criminal conduct.

  • Decline of an Empire

    Nothing more than PC scum. If anything freedom loving Americans should fear the these anti-America free speech oppressors.

  • If you live in Virginia then you should know Richmond was the capitol of the Confederacy and not be offended by history. Probably one of those Yankees that have moved down south and being partially successful in changing us from our conservative roots to their liberal agenda. I wish they would stay up north. Northern Va has been invaded.

    • 7cubed

      Howdy. I was in Richmond, in ’78 when smokes were 42 cents a pack. Nice town then, but I had to leave, summer was almost over, being just out of high school, and knowin’ winter was on the way, and having visited every Civil War battle site I could (I was writing a research paper on my own) I headed back to MN. Now it’s full of Libs up here too. What I liked about Richmond was the James River, and how smooth it flowed, and on one side you had downtown and all the banks and business, and on the other side all the tiny little houses, kind of poor folks there, but back then it sure was peaceful. I mowed the entire center strip on Jeff. Davis Hwy. down from Arlington to make enough cash to get north. God Bless Southern Hospitality!

      • Thanks for the nice reply. It is still nice down here but most of us live in the suburbs now where the crime rate is low. Jeff Davis here around Richmond is full of Hispanics now and I doubt most are legal. Here in Chesterfield county right outside of Richmond we are mostly Republican but it is Northern Va and the Norfolk area that have ruined our representation in congress, especially the Senate. When I retire in less than 4 years I think I am gonna move a little further out in a more rural county. Virgina has always been a beautiful and hospitable state and remains that way today, it is only the poor minority inner city that is shameful. I see you have a Viking helmet, I always liked the Vikes, you from up there? Well, gotta go to work. Again, thanks for a nice peaceful reply, some I get are not so nice,lol.

        • 7cubed

          Hey Tommy, ya I’m from St. Paul, been back up here last couple years because they ran plumb outa work in NM, plus I enjoy the cold, have a great rest of summer and hold down the fort there in VA. Take Care, Sir.
          SKOL from Vikingland

  • HerodiousPeaskinner

    Same bunch who whine about ‘walking/driving/shopping while black/brow/gay’ complain about a white man ‘walking deliberately’ with the Stars & Bars. Expected double standard hypocrisy.

  • simon77047

    I just ordered a Confederate flag.

  • CommonSense033

    The expunging of the flag was planned well in advance. It could have been one of the topics at Bilderberg or elsewhere. The speed at which the PR engines went into gear shows it was a planned agenda item, All the material was already written.

    They were just waiting for an excuse, however tenuous. Some nutball racist shoots up a church, can we use that? Oh, YES, there’s a rebel flag in one of his photos. LAUNCH NOW!

    And so it goes.

    What will be next to be scrubbed from history? What’s next on the list waiting for an excuse?

  • meeester

    That hybrid combo of Gadsden on the Confederate Stars and Bars sounds like a nice update.

  • Jack_Kennedy

    gotta love it when the professional grievance mob is told that WE, the Real Americans, have Constitutional Rights that they and their zero prezzie can NOT take away……….. TOUGH SHEEEET to you Americahating thugs

  • BellsNwhistles

    Fighting Lincolns war all over again. The four northern states that practiced legal slavery and the rest that considered it when considering statehood are forgotten in this new telling of the story. I’ll take a flag down when they pull there pants up!

  • livefreeor_guy

    Sheep, nothing but sheep.

  • TB

    Start calling cops on the murders taking place at Planned Parenthood

  • Pro-Lif3

    If it’d been a Black man, the cops would’ve shown up.

  • VetMike

    Never, ever taunt or tease the bear. Eventually he will have had enough.

  • Obamasucks69

    What needs to be done is any liberal fool who calls 911 about the Confederate flag as in this case with this guy just walking, they the callers should be issued a ticket……..that’s like calling 911 because the burger joint forgot to put ketchup on my bun…..Christ people grow a freaking brain……..the caller no doubt is a Hillary supporter.

  • 1NonPermissive

    It’s called freedom, try it sometime you paranoid busybody.

  • ranger450

    Liberal Nazis at it again

  • The Souths will rise again!

  • sunnytruth

    Another instance of liberal fascists showing their tyrannical features.

  • glorifing

    He has the right to carry that flag if he so choses; however, getting a neon sign that says “I am a racist” and putting it over his head would have the same effect.

    • ookie oh

      If carrying that flag says “I am a racist” then carrying a dollar bill with In God We Trust printed on it makes you a religious fanatic, and eating a hamburger means that you are guilty of animal abuse. If you bought Apple products in the past you are exploiting child labor. Etc. You are probably a younger person (under 40) who has no idea what real racism is.

  • Jim

    Wow walking with purpose and pride while carrying a flag is now a reason to call 911? This would be funny if it wasn’t so scary. The people that call this stuff in are the same ones that when told to do so by the government, will turn in their neighbors for owning guns, bibles, storing food…etc. etc. They are the same type of people that turned on Jews in Nazi Germany. We laugh now but it is the forerunner to those events. Especially considering it says no where that the person who inappropriately used 911 was charged. It is a crime to call 911 for non emergencies. The guy walking with his flag was committing no crime.

  • Bulldog

    This caller, Jaing, should be arrested. He endangered the lives of people by using his phone as a camera while driving. Why haven’t the police arrested him? Why?

  • Christopher McAdams

    Are you kidding me?

    I’m sorry, but you do not have the right to not be offended by someone.

  • itsy_bitsy

    Ah! We are supposed to be the “Land of the Free” you know! If some are offended they can suck it up, just like the rest of us do when something really repulsive is forced upon us, which is constantly, under this administration!

  • Christopher McAdams

    Oh no, he was walking WITH A PURPOSE!!!!!!!


  • Pepperspray137

    I called 911 when my pizza was late the other day. Almost had to watch Glee pizzaless, can you imagine?

  • gumpinghard

    I call 911 every time a flock of turkeys walk into our back yard.