Hillary Clinton just wrapped up her one public appearance for the day, and she has nothing else scheduled until Sunday.

Hillary Clinton resting cropWith 83 days to go, what’s she doing for the next 96 hours?

She just held a rally in Cleveland, Ohio, where she struggled to fill a high school gymnasium — if it wasn’t for hundreds of students.

But according to the schedule tracking website HillarySpeeches.com, she doesn’t have another event announced until Sunday, when she’ll make a Massachusetts fundraising appearance with Cher.

She apparently is prone to exhaustion, which may be why she has no events planned.

Discussing the Democratic National Convention, Clinton recently said during a campaign podcast, “By the end of those two weeks that’s exactly how I felt, it was, ‘Oh my gosh, I don’t know that I can get up, let alone what I will do if I am vertical.'”

She added, “I, knock on wood, am pretty lucky because I have a lot of stamina and endurance, which is necessary in the kind of campaign I’m engaged in.”

Does she?

The Gateway Pundit noted Clinton took 7 of the first 14 days off in August.

In contrast, Donald Trump has three events planned: Charlotte, North Carolina on Thursday; Dimondale, Michigan on Friday and a weekend rally in Fredericksburg, Virginia on Saturday, according to his website.

“She makes the speech, she turns off the teleprompter,” Trump said last week, according to the New York Times. “Look, what happens, she gives a short speech then she goes home, goes to sleep, she shows up two days later.”

  • HerpingtonVanDerpstra

    Yeah, whatever. Call me when it is her AR-rest time and I will be interested.
    I want to see her in an ORANGE jumpsuit, not a blue one.

  • BPatMann

    Let’s face it: Hillary is an old woman.

  • Ken Pataska

    NEVER trust ANY Dumb Old C_NT!


  • victorvictor

    Give her a break.

    Lock her up.

  • BorderGuard

    She is old. She has to limit her DRINKING BINGES to 96 hours. Dirty alcoholic. Hope she falls on that fat ugly noggin again.

  • givemeliberty

    If she would only disappear for the next 83 years! What a POS!

  • Mark Smith

    Dr. Frankenstein has to hook her up and recharge what’s left of the pathetic cow’s jelly brain.
    Now let me tell you what I really think…..

  • Sonny Shaw

    Health of a Presidential candidate has always been an issue and always raised against any Republican candidate if they even sneezed to much. The Democrats are being protected by the leftist media outlets, but Hillary’s problems are just to apparent and getting worse to ignore.

  • loadedforbear

    96 hours seems like the requisite time needed to drain 6 young, virgin girls of all their blood give Hillary her monthly transfusion.

    • djbaluta

      Blood and Unplanned Parenthood Baby Parts for sale…she’ll be at the nearest clinic for a 2,000 mile tuneup! Aaaaaah to be 21 again!

  • Eelo Fudpucker

    ABC had Dr Drew on their morning show thinking he would dispel the rumors about the state of Keg Legs health instead of dispelling the rumors he said that it was obvious to him that she has some serious health problems and questioned the way they are being handled by whoever is treating her.
    He said in his opinion the thick glasses she wore after a falll gives every indication of possible brain damage.
    He said that he has seen videos of some extremely weird behaviour on her part while on the campaign trail that reenforces his thoughts on the matter.

  • djbaluta

    330,000,000+ Americans and this is the best the Demo-Zombies could come up with…
    What the h3ll were they smoking or drinking or doodling about in Philadelphia?
    What a blunder and fraud the Dems are pushing…not one concern about the country!!!!

    • furtive

      Job description : puppets only need apply.
      Entrepreneurs are not qualified.

    • Hoofhearted

      And their 2nd choice was a 74 year old Socialist that lived in his car and was booted out of a commie “commune” for being too lazy.

  • furtive

    Congestive heart failure.

  • Charles

    If all the Demons were to be exorcised from HilLIARy by pope Francis, what would be left?


  • I think the nation is being set up to accept a rigged election; polls showing hillary always ahead of Trump, the media constantly hyping the bogus polls and spewing all the nonsense about her knowledge and experience in domestic and world affairs. Yes, the fix is in. We are being flim-flammed, yeah, hoodwinked. They just need to beat the grim reaper to the finish line.

    • Kringle

      Can’t and won’t believe any polls from here on out. The system is completely rigged.


    Doesnt ANYONE like this old bag????

    • Hoofhearted

      Yes, George Soros.

    • Bluto Rules

      No, Lyin'(C)unt is heinous. No one likes it.

  • MCPOSSRetired

    Only eight more days until the first debate, that is if she does not cancel. Maybe she will have a seizure on stage.

    • Bluto Rules

      I believe the first debate is September 26th.

  • JasonX

    The independent polls that have been done including one by a college and I can’t remember which one it was, both showed Trump ahead in the 65% range.

  • J Ca

    Obama will continued to attack the the country as she is on life support.he tried to do away with term limits and he did.

  • Gabriel

    She needs time off so her and Bill Bob can work on their next caper. Rail some coaccane and figure out away to lie way out of another scam.

    In God We Trust
    Trump/Pence 2016!

  • Kringle

    Got a lot of positive comments while wearing my Trump shirt on vaca in Traverse City. Hilary will be lucky to live through this campaign season and if she does make it above ground, she’ll get killed in the election anyway.

    • Bluto Rules

      Count on it, Lyin'(C)unt will be DOA on November 8th.

  • Eelo Fudpucker

    You know she is dreading the upcoming debates.
    Trump should do everything he can to put her on edge and raise her blood pressure during these debates.
    Hopefully it could bring on a fainting spell while at the podium.
    Which would be undeniable proof of her serious health problems.

    • furtive

      If he goes easy, you know like Ronm-knee , the FIX (threats) IS IN!

      • djbaluta

        Buckled at the knees in the face of Crowley!
        “He coulda-been a contender! Now all he is is a pretender!”

    • Hoofhearted

      She better have her full time medic close by with the anti-seizure pen !

      • djbaluta

        They’ll have one installed with Bluetooth connection and another for sugar and another for shock…only bad thing is Bill wants to control cause she doesn’t know how it would work “digitally”

    • Bluto Rules

      Vapor lock, baby, it’s comin’.

  • Kim Watson

    She is crooked, deceitful, old and past her use by date.

    Is she really all that the Democrats have?

  • dudefromdixie

    All that cocaine she got from Roger Clinton finally caught up with her.

  • gerald sornee

    She’s using her “old white woman” privilege and campaigning in spurts. This is better for her health-wise, and it is better for the public who has heard all the crap she keeps spewing and we’re not impressed.

  • Pacman5

    I am convinced that the democrats don’t care one iota about America. They have bought in and are subject to George Soros and his open borders, new world order concept. Brexit has thrown them for a loop and is causing panic amongst the creeps of the new world order gang. Trump is doing the same thing here and if you notice the crowds for Trump people are taking to his message. Clinton can hardly fill a high school gymnasium and they have to crowd everyone in one section and pan their cameras to make it look like a full house to tv viewers. The democrats have sold themselves to the Grim Reaper (Soros) and he is coming for them. Nancy Pelosi looking might haggard as well these days. She is one oh his demons.

    • djbaluta

      American Electorate Exorcist Time!!!
      Now is the time for all brave Americans to come to the aid of their country!

      Friends Don’t let Friends vote for a tired old incapable and physically and mentally unfit person for president!

      Vote Trump!
      Make America Safe, Healthy and Well Again!

  • Barron

    We don’t need her!

  • victor m. rocha

    Maybe just running out of lies.

  • dudefromdixie
  • Bluto Rules

    Lyin'(C)unt is a crack ho’. Its been downhill for a while.

  • nearboston

    There are a few possibilities:
    1)She’s got a standing appointment at the same clinic Keith Richards uses to filter his blood.
    2) there is a Coven meeting for the Hags for Hillary club
    3) Is there a full moon? She may be chained in a dungeon somewhere for the monthly Transformation
    4) She’s a Vampire and The Hunger Burrrrrrrns!!.

    • Bluto Rules

      5) Lyin'(C)unt will be trying out a new anti-queefing drug.

  • 1DICK

    What boob, this jack leg would look out the window at noon and tell you is was midnight ….

    “I have a lot of stamina and endurance, which is necessary in the kind of campaign I’m engaged in.” ” I always tell the truth even if it will put me in jail”

    Two whoppers

    What drugs is she doing? Whatever it is it’s going to take over the meth markets soon. She will have the largest lab, funded by the Clinton Crime Family … oops I meant Foundatation, my bad…

  • Bluto Rules

    Lyin'(C)unt will vapor lock a few days before the first debate.

  • MAR100A

    It’s pretty obvious to everyone that Ms. Clinton has some type of health problems that she is trying to hide. What is it, how will effect her as president, is the problem serious enough for her to drop out of the election? Too bad the media is so interested in Trump and failed to investigate Clinton. Undertand the NYT has an exposé on the color of his toilet paper in Trjump Tower!

  • Jessica Lau

    does anyone really think old and sick Hillary can work 18 hour days 7 days a week for the next 4 years?

    • djbaluta

      Only Demo-Zombie-Crypto-Commie-Liars like Soros-the-Azzros!

  • Wilddog

    Hillary is campaigning part time and is kicking chumps azz. Why work full time when you don’t have to.

    • Mikey-Da-P

      For the lulz…

    • djbaluta

      Keep believing the lies and propaganda fool…she’s a millionaire working part time and you’re just a troll making minimum wage…should of stuck with Bernie but he sold you out too!

  • BornAMileHigh

    Can hardly wait until hillary falls…and can’t get up!!!!!!

  • Bayrider

    Her major lie is her life. She only married Bill to use him as a beard. She only had a kid to look legit. I’m waiting for the love emails between her and Huma to come out. Hilary is a closet lesbian who has done nothing but live for power. I don’t care who you love, just be honest.

  • gmm777

    I really don’t care if she dies…certainly no loss to the US

  • Mikey-Da-P

    She made a deal with the devil and time is running out. He will get his due.

  • idontknow

    If she survives until the debates, it is going to be the ultimate in Must See TV!
    Better have more than a dude with an valium epipen standing by. Maybe a janitor with a mop in case there is a moment like in the movie Scanners where the guy’s head exploded…

  • She’ll stroke out in the first debate.

  • Mike

    Maybe she has an appointment with Dr Jack Kevorkian.

  • The 6 Horse

    Stuffs her face with comfort food.

  • Jeffrey Gee

    She must have to meet with the devil to recharge the evil in her battery pack! I’d be interested to know if she does croak soon, does she have a soul???

  • Bobby Blarvins

    Don’t forget her horrific night frights, anger issues and inability to tell the truth.

  • Westernciv

    Her rallies don’t attract many people and now the president of Mexico is being very respectful and stating that he will meet with Donald Trump. She and her serial sexual abuser husband have long been psychologically unstable and now they’re very old and feeble, both physically and mentally so it’s time the nation put them out to pasture.

  • Hickory Stonewall

    she’s melting, even with a MSM Umbrella.

    • djbaluta

      Didn’t stop BREXIT and won’t stop President Trump!
      Americans can see through the MSM just as easily as seeing through grandma’s underpants!

  • lucifer

    There will be a lot of drinking done in those 96 hours,,, besides Huma there is nothing else for her to do except talking trash to Bill? Thank You.

  • Mark

    I hope the old hag drops dead on national TV! I would be watching the re-runs for years to come.

  • Buster

    ALL you need to know is she’s due to make a fundraising appearance with Cher. Disqualified.