Hillary Clinton is very important, and she can’t be bogged down by pesky things such as boats or waiting.

The presidential candidate, who is endlessly trying to tell factory workers in Ohio and Pennsylvania that she’s one of them, jetted approximately 20 miles from Martha’s Vineyard — where she was last night partying with President Obama — to Nantucket for a fundraiser on Saturday.

Fox News aired footage of her stepping off her plane in the latter.

Here she is exiting the plane in her trademark burlap suit:

Cindy Adams of the New York Post reports:

On the 20th Hillary’s piggy bank gets a do at the de Rothschilds. As in Sir and Lady de Rothschild. As in Evelyn Robert Adrian de Rothschild and his good-looking blond Ladyship wife, New Jersey’s Lynn Forester, whose previous second husband Andy Stein once tried for NYC mayor. This de Rothschild event’s eclectic, magnanimous, open to all — at $100,000 per.

Last night, she celebrated Bill Clinton’s 70th birthday on Martha’s Vineyard.

While Louisiana is still trying to dry out, it pays to have Clinton Privilege. Just ask the mainstream media.

  • New_Amerika


    • misadventures-of-Scatman

      Dude, you just gave me E.D. 🙁

  • Coy Coleman

    The Royals have secret retards hidden away. Chelsea has a hidden Zika Pinhead hidden from the public,

  • Sammie Jo

    20 miles? How low was the plane flying? 20 miles isn’t enough to gain altitude!
    Isn’t this the party of save the enviroment? She could have driven that distance and how much gas did her drive to the airport and the takeoff and immediate landing use?

  • amitorelocato

    Lazy Witch.She should use her broom or is at the shop for repair?.

  • shatzy48

    Yes, she’s fighting for us! I’m surprised the enviro whackos haven’t done a study on how much pollution was generated by this. Really, she couldn’t get a boat? I wonder what king of flight plan the crew filed? Bet they never raised the landing gear. What a self-serving bozo.

  • pookiee68

    “I did not have sex with that woman, did I?” – Bill Clinton, last week.

  • Geri Ungurean

    No wonder she is crying out for more $$. She goes through her funds like toilet paper.

    Hillary Clinton is not just a criminal, she is a Muslim Brotherhood operative. We MUST get this information into the hands of people who are oblivious to the truth. The people who watch the mainstream media have NO clue how dangerous Clinton truly is!

    Read article here: https://grandmageri422.me/2016/08/21/egypts-lawsuit-against-bho-and-hillary-clinton-assisting-the-muslim-brotherhood-in-crimes-against-egypt-and-its-citizens-3/

  • Coy Coleman

    Hillary is thinking… “If Obama can vacation for 8 years straight without doing a lick of work… I can sit on my fat a$$ and collect a paycheck, and fly all over the World, and collect money from every Dictator out there before snuffing it.”

  • Wilkins Micawber

    The handwriting is already on the wall.
    Trump has already won this election and all we are doing now is going through the formalities. All that’s required is for the people to get out and actually vote.

    In the news today Trump once again pulls ahead of Hillary in the polls, polls that everyone knows are rigged to try to give Hillary every advantage for those gullible enough to vote or stay home merely on polls purposefully positioned to demoralize any opposition to leftist and globalist candidates. If Trump is 2 points ahead of Hillary you can bet it’s far more than that. Everyone getting out to vote on election day should give Trump a landslide victory and a mandate from the people to go with it.

    Also today we find out that the Hillary campaign is running out of cash which explains why Hillary’s campaign manager, Mook, is now in panic mode begging for anything he can get. Of course with Hillary having a campaign staff literally 10 times the size and cost of Trump’s it begs the question as to how much money is being spent to only give her a loss in current polls and neck an neck in previous polls. Globalists are truly desperate.

    So which would you rather have? The candidate who comes in the winner under budget and ahead of time or the candidate that blows every penny they can beg, borrow, or steal, and is an abject failure. That’s tax dollars at risk. Think about it.

    The choice to Make America Great Again is clear.

    TRUMP 2016

  • JamesEddy Cartoons

    100,000 dollars a plate times 1000 hmmm…..that IS a lot of money. Why do we even bother having an election? It’s seemingly a Monarchy/Narcocracy !

  • RSW

    Show some mercy, do you know what would happen to hillary if she got wet ?

  • JamesEddy Cartoons

    Just Say No Wicked Witch 2016!

  • becca

    No truth to global warming its from the rotation of the earth and it happens every million years.. in other words it natural and nothing we can do to stop it! No such thing as what we are being told.

  • JamesEddy Cartoons

    No Wicked Witch 2016!

  • JamesEddy Cartoons

    Tax Jet and Helicopter Commuting Today !

  • Todd Nelson

    Must be nice to be at the top of the 1%, where one can afford to be conspicuously wasteful. But yet, she claims to be against global warming. She wants to put coal miners out of work because their product supposedly is causing global warming, but used up a years worth of CO2 in her one short trip. Her dishonesty is only matched by her hypocrisy, and her corruption.

  • Your hammerman

    Well, she was going to take the ferry and get down with her beloved middle class that she’s always fighting for…and then she woke up from her bad dream.

  • Wilkins Micawber

    HilLIARy Clinton’s “I hate America” agenda:

    Pro-Open Borders

    Pro-Illegal Immigration

    Anti-Sovereign Nation

    Pro-Giving American Jobs to Illegal’s

    Pro-Sending American Jobs Overseas

    Anti-Law Enforcement


    Anti-Incarceration of Criminals

    Anti-Freedom of Speech



    Pro-Huge Gluttonous Wasteful Government Controlling All Aspects of Our Lives



    Pro-Seize and Redistribute

    Pro-Welfare Dependence

    Pro-Holding Down Minorities

    Pro-Minimum Wage

    Anti-Maximum Wage

    Anti-Average Wage


    Anti-Energy Independence

    Anti-Quality Education

    Pro-Voter Fraud

    Pro-Late term, Born Alive and Partial Birth Abortions



    Pro-Sharia Law

    • JamesEddy Cartoons

      Sounds Extreme…..BUT it is the truth! Well done and…..copied!

  • CoolStoryBro

    I hope the bitch’s colostomy bag explodes if her plane ever depressurizes.

  • Itsover2016

    Isn’t it time we as a nation realize we must stop supporting these old, same old lying democrats.

  • liberalsrparasites

    Did anybody else reading this have an overwhelming urge to puke? The stench of elitism was almost to much for me to handle.


      I actually did when I saw this yesterday. Had to use nausea meds.

  • lesgvt

    look at the padding on that butt- don’t they have Depends in a slim and trim model?

    • Lanny Davis is in charge of cleaning up the leaks. …and keeping fresh tennis balls on her walker.

      • lesgvt

        so we have found the secret polish he uses on that bald head

      • lesgvt

        my bad- I was thinking Carville

        • NOLIKEO

          Haven’t seen him in years, but I don’t watch MSM ever.

      • NOLIKEO

        WTH is she not using a walker or cane, since she can only shuffle short distances….holding onto a rail most of the time. The MSM can hide all they want but we get the memo;-)


      Not that will hold a big load….she does have a big caboose regardless.

      • lesgvt

        imagine her and Mooshell meeting in a hallway. one would have to detour at the nearest exit

  • lesgvt

    Good thing she did not go to Guam- otherwise hank Johnson would be worried about it tipping over when she landed

  • Jenifer Stevens

    I’m not a Hillary supporter and in fact hate her…BUT I have a plane as well so I realize she flew it because it had to be re-positioned to Nantucket airport anyway to be ready for her next flight…so regardless if she flew it or not it still would have had a 20-mile flight.

    • flyboy

      It’s not so much that as it is just the sheer hypocrisy of these people constantly shoving man-made, fossil-fuel climate change in our faces and telling us how to live. That Gulfstream could have stayed at the FBO at KMVY and Hillary could have taken a more economical method to and from KACK. Never mind jetting around like this and ignoring Baton Rouge.

      • NOLIKEO

        Don’t think it was a Gulfstream, have flown in them and they hold 6-8 people. (Hub is a pilot)

        • flyboy

          I fly too and know my aircraft, heh. That’s a Gulfstream IV in the screen captions (now known as the G450), and it’s generally capable of holding up to 16 depending on layout configuration.

          • NOLIKEO

            That picture of the plane she was flying in didn’t look big enough to hold 16. Who knows if it was the one she was actually flying in? Regardless, must be nice to be a royal;-)

  • John Howard

    Yep, she’s just like one of us. She understands us. *cough*

    • keniamariana

      Hill’ry down with the struggle

  • Flying Under the Radar (SG9)

    Wouldn’t it have been quicker for her to be driven those 20 miles? By the time she got inside the plane and settled in, waited for approval for takeoff, etc, she would have been at her next destination already.


      Yes, but she’s a Royal. Someone had to carry her into the plane. She can no longer do steps. In fact, $500,000 was spent to reconfigure three SUV’s so she didn’t have to step up to get into the back seat. As she now shuffles.

  • John Doe

    Well, she has gone brown, maybe she should go green? Save the planet you cow..


      You can tell that’s an old picture as she’s about 75 lbs heavier and never shows her cankles. Only Mao tent suits.

  • Stacey-Tony Ascaso

    Swine, and half the country that back her are also swine!


      They watch MSM therefore are clueless.

  • JamesEddy Cartoons

    How can a Lear Jet take off with Hillary’s weight inside it?


      Hub who is a pilot said he didn’t think that was a Lear. She probably would want something more stout. Lear got bought out, but are still called that.

      • flyboy

        Correct. It’s a Gulfstream IV. Way bigger and more plush than a run of the mill Lear 45. Also more than twice the range. One woman flying in this thing….

  • keniamariana

    burlap suit must be ripe by now


      She’s got them in assorted colors at about $1,400 per tent suit. (my term)
      She does appear to have an obsession with burlap. Maybe the bulkiness of the fabric covers Depends better.

  • Benebeth

    20 miles? That’s not even up or down.

  • Nathan Burks

    In 20 miles, she could have walked off a good centimeter off those kankles

  • Jim Southerland

    And herswineship want’s blue collar families to think that she cares about them. She is more like Marie Antoinette. Hopefully the tumbrils will come for hitlery.

  • Honesty

    She doesn’t walk she waddles. Yet the MSM never calls her on her hypocrisy. She supports us limiting our carbon footprint so she and the rest of that motley group like Leo won’t have to

  • aa aaa

    I wonder if her personal armed guards were allowed to sit?

  • Attm Motob

    Wouldn’t it be faster to take a helicopter? And faster. 20 minutes minimum to airport, 30minutes to fly 20 minutes to the event. This assumes both airports stop traffic for her and she has a blazing siren police escort to the airport and event.
    This is the new president? I thought 0 was intellectually challenged. hrc will set a new threshold for presidents.

  • Holly

    One has to wonder why one of her donor friends didn’t lend a yacht for the trip instead. Certainly seems wasteful by anyones standards. It isn’t as though she is POTUS and needs rapid transport at her beck and call.

    • Jake Manchester

      yachts are for the little people. Private jets are for the mega-wealthy.

  • rowingtothedream .

    Hitlery has the paid for media dinosaurs behind her. Those fallen angels- aliens per Canadian past Defense Prime Minister Hellyers disclosure leaves lots of room for the dynastys that use, abuse, torture and kill people and children.
    Federal government knows how many cars go missing, but kids, they have NO figures!? The Mayan’s satanic practice has never left these folks. Ted Gundersen head of FBI, was poisoned for the pedophilia information he leaked of their secret societies. Roman Catholics and pedophilia. Religions are power. The Bible KJV is God.

    • Minxey

      Wth are you on?

  • aa aaa

    Nuttin but a dime store Ho is all she is.

  • Jake Manchester

    Obobo and the Mooch must hate poor African American people. He vacations every summer on Lily WHITE, mega-wealthy Martha’s Vineyard

    • Yes Stradamus

      No matter how white he likes to think he is – he’ll always see a black/purple man when he looks in the mirror.

  • eramthgin

    Well it could be that next year she will do that with Air Force One. When will the voters in this nation wise up and realize that the Founding Fathers worst nightmare has come true. We have an aristocrat class which now governs and cares nothing for us.

  • rdsouza

    Maybe Joe Biden was not available to help her into and out of a limo? What, you say Joe was not invited because of that certain PA ‘Biden-Bra’ hug?
    Hoping voters in this country are not too ‘straitjacketed’ (google Jackie Mason) to realize we really have no choice this Nov.
    It must be Trump/Pence!

  • Don Ludwig

    Wow, 70th birthday, he doesn’t look a day over 95!

  • JamesEddy Cartoons

    100,000 dollars a plate………………

    • Yes Stradamus

      For $8.50 I can get a nice brisket from Goldberg’s Deli.

  • William Card

    Hillary is aka actor Shirley Jones. Just google her pics and compare their voices on youtube. EXACT SAME. Shirley’s husband Marty Ingles is at all of Hillary’s campaign speeches….


    • JamesEddy Cartoons

      Hey Master Baiter (CIA sponsored water muddier)


      Mart Ingles DIED in 2015., so unless he’s been propped up he’s gone.

  • Lady

    Just left her Facebook page where it swears she just met with Florida officials about Zitka today. So Just caught her in a BIG FAT LIE…AGAIN!!!


      Too many meds along with downing shots. She dearly loves those.

  • NewsJet Magazine

    Good Evening

    What a HOG eenie meenie minee MO oh which jet is going to BLOW………………

  • Bengazi

    She is a POS

  • miabeach

    People like her at the rest of us as we sort and separate our household trash for recycling. Let’s make them scrape the paper labels off glass bottles they chuckle. And let’s give them four colored bins for different items, then make them put it out different days hahaha they laugh. Green on Monday and blue on Tuesday. Hold the Olympics where they dump raw sewage in the water, hahaha.

  • Manning2Luck

    Crusty Drawers