Al Sharpton made his umpteenth visit to the White House yesterday to voice his opinions on “climate change.”

Sharpton was one of several Obama-approved clergy to attend the White House Champions of Change Faith Leaders for Climate event.

He told the assembled audience of activists, “it is an issue of justice, and it is an issue of human rights. African-Americans are at a higher risk of being close, or predisposed to areas of carbon, as well as other poisonous pollution in the air. And we have a disproportionate interest because we suffer disproportionately.”

He added, “You cannot, not deal with climate change as a health issue, as a moral issue, and as a civil rights issue,” according to Breitbart.

He also issued a series of tweets quoting himself, as only Sharpton can do:

EPA administrator Gina McCarthy tweeted several photos from the event:

In the ultimate coup of multitasking White House priorities, one participant wore an Eric Garner hat:

Sharpton’s demands were not clear, though they likely involve money and much of it for him.

  • Sarcon

    Here we go. The scam wasn’t working, so now its going to be racist to be against global warming / climate change.

  • Shaun King

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  • Nom De Guerre

    This confirms that the “Climate Change” agenda is just another wealth redistribution scam.