IT is a large sector which requires a great number of professionals to develop, design, support the constantly emerging techniques, products, services. To be the best in the field you’ve chosen, you need to be certified and prove your skills. Getting certified gives employers an assurance that you are fully qualified for the job, as your technical know-how is validated when you pass the exam. In addition, a long-term employment prospect is also guaranteed, as well as you’ll get respect from your colleagues. On top of that, you will easily find a job that commands a sufficient wage.

To validate your skills, a number of vendors, such as Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, Amazon, ISACA, among many have created their certification programs. They help candidates move from the entry level to the expert, advancing their skill sets and boosting their career. So does CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association). It is a non-profit organization, founded in the year 1982, that issues vendor-neutral professional certifications for the information technology (IT) sector. Over the years, it has already certified about 2.2 million professionals and gained the authority of being one of the leading IT vendors.

The most sought-after CompTIA certifications are the ITF+,, Network+ and Security+. These credentials test the core foundational skills. Still, in this article, we’ll take a closer look at the CompTIA Network+ certification and all you need to know how to become a certified network specialist.

N10-007 Exam Overview

Getting the Network+ certification requires you taking the N10-007 exam. This test checked your skills in the current networking technologies, to be more precise, you should be proficient in security concepts, cloud computing, virtualization techniques, modern hardware. N10-007 exam is composed of 90 questions with an allotted time of 90 minutes. The types of questions tested are problem-based (PBQ) and multiple choice, so you have to consider what items you need to work on because the time you have is very limited. 72 correct answers out of 90 items will give you a passing mark and the Network+ credential as well.

Before taking N10-007 exam you should already have the following knowledge in these topics:

  • Troubleshoot devices like PCs, laptops and printers
  • Knowledgeable about basic networking definitions such as TCP/IP, routers, switches and Ethernet
  • Manage users and user groups in a network
  • Knows about firewalls and security policy

In addition, you should have at least a year of experience in IT network administration. As for having the CompTIA A+ credential as a prerequisite, it’s not compulsory but highly recommended.

Job Opportunities Provided by Network+ Certifications

Getting the Network+ credential make you eligible for such positions as Network Field Technician or Engineer, IS Consultant, Network Analyst, Network Support Specialist. Such companies as Apple, HP, Dell, Canon, Intel among many are ready to provide you with a job if you are CompTIA Network+ certified.

If you want to become a network specialist, you must know how to:

  • design and set up basic network infrastructure,
  • differentiate network protocols for wired and wireless networks.
  • install wiring
  • properly identify threats that may incur damage to a network.

As a network is always prone to an attack so measures must be done in order to safeguard them. So, the demand for network administrators has increased, as companies are upgrading and investing in the latest and fastest networks. Since cloud computing has already become the latest trend in IT, more people are using it for business and private purposes. This is a boon for network specialists whose job is to make sure that users are always connected to a reliable and secure network.

The median salary for network administrators is about $67,264 yearly. This is a higher than average salary of most entry-level jobs, but you need to be CompTIA Network+ certified to get this position. Be aware that this kind of work sometimes entails long work hours even pouring over the weekend when problems arise. In addition, irate clients are also unavoidable when there is a system downtime.

Tips to Tackle N10-007 Exam Questions

As stated previously, the N10-007 exam only includes PBQ and multiple choice type questions in varying numbers. There are no fill-in-the-blanks, true or false, or essay type questions. Below are tips for how to best answer them:

Exam Tips for Performance-based Questions

Since PBQs require you to complete tasks such as setting up a PC, or configuring a router, you really need to know what steps are required for you to answer correctly the PBQ. If you are having a hard time, skip to the next item.

Exam Tips for Multiple Choice Questions

The answer is already given in this type of questioning. Knowing the key phrase or word is one. Second, you can eliminate at least two wrong choices so you can narrow it down to the best answer.

Answer All Questions

Do not leave a question blank. Unanswered questions give a zero point. Make an educated guess as there are no negative points.

Manage your Time

If you have difficulties answering a new unfamiliar question, mark it lest you forget and get back to it later. Manage your time by solving the most common questions. Try not to spend more than a minute on a question, so you can put additional time solving the marked questions.


Try to answer questions first that are familiar to you. They are easiest to answer because you already came across them in your exam preparation. The questions might be stated differently, but if you understood the concept then it should be easy.

How to Hone Your Skills?

To tackle the exam questions easily, you need devote much time to your preparation process and find the most actual study materials. One of the websites available on the internet is Prepaway. It offers the most valid exam dumps, to help you pass the N10-007 exam. The dumps, or braindumps, are a compilation of exam questions with answers uploaded by users who have already taken the N10-007 exam. Note, that the dumps available at Prepaway are closely reviewed by experts for authenticity, that’s why by using them, you can increase your chances of passing the N10-007 test.

In addition, files offered on Prepaway website are provided in the VCE format, that can be easily opened with the help of the VCE Simulator.

Being designed by Avanset team, it has become a real helper for most candidates during their exam preparation. It simulates the real test environment, knocking off any worries for when you take the real exam. Along with exam dumps at Prepaway you can find a fine collection of video courses led by IT experts. Thus, you’ll be more equipped with skills and knowledge before passing the N10-007 exam. Even the most seasoned IT professional still gets jittery when sitting for an exam. So, use Prepaway website, practice with the VCE Player and become Network+ certified.


To sum up, if you want a reputable name in your professional field, the Network+ credential is a must for you. Since CompTIA is a trusted organization, so prospective employers will not think twice hiring you. Moreover, you even can choose a company that gives you the best offer.

To pass the N10-007 exam, you must be thoroughly prepared and use all prep materials you have at your disposal from books to training courses and online communities. Remember to get the most updated exam dumps at Prepaway website and practice with such valuable tool as the VCE Player. It will greatly increase your chances of passing the certification exam. When answering the test, use the tips on how to tackle the exam questions and become Network+ certified on your first try!

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