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The long hours and grueling pace of the presidential campaign may be finally catching up with a rapidly aging Bill Clinton.

During an appearance in Bluffton, South Carolina on Friday, a former Marine interrupted Clinton’s speech and asked him to address what Hillary was going to do about the VA.

“What do you think should be done with the VA?” Clinton said in a raspy voice, turning the question back on him and yielding the floor.

“The thing is, we had four lives in Benghazi killed and your wife tried to cover it up,” the Marine responded, eliciting boos and jeers from the crowd.

As the man continued to talk, audience members yelled at him to sit down. “Are you going to let me answer?” Clinton asked. “This is America. I get to answer,” he said. “You listen to me. I heard you,” Clinton snapped as the man turned around and began addressing the crowd.

“I heard your speech. They heard your speech. You listen to me now,” Clinton said, his voice cracking.

“Am I allowed to answer? I’m not your commander in chief anymore but if I were, I’d tell you to be more polite and sit down.”

“I wouldn’t listen!” the man shouted in return.

“Do you have the courage to listen to my answer? Don’t throw him out. Shut up and listen to my answer. I’ll answer it,” Clinton said as the man was pushed out of the gymnasium by sheriff’s deputies.

“Can I just saying something? That’s what’s wrong: his mind has been poisoned by lies and he won’t listen,” Clinton said.

A woman just jumped up and began shouting at the former president.

“Hillary lied over four coffins,” she said as a man near her yelled “Bullshit.”

“She lied and she lied to those families. So all those families are liars?” she said as Clinton tried to stop her and a Secret Service agent moved closer to the former president.

“Did she lie?” the woman said as Clinton responded, “Will you let me answer?”

“No,” he said. “Why are you afraid to listen to my answer?” Clinton said.

“Are you afraid?” he asked her. “No I’m not afraid because I know you’re going to lie,” she responded.

The video shows her then forcibly removed from the room. Clinton never did answer.

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8,205 responses to “VIDEO: Bill Clinton snaps at veteran: ‘Shut up and listen’”

  1. Wanda Wyatt says:

    Hillary lied!

  2. gsp9993 says:

    Clinton’s are evil scum

  3. Dunnyveg says:

    No surprises here. Liberals want the American people to be seen and not heard. This is why posting is no longer allowed at most liberal sites. We’re the silent majority not because we want to be, but because liberals do everything in their power to shut us up.

    It’s HIGH TIME we began fighting back.

    • Stephen Tobe says:

      I’m with you.

    • Funkenstein ✓FUnK verified says:


    • Shoeguy says:

      That Marine was hardly part of the SILENT majority. Had he asked his question and actually cared to get a response, he may have actually gotten a dialogue started.

      Clinton did the opposite of shut him up. He actually gave him the floor to discuss his own viewpoint on what should be done to improve the VA, but that moron chose to grandstand instead of open up an actual human dialogue.

      • Dunnyveg says:

        Yes, I’m wrong; I see your point. Liberals always give the American point of view equal time–in the media, in education, politics, and everywhere else on issues such as immigration and free trade.

        Of course freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength, and war is peace as well, comrade.

        • Shoeguy says:

          What exactly is your argument here? Posting is no longer allowed at most liberal sites? Do you have a few examples to cite?

          Equal time on immigration and free trade? What? Again, do you have any examples?

          Or are you just screaming into the wind like that silly Marine?

          • Dunnyveg says:

            Congratulations, comrade. When you just asked me to prove a negative, you proved my point for me that liberals are at war with sanity and rationality. It’s up to you to provide positive examples of liberal media supporting America and Americans to prove me wrong, which you haven’t begun to do.

            If this is the best you can do, my points both stand.

          • Shoeguy says:

            No, you were the one making accusations about not allowing posting on Liberal sites and not allowing equal discussions on important topics.

            If you’re making the accusations, it’s your responsibility to prove them, not my responsibility to disprove nonsense that you’re inventing in your head, Herr Dunnyveg.

          • Dunnyveg says:

            Okay, how about National Journal, The New Republic, The Daily Beast, and now most CBS websites?

            If this is the extent of your objections to what I posted, I proudly stand by everything I wrote.

  4. Nina Ferguson says:

    He is another one who wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him on the but

  5. Stephen Tobe says:

    He is spewing Liberal poison.

  6. Stephen Tobe says:

    Ben Ghazi?…. Never heard of him.

  7. nicknar says:

    When will the Clintons address why Chelsea looks EXACTLY like Webster Hubble and NOTHING like Bill???????????

    • Shoeguy says:

      Good lord man, she looks so much like Bill it’s scary. Same nose, same smile.

      She looks TOO much like him.

  8. Raptormann says:

    The Left sends fruitcakes and losers to interrupt events. Look at what Lefties like the Clintons are facing now, Marines, women BJ abused and the families of the betrayed. I’ll stand with hecklers of the caliber of our side,,, its about time!


    and, HILLARY FOR PRISON 2017

    • FalcondRippr . says:

      Yes…it is amazing. I’m really down today…especially after hearing 85% of the boons voted for the lying hag. We’re slowing but surely being outnumbered brother. I wish sometimes that I could walk around in a brain-dead haze like most people and not let this stuff get to me, but I just can’t seem to.
      Like I said above…if we don’t get DT, I’m dropping out….

      • Erik Lorenz says:

        If you think for a second that Trump is using your anger and outrage to manipulate your attention for his own purposes, just like every other candidate is doing, then you are just as brain-dead. He may not even believe in half the stuff he says but he definitely knows there are people who are despondent enough to listen, an evidently follow, everything he has been saying.

        • FalcondRippr . says:

          What is he supposed to say…that everything is roses and just vote for me because of my hair? The anger Trump’s tapping into is real. This country is slowly but surely turning brown and we have a whole hemisphere of examples to show us what’s ultimately in store for us…

          • Erik Lorenz says:

            He could start by floating messages that make him sound like less of a fascist.

          • FalcondRippr . says:

            You’re hopeless. Vote for Trump or watch your country turn 3rd world brown monkey. Or…maybe you don’t care…

          • Erik Lorenz says:

            Is that your best argument? I’m hopeless? You didn’t even cast an argument for me to be hopeless about. Well here’s a wake up call, he wont be elected. The electoral college will still be comprised of people who hate Trump. Dems and GOP. Even if he makes the ballot, there are GOP electors who said they’ll write in their won candidate instead of vote for Trump.

  9. Lisa martin says:

    Draft dodging hippy from hell,tells vet to shut up and listen..

  10. konc2 says:

    How long before the rapist Clinton gets the Bill Cosby treatment or is it on the Democrat “animal farm”, some animals are more equal than others?

  11. Mrsuperpat says:

    YOU GET “The Donald”. Enough said……Expect us!

  12. FalcondRippr . says:

    Bless those great people that stood up to this disgrace of a punk and the criminal wife who should be walked off a pier. The fact that these two lying f**cks are still around is testament to how far gone this country is. If Trump dosen’t get it, I’m dropping out of participation in our system. I’m 57, got a few bucks and I am right at the point of giving up. I don’t want to, but it seems the fight is going nowhere. I’ll just keep playing golf and sports fishing and just not give a flying f**k about the future. I feel so hopeless…can anybody cheer me up?

    • Erik Lorenz says:

      Trump himself may not actually believe in his ideas, but he definitely attracts fascist crowd. What is REALLY concerning is the the size of that crowd. Which is apparently enough to make him the front-runner of the GOP.

  13. Shoeguy says:

    “The video shows her then forcibly removed from the room. Clinton never did answer.”

    He only tried six times through two Sandbaggers that had absolutely zero interest in hearing an answer.

    But by all means, Olaf, continue your faux outrage.

  14. TrumpCrusader says:

    Bill Clinton assaulted 24 women and had 60 people killed

  15. Susan Cunha says:

    Those police had no right to forcibly move anyone from the room. They were not threatening Clinton; they were challenging him
    Clinton and most politicians think they’re above the law and because of that they show their true colors when challenged.

    • Shoeguy says:

      Had that marine actually asked his tough question, waited for a response from Clinton, offered a retort, waited for a response, retorted, then he would have had a great debate, and sat down to finish the town hall.

      Pretending that he was interested in any discourse and wasn’t solely trying to be disruptive is completely disingenuous.

  16. Tony says:

    When will the Clinton backers and supporters see and acknowledge the truth about these three (Bill, Hillary, Chelsea) Clintons. They are liberal, corrupt, lying slime bags? Our country doesn’t need them, the world doesn’t need them, and we don’t need them. Federal prison would be a great, permanent home for them.

  17. Mister007 says:

    What do you expect from a draft dodger like clinton…..

  18. Devilindetails says:

    Why don’t those two old Gargoyles retire? Can’t stand the sight of them, they are nothing but Grifters.
    Karma please hurry for these two.

  19. mannasage says:

    So Bill doesn’t think that his hag lied about Benghazi, he m/b losing it. And to attack a vet about Veteran’s awful healthcare, HUH? Go back home & walk your dogs Bill, this election deal has passed you by, big time!

  20. Michael Bowen says:

    Its kind of hard to listen to the answer when you are being forced out of the room to silence you . and if for any reason you pull away the police will slam you to the ground and charge you with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct , even though you were not being arrested and they created the disorder .

  21. Don Lum says:

    She should of ask Bill, if he lied to Hillery, over the blue dress…because he was caught lying, to the whole population of the USA….Yes Bill ….do you know how to zip up your pants and keep it zipped…Come on Bill, waiting for your lie….

  22. Watchman says:

    Dumbocrats are so stupid. They believe anything.

  23. Mr T says:

    Apparently, in United States, if you disagree with a politician you will be escorted out of the building!

    I think this is the United States!!!

  24. st8kout1 . says:

    So typical of a Clinton.

  25. Mr T says:

    How did they know Bill was going to lie?

    Oh yeah, his lips were moving!

  26. Don Lum says:

    Where is the first amendment ….facebook…you are acting just like
    China, the Commie country, that Bill and Hillery, want to continue Obama
    true agenda…Do you think Bill, want to get back at the Americans for
    impeaching him over scandal and scandal and hundred others just like the
    other Bill…whats his name…. Crosby…or is Obama going to pardon

  27. Patrick Driscoll says:

    Blow Job Bill and Chaos Hillary…..Perfect together!

  28. bogart says:

    I think Bill Clinton was TOO polite. What a bunch of hoosiers these people are. They weren’t interested in getting an answer from Bill Clinton. So, what was the point?

  29. AZWarrior says:

    Sadly, the political elite of this nation couldn’t care less about the lives of brave Americans, but they care a great deal about spinning the story to fit their own agenda. May they someday need one of those heros they betrayed and I know that if that call came to me, well I would still rush to their defense – that’s the difference between them and us. We answer those three am calls.

  30. Anne says:

    Slick Willy the draft dodger wrote in a letter how he LOATHED the military (before he won the Presidential election). Now this old dirtbag who looks like he is ready to drop is talking down to our military again. Hillary lied to the family members of the brave souls killed in Benghazi. They are both unfit to be Commander in Chief and as Chris Christie stated “Hillary should not be allowed within 10 feet of the WH”

  31. wooleyoutwest says:

    Quick question? If the exit polling of Democrats in New Hampshire is to be believed, and Hillary Clintons numbers say that she garnered 38% of the vote, while the same voters say that 92% of them think she is dishonest and untrustworthy what is up with the 30%?

  32. disqus_htVNWSBEmM says:

    What about freedom of speech? Seems like the questioners were denied their rights when they were thrown out. Bill and Hillary are both proven liars and Bill was impeached for it. Hillary has been caught in so many lies it is hard to count them all at one time. Maybe Trump, or Cruz, whichever wins the presidency will have he prosecuted and put into a prison for a long time. It is a disgrace she has earned.

  33. dave says:

    Who the hell wants this trash back into the White House?

  34. Ivan says:

    Hillary Clinton = Greg Stillson

  35. Suzu M says:

    That final sentence said ‘Clinton never did answer.’ But yes, he did. He clearly said, “NO.”

    Not that I believe that, but just saying that statement was wrong.

  36. eddiebjr says:

    Bill says shut up and listen to my bullshirt. How dare you bring up the truth in the middle of by BS session. My wife may be a lying witch but just shut up about it after all I can’t wait to get back to all the whitehouse interns. I have bought a whole box of big havana’s and I am so excited to try them out on a twenty year old. It is so cool, just think they would have been about 6 or 7 years old when I was smoking a Monica Cigar.

  37. tony says:

    Clintons don’t know how to tell the truth

  38. dieter says:

    I wish that marine had wrung the saggy neck of that corrupt old sexual predator.

  39. David Johnson says:

    Classic….draft dodging liberal wimp Clinton shouting across a room at a combat veteran to ‘shut up and listen’ because there are a hundred people between him and the veteran. Like most liberals, they love to fantasize that their tough as long as they outnumber the opposition 100:1 or that their online posts cannot be traced to who they are.

  40. nicole says:

    Clinton is a disgrace……an impeached president that didnt have sexual relations with lewinsky……hillary must have spit is man juice all over monica’s blue dress…..yea thats how his dna got on that dress……thanks for that answer bill.

  41. texanbynature says:

    Bill Clinton, husband of Pinocchio Nose and a Vietnam Draft dodger, has the damned gall to yell at a veteran who served! Bill Clinton fled the country to avoid the draft, demonstrated against the war in Vietnam and burned American flags in Great Britain, flat out lied to the ROTC, and too much of a coward to serve his country in the military like other young me his age.