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When you’re a conservative speaking on a liberal college campus, it’s amazing how many things can go wrong all at once.

Texas state Rep. Briscoe Cain (R) was removed Monday from the Texas Southern University campus during a scheduled speech at the school’s chapter of The Federalist Society. He was to share some of his experiences working in the Texas legislature. However, before he was allowed to begin, students affiliated with Black Lives Matter disrupted the event.

The protestors began accusing him of being a racist and carrying signs with slogans like “Briscoe You Forgot Your Hood,” an obvious KKK insinuation. There is no evidence that Rep. Cain has had any ties whatsoever with the KKK.

Though the protestors were eventually escorted out of the building, allowing Rep. Cain to begin his speech, he found that he was once again thwarted at the podium. This time, TSU President Dr. Austin Lane and state Sen. Borris Miles (D), who represents the district surrounding TSU had grabbed the mic.

President Lane said the speech could not commence because The Federalist Society did not follow proper protocol when scheduling the event.

The official response from the school was that Representative Cain’s speech was not approved by the university, and therefor not permitted to deliver the speech as it would have violated school policy.

However, all is not as it seems.

In an email recently uncovered by the Blaze between Cain’s staff and the dean for student development and academic support, it becomes clear that the event had been planned for months. In fact, at least two school officials knew he would be on campus for the event.

Additionally, the president of the Federalist Society claims to have carefully followed all the required rules and regulations. He adds that it was, in fact, a school official who ordered the above flyers advertising the event.

When TSU was contacted about these irregularities, they simply repeated the statement they initially made.

Cain later released a statement criticizing the university of preventing the dissemination of dissenting opinions.

“The explanation given by the university is blatantly inconsistent with the administration’s approval of the event for months,” said the lawmaker.

“Black Lives Matter was not protesting the paperwork not being filed properly, they wanted to silence speech they disagreed with, and the University allowed it. It’s disgraceful.”