The unrelenting protests amid Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation circus on Capitol Hill are growing more ridiculous by the day, and it’s clear it’s starting to wear on those sworn to serve and protect.

Videos posted online Friday show dozens of leftist protesters screaming and chanting through the halls of Congress, while others with Planned Parenthood, the Women’s March and other so-called “women’s rights” groups mobbed senators in the elevator and their offices in hopes of delaying or derailing Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

At one point, several of the protesters dropped to the ground outside of the hearing Friday and sounded off with rape whistles in a collective tantrum, though the stunt didn’t last long.

In one video, an officer immediately ripped a whistle out of one protesters’ mouth mid-blow, then lectured the man just inches from his face.

“Don’t do that!” the officer yelled before wrestling away several more whistles from the group.

Shortly after, several of the “activists” looped the lanyards attached to the whistles around their neck to prevent officers from confiscating them, but the officers simply cut them off.

“November is coming!” the group chanted. “November is coming!”

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Capitol Police told USA Today a total of 57 protesters were arrested in the nation’s capital on Thursday, as Kavanaugh defended himself against unsubstantiated allegations of high school dry humping several decades ago. Most were arrested for “unlawful demonstration activities,” though two were charged with crossing a police line.

Protesters who attended the Senate Judiciary Committee’s vote to proceed with Kavanaugh’s nomination Friday were also taken into custody as part of a staged mass arrest, though the exact number detained remains unclear. Several appeared to have been detained with zip-ties.

The Associated Press published a video with officers removing dozens of protestors from the Dirksen Senate Office Building on Friday as they chanted “we will not go back,” “we believe Christine,” and “we won’t be silenced.”

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Most donned black shirts that read “Be a Hero,” though some advertised for Planned Parenthood.

Nearly all of them amped up their chants or simply screamed hysterically as they passed by the media on the way out of the building.

Outside, Sens. Kamala Harris, Mazie Hirono and Richard Blumenthal grandstanded before the Capitol amid a mob toting signs that read “Kava Nope,” “Women will revolt,” and “Kavanaugh-Graham, Crybaby tempter tantrums are not evidence!”

“The bottom line is this,” Harris lectured to the crowd. “We are strong. We are strong in the tears we shed, in the pain that we feel about what has been going on, in our disillusionment about what is happening in terms of these processes.

“The fact remains, guys, we are strong and we will fight.”

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