Did Hillary Clinton just have a George Bush supermarket scanner moment?

Hillary was the “honored guest” at the Postal Service’s unveiling of a series of stamps to remember the fashion work of Oscar de la Renta at Grand Central station in New York City today.

During her remarks, Clinton fixated on the words “USA forever” on the stamps, as if it was a new national motto.

“In the corner of these striking stamps, it says ‘USA forever,'” Clinton said.

“Let us remember what is durable and lasting about Oscar’s legacy.”

“Forever” refers to the concept of buying first-class stamps at today’s rate, but then being able to use them “forever,” regardless of a rate increase.

But Hillary’s apparent ignorance was even more evident when she referred again to “forever.”

Referring to the Postal Service, Clinton said,”Its choice of this immigrant who did so much for our country — his country — truly is what it means when we say ‘USA forever.'”