Hillary Clinton has “postponed” a second appearance of the week amid more evidence she may have a problem with her eyes.

Video of a brief Hillary Clinton press conference this week shows her eye problems weren’t just limited to a rally in Philadelphia.

A review of a press availability in a hangar at the White Plains, New York airport shows the incident of her eyes seemingly not syncing was not a one-time issue.

On numerous occasions, Clinton’s left eye could be seen turning more than her right.

It was the second time her eyes did not appear to be in sync with one another.

In Philadelphia, as The American Mirror was the first to report, Clinton’s left eye was frequently crossing during a speech to Temple University students.

Writing for The Hill, Dr. John R. Coppedge observed:

It appears that she has a problem with her left sixth cranial nerve. That nerve serves only one function and that is to make the lateral rectus muscle contract. That muscle turns the eye in the direction away from the midline. 

It comes out of the base of the brain and runs along the floor of the skull, immediately beneath the brain before coursing upward to the eye. Dysfunction of that muscle causes the striking picture of the eyes not aiming in the same direction and causes the patient to suffer double vision.

Like all things medical, there is a long list of potential causes but in my opinion the most likely one, based on Clinton’s known medical history is an intermittent lateral rectus palsy caused by damage to or pressure on her sixth cranial nerve.

“If, as is statistically likely, Clinton’s transverse sinus is still blocked,” Coppedge writes, “she would still have increased pressure and swelling and decreased blood flow to her brain. That swelling would place pressure on the exposed portion of the sixth cranial nerve at the base of her brain, explaining the apparent lateral rectus palsy. And such a deficit can be partial and/or intermittent.”

Meanwhile, Clinton “postponed” a Sunday appearance in Charlotte, North Carolina, that her campaign announced only hours before, WLOS reports — the second cancellation of the week.

“… Clinton’s campaign now says that after further discussions with community leaders, the Democratic presidential nominee will postpone the trip to avoid straining the city’s resources,” the news station reports.

On Tuesday, she canceled another trip to the battleground state.

“Hillary Clinton postponed a lunch fundraiser in Chapel Hill with some of the state’s wealthiest and most prominent Democrats,” Breitbart reports.

“No reason was given for postponement of the Clinton event, according to CBS North Carolina.”

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