Sorry, Hillary, she’s just not that into you.

During a campaign rally in Eau Claire, Wisconsin on Saturday, at least one campaign supporter seemed to be less than impressed with Clinton’s presentation.

The woman, positioned by the campaign perfectly in front of the cameras and standing right behind the candidate, repeatedly yawned and clapped tepidly throughout the Democratic front runner’s remarks.

At one point, she held up her “Fighting For Us” rally sign over her face to try to conceal her yawn, but even that didn’t seem to help.

Liz Kreutz of ABC News tweeted that about 850 people attended the rally.

By comparison, Kreutz reports Clinton rival Bernie Sanders was in the same town earlier in the day and was greeted by a crowd of 3,400.

  • Lisa Massoth

    I started yawning myself! Boring.

  • KevTuck

    Well, you know the all night parties that can take place when the LGBTQ+ community gets together.

  • lambwood

    I’m sure she’ll vote for Hillary Clinton.

  • Ian Lesiuk

    Oh man… A human yawning. That definitely means she’s not impressed or doesn’t care at all. There’s no way she’s just tired or didn’t get a lot of sleep because we the media need to find absolutely anything we can to bash the political parties, even if it’s as simple as someone yawning

  • person

    this is a story?

  • jaz

    The problem Hillary faces is that the only people who are dumb enough to be willing stage props and stand directly behind her are also dumb enough to yawn throughout the whole thing.