A video posted on YouTube by James Porter purports to show Hillary Clinton voters bypassing the registration area to cast ballots in the Nevada caucus Saturday.

“They’re letting them into the caucus right now without registering them,” a woman can be heard yelling as a steady line of people stream by.

“They’re going to do the count. They’re all going to be part of the count,” anther woman can be heard saying in reply.

“But they’re not registered,” a man says.

“They will register after this,” the woman can be heard saying.

“Clinton supports caught BREAKING the rules,” Porter writes in the video description. “This just happened at caucus location in Nevada. Hillary supporters were not registering to caucus, which is NOT allowed by the Democratic Party.”

  • Javonna Washington

    Hey, We’re the Clintons..! These are the benefits of being the Clintons. Hey, We’re the Bushs..! These are the benefits of being the Bushs. This is just the same scandal like the Bushs did by editing the ballots. They are doing it by letting unregistered people vote. Integrity is not a part of their family values!

  • Mohammed_Goldberg

    Why do think democRATS ends with RATS?

    • Funkenstein ✓FUnK verified


  • Dana Born

    According to the Nevada SOS office:

    Date: Saturday, February 20, 2016.

    Detailed Caucus Information: Please visit the Nevada Democratic Party website at http://nvdems.com/.

    Eligible Participants: Open to all registered Democrats. If you are not already registered but eligible to vote, you may complete a registration form and participate on the day of the caucus. If you will be 18 by November 8, 2016 and are otherwise eligible to vote, you may participate in the caucus.

    Caucus Locations: To Be Announced. Please click here for a list of caucus training events.

    Sign-In: To Be Announced.

    Basic Caucus Process: First, you will register or sign in at your caucus location. The precinct chair will welcome you and explain the rules. Next, the precinct chair will count all the attendees and determine the minimum number of people that must be in a candidate’s group to be awarded a delegate.
    So they should have registered FIRST! NOT gone on to caucus and then register!! This is out and out cheating.

  • fedupMan

    But they got away with it again. Video can’t stop d’s anymore Remember Philly Blp Panthers stopping whites from voting. 0pres, AG Holden dismissed all charges. Than was just the beginning. It got worse.

  • David Reyes

    Sounds about right.

  • Lertha Muttz

    Illegal aliens don’t register before they are allowed to vote either.

  • djw663

    But they say voter fraud doesn’t exist.

  • Vetfromhell

    Hillary for prison 2016

  • Zammana

    Just more of the same…

  • Disappointed

    How can she run for president? If people will google how many people have died in her path, she she not have one vote! How stupid are people, to think she cares about this country!

  • Wouter Dito

    Neither Hillary Clinton nor her campaign employees did anything wrong. Ted Cruz, on the other hand, is running to be President while not being a “natural born’ citizen. Now that is true lawlessness.

  • Steve1


  • dareisay

    How many of them were illegals?

  • Heckle&Jeckle

    hillary the scum bag hoe

  • Ben Daho

    “Hillary supporters register AFTER voting?” Democrats register after dying, never mind voting.

  • Noah_Vaile

    Hey! They’re hillary-democrats. They don’t need no steenkin’ registration.
    I heard a womans svoice say, “they’ll register after voting.” How the heII does she know that?

    The political establishment is showing off its “tin-pot” third-world dictatorship mindset.

  • Garys_opinion

    Why in the world would anybody vote for her. It’s a mystery to me!

  • whoodoo

    Corruption of our government stems from the corruption embedded in our two major political parties, and it transfers into the government when their candidates are “chosen” in the repeated forced-dichotomy we call the general elections. Even at the primary and convention stage, “delegates” ply potential candidates for favors in exchange for their votes, and those favors are first on the list of priorities when those candidates are elected, not the priorities expressed in their oaths of office.