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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi had another embarrassing public appearance on Tuesday during a speech to the Jewish advocacy group AIPAC.

Within a span of 45 seconds, Pelosi twice asked who in the audience was from her home state of California.

“Don’t be shy,” she said, acknowledging the attendees.

While attempting to stress her connections to Jewish people, she cited her father and grandchildren — each time, telling the audience to applaud for them.

“Before I was even born, by father was in the Congress, Thomas D’Alesandro, Jr. He was a — okay, let’s hear it for dad,” she said with a laugh when no one clapped. Her request was met with a smattering of applause.

Moments later, she said, “And I do have to boast of my Jewish grandchildren. I think I have the most of anyone in Congress, I’m not quite sure, but they’re adorable, you might expect me to say.”

She continued her prepared speech, “The US-Israel partnership,” then halted.

“Let’s hear it for my grandchildren,” she said.

An attempt to make a deep point about the long-time “dream” of Israel was botched when she misread her TelePrompTer.

“The United States of America, an idea now centuries old. The modern state of Israel: Young in age, but the dream of millennials — millennia.”

Alas, the shout out to Millennials would have to wait till another speech.

While embracing a “two-state solution,” Pelosi flubbed “Palestine.”

“… two states for two peoples,” she said. “A Jewish state, Israel. And an Arab state, Palenstine.”

Pelosi displayed similarly bizarre behavior during during a February appearance before Families USA when she instructed the audience when to applaud.

When attendees didn’t clap after she congratulated them for her work, she said, “When I said we could not have done it without Families USA, that is an applause line for you.”

She added, “Applause line!” after she said she looked forward to continuing to work with the activist group.

What is going on with Nancy Pelosi?