Animal rights activists may want to rethink the idea of confronting pig wrestlers in the heat of action.

One such person learned that the hard way Wednesday.

An estimated 2,000 people converged on the Utah County Fair in Spanish Fork to watch the best pig wrestling team be crowned. Participants are as young as five years old.

“We were joking about it the other day,” Brody Steele told KUTV. “People were calling us racist animal abusers,” referring to his Confederate flag.

The object of the competition is for the team to wrestle the muddy, slippery pig into the barrel in the shortest amount of time.

All was going well until a group of protesters in rainbow-colored wigs breached the pen. It’s not clear whether they were looking for a fight or to rescue the slimy pig.

Video shows some shoves between the wrestlers and protesters and one who breached the pen being promptly ejected head over heels.

The man’s wig flew off and he quickly got up a slinked away, likely embarrassed to be manhandled during his seemingly brilliant stunt.

KUTV speculates about the successful wrestling of the protester, “it is possible those actions will bring assault charges.”

There’s no word on what punishment could be in store for the protesters who disrupted the event.

Likely not a blue ribbon.

  • Ray Arlen

    If one state must be slightly more influential in the primary process, I’m glad it’s a state who’s citizens know how to deal with clowns like these. How stupid do you have to be to think walking into a pig wrestling ring is a good idea? Maybe protestor-tipping will be the next big thing from the heartland. Just think how much happier the cows would be!

  • Nigel Covington

    Any animal rights protester who’s stupid enough to enter the pen during a wrestling match between man vs. pig is stupid enough to get his ass treated like the pig and get tossed out. Maybe we can all be grateful that these hate mongering, racist AR protesters didn’t just bomb the match murdering everyone there that day? Whatever happened to shooting terrorists on site?

  • Linda Craig

    Wow the people on this thread sound like stereotypes. Scary stereotypes.

  • Bruce A. Frank

    Or the protesters could get charged with interfering in a sporting event!

  • David Perry

    Some protester were spotted later , in the woods , Drinking wine and having sex with the pigs !

  • Arnold Taylor

    Not down with the racism but sure wish they would have put a couple of those radical animal rights retards in the hospital.God I hate these types URBAN, entitled, arrogant ,know-it all, stupid human filth that wants to shove a radical agenda down your throats and if you don’t agree then they will label you an “animal abuser”.There is war right now against these terrorist dirtbags.Support the Animal Enterprise Terrorists Act and throw some of these creeps in prison.

  • Travis Bickle

    I guess we are supposed to be impressed by white trash animal abusers. They never amount to much. In the mud is where they belong and in the mud is where they will always be. LOSERS.