Texas is not Hillary Clinton country.

The former secretary of state made a fundraising stop in Beaumont, Texas Wednesday and KFDM reports only six people showed up at the airport to greet Clinton.

“Some people just wanted to catch a glimpse of the presidential candidate,” according to the reporter who was on hand.

But that didn’t happen. The news report shows Hillary’s motorcade driving quickly out of the airport.

She didn’t say hello or visit with anyone while at the airport,” according to KFDM.

Meanwhile, 12 News Now reports Clinton was in West Beaumont to attend a fundraiser organized by Pakistani businessman Tahir Javed.

The news station reports the campaign collected about $500,000, “making it one of the top five private fundraisers Clinton has had in this country.”

“Many of the Pakistanis at the event were pleased with Clinton’s vocal support of the Muslim religion,” 12 News Now reports.

“Talking about Muslims and favoring Muslims, so I really appreciate her whatever effort she is making against Islamaphobia, so I really think she needs to be the next President of the United States,” Aisha Zahid says.

  • Scott74

    Six people – lmao

    And she ignored them, so don’t count on their support.

    • Seriously

      That guy is still voting for her… cause ya know, he SAW her up close… Must be blind or something!!

  • Jeronimo Dan

    Stick a fork in her boys, she’s done.

  • Right. We need a drunk Red Chinese aging and half blind brain dead Red Chinese Agent as our next Commander in Chief, based upon the fact that she’s a Feminist and the Heir Apparent of our Populist Commie, the pedophile Bill, who has pitted cops against the People with is “Jail them All” laws. Divide and Conquer. The Pillsbury Report, “The Art of War,” read them.

  • Bengahzi what?

  • st8kout1 .

    Just wanted to add my avatar to the list here, and to say, “Arrest her already.”

  • Seriously

    That guy wants to vote for a candidate that could’t take 10 seconds from her ‘pampered privileged’ life and say Hi!?!?!? Big ‘L’ on that forehead. Aisha: It’s not a phobia when the threat is real. Pick ANY country with an Islamic presence and you’ll have terrorist attacks. ANY OF THEM. All done in the name of their ‘god or prophet’.

  • Sherluck

    The democrat party is bankrupt.

  • Renrah

    of course she ignored them because If she had acknowledged them it would be the same as admitting this was her actual turnout, so better to pretend those people must have been there for any other reason.

  • Capt_Morgan

    I’m so happy the pakistanis are happy with her.

  • laweegee

    Six curious people, sort of like when they had “Freak Shows” you don’t want to see them but…

  • Good for Texas! TRUMP/AMERICAN PATRIOTS 2016!

  • KC135TopBoom

    Are these Pakistanis US citizens? It is illegal to take campaign donations from foreigners…..oh wait, Bill did it too (Chinese), so it is alright for both Clintons…..

  • ljm4

    She supports it alright, google her OIC moment and Resolution 1618 and her shame and peer pressure speech. She’s all about turning America into a dhimmi country for political islam. Isn’t she special?

  • Bulldog

    Hillary, reportedly endorses open borders for Latinos and Muslims. The glitch is that they have to register Democrat in order to cross the border. This has been disclosed by individuals very close to the Clinton campaign and the Clintons themselves.

  • docdave88

    What I don’t get, and I’m serious here, is what in the world makes 47% of the American idiocracy want to vote for this b1tch. Seriously. I’m askin’ here.

    • Dem-Smasher

      Help from the MSM, Hollywood, College Professors, Stupid blacks who keep voting them (free stuff), Tree Huggers, Free Loaders, Socialists, Communists, Gays and Perverts, Femenist Nazis, Terrorists Organizations (CAIR) Muslim Brotherhood and the list goes on… Oh yeah, dead people can’t forget them…

      • docdave88

        Good point.

  • Obamasucks69

    So let me get this straight, General P was arrested for having printed out confidential info in his desk at home and goes to jail. Hillary the liar Clinton has her own email server classified, and top secret emails on those servers which is illegal and now we find out she also had higher then top secret material the kind you walk to the person let them read it then destroy it, WOW are you freaking kidding me…Why isn’t this lady brought up on charges already..she is a disgusting untrustworthy liar..

    • RBS1

      She is NOT a lady!

    • Dem-Smasher

      Because she has a big fat D beside her name.

  • Tom R

    The woman is contemptible.

  • Tom R

    How in the hell does a person like this even stand a chance of getting elected president ?

    • Dem-Smasher

      Help from the MSM, Hollywood, College Professors, Stupid blacks who keep voting them (free stuff), Tree Huggers, Free Loaders, Socialists, Communists, Gays and Perverts, Femenist Nazis, Terrorists Organizations (CAIR) Muslim Brotherhood and the list goes on… Oh yeah, dead people can’t forget them…

      • The Funkenstein ✓FUNK verified


  • Dryden01

    For the good of the Democratic Party, Hillary should resign from her campaign run. The whole selection process was rigged for her from the start with no opposition yet now even the communists are beating her. Hillary Clinton: The Wrong Woman For The Job

  • Mike Person

    Alright, Hillary’s got the Muslims behind her.

  • elder1943

    Her arrogance and hubris is breath taking !

  • Feet2Fire

    Yeah, who cares about a handful of Americans, when she can rake in HALF A MILLION from her Muslim buddies?

  • Romny

    This witch needs to hang for what she has done, Period.

  • Feet2Fire

    Heck, who cares about a handful of Americans when you can get half a million from your Muslim buddies?

  • Feet2Fire

    Looks like the race WILL be between Clinton and Bush after all: To see who will be the BIGGEST LOSER. (Check out the Drudge poll results.)

  • Dennis

    The Chinese own Hillary,Hillary and bill are laughing at the Muslim people.

  • Artupstairs

    Aisha, nobody cares what you or your Muslim buddies think.

  • Piquerish

    Well, after all, she had to endure a tight corkscrew landing and duck withering sniper fire just to make it to her car. Of course, she had no time for the hoi polloi.

    • RBS1

      Just cannot picture her running. It would probably look like a hyena, tail squat, looking over her shoulder…lol

  • Momster

    Silly Hillary fans—don’t they by now realize that it costs $thousands to talk to HIllary? Did they think she gives it for free?

  • Goldmonger

    Yea, when cows fly. Ohhhhhh!

  • Johnb

    Hillary, now it’s time to say goodbye and just fade away, far, far, far away.

  • kid creole

    So she is taking foreign money into her campaign. Bad Hillary.

  • Own Defense

    Yes, we need another muslim President.

  • JJTX


  • AntiBanshee

    They must be from Austin. That is the only place in Texas where you could possibly find that many Hillary Clinton supporters.

    • Judeth

      didn’t read the article? She went all the way to BEAUMONT, to pick up 500k from her Pakistani supporters.

    • MoreFreedom2

      Hillary would say everyone knows all about Texas values.

  • Phillip McAllister

    Hillary’s Muslim brotherhood henchwoman Huma Abedin arranges the bag drops from Muslim 7/11 owners.

    Democracy in America–bought and paid for by the Saracen!


    There are several derogatory words describing hatful vile women that I hate… but all are appropriate for describing the Hildabeast. May she spent her final years in prison.


    I hope that trend of only 6 people showing up for her continues into the voting booth

  • doc holiday

    It’s over Shillery.Can’t wait until Trump puts in the last nail.

  • Jim1937

    Pakistanis like Seven Elevens, dirty taxi cabs and goats too.

    • The Funkenstein ✓FUNK verified


  • John Hopson

    Wonder how much of that Pakistani money had a foreign connection. The Clintons are famous for accepting foreign money in their campaigns. Can we say ILLEGAL. Time for the Federal Election Commission to bust their sorry asses. Wait until Trump sics an army of Justice Dept lawyers and accountants on them to audit their campaign contributions.

  • Aleric


  • cajunwarthog

    Was she dodging the bullets flying over her head?

  • Aunt Bee’s Pickles


  • R Dub

    Thanks Peter, for the correction. At the site of this demon I can’t help but tell a lie. She’s contagious .It was a vast left wing conspiracy. Chicagho! There. Think were done here.

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    How much did that cost us?

  • vespo08

    Is this the same Tahir Javed? Dr. Tahir Ali Javed is a politician with the Pakistan Muslim League and has been its local Minister of Health and Minister for Special Education, and a member for Protection of the Environment.
    Back in America, he’s known as the man responsible for the largest Hepatitis C outbreak in US history.
    Even as 99 people tested positive for hepatitis C and five people died, Javed faced no criminal charges. And even as old medical records, several of Javed’s nurses and several of his victims suggested that the oncologist had long known of the danger — that he had presided over a clinic whose employees repeatedly committed serious safety errors — Dr. Tahir Ali Javed got elected to a new post in Pakistan.
    He became a public health minister.

    If this is the same Javed, it’s fitting that Hillary Rotten Clinton would associate with other criminal elements, so long as they can raise millions for the queen!

  • Jonathan Miller

    It isn’t Islamophobia to fear Islam, it is called common sense. That is why the Saudi Arabians offered none of the refugees a place to stay…

  • JPVan

    Just sayin’

    • Glenn Quagmire

      What does she have that the other two don’t?……. Hmmm…….. Of course !!!!….. A vajayjay!!!!!

  • Richard Santomauro

    Her Majesty Highness, The Royal Hillary Rodham Clinton —- Bought and paid for by Special Interests around the world. Prostitute for cash and votes.