It’s been eight days since Bill Clinton condemned the “awful legacy of the last eight years” and he hasn’t appeared at another public campaign event since.

Now, even Bloomberg TV is wondering, “Where’s Bubba?”

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After speculating that Hillary will get a “real challenge” from Bernie Sanders in New York, John Heilemann and Mark Halperin discussed the whereabouts of the former president.

“He’s got nothing scheduled there,” Halperin observed. “Normally, even when the staff says you cannot win this state, they fight like crazy. Keeping the margin down, as we’ve both just said, is important.

“Why are the Clintons not in Wisconsin the rest of the week?”

Heilemann responded that both hosts think Hillary is “destined to lose” the state.

“The fact that Bill Clinton is not going there at all suggests to me that they not only think they’re going to lose,” Heilemann said, “but that they already think that they’re going to lose by a big margin and there’s no point in deploying him there in a wasted effort.”

“It is tough, to me, to understand Bill Clinton not fighting,” Halperin said. “Any state he won in the general election is a state he feels like is his and he can turn things around.”

That, apparently, must be how dire the circumstances are in Wisconsin for Hillary Clinton.