Even Dan Rather thinks there may be something to Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

During an interview with Larry King, Rather said “no one” should be surprised if the presumptive Democratic nominee for president is indicted.

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“A lot of people are saying what if something happens to her. What if there’s an indictment. What if Joe Biden — the Democratic Party can do what it wishes. It’s a private convention. We just happen to go there,” Larry King said.

“That’s true,” Rather responded.

“The Democratic Party could change its rules if something happens to her and nominate Biden,” King continued.

“Larry, you and I have spent enough time around politics that we know overnight is a long time in politics. A week is forever,” Rather said.

“And we’re talking about a convention that doesn’t happen until late July and an election that doesn’t happen until November.

“Could any of these things that you just said happen? Yes, they could happen,” Rather said.

“I do not expect Hillary Clinton to get indicted, but no one should be surprised if she’s indicted — at least for a misdemeanor.

“A lot of things could happen,” prior to her nomination, he said, adding, “health issues come into play.”