A Freudian slip?

A Lonoke, Arkansas election official was left red-faced after voters complained Hillary Clinton’s name was misspelled in the most unfortunate of ways: “Hilliary”.


Yes, Hilliary.

“Hillary has an extra I in it, but Clinton is spelled perfectly correctly,” Jerry Shepard, chairman of the Lonoke County Election Commission, tells KARK.

“We were not made aware of it until voting began,” Shepard says. “It is amazing that that many people missed it.”

The first-time voter who spotted the error suspects a dubious plot.

“We were kind of convinced that they did it on purpose,” she tells the news station.

“After looking at it pretty carefully it looked like they had put in liar and that was after more information came out after her emails,” the anonymous voter says.

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The voter posted on the news station’s Facebook page:

They spelt it “Hilliary” which I’ve seen some of my friends say Lonoke county did this on purpose to spell liar.

I would like to believe that they did not do this on purpose because I think it was just a spelling error. However I did contact the clerks office and told them of this error and they told me that they are blowing it off because they don’t expect people in Lonoke county to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Whoever I spoke to they were rude and they just laughed off my complaint so I decided to call the Arkansas Secretary of State’s office. They took my complaint and forwarded me to the Arkansas Election Commission, where I filed an official complaint on the Lonoke County Clerks office.

“They were just kind of like we know, we don’t think many people will vote for her so we can’t fix it.”

A Democratic member of the election commission, Jimmy Wallace, doesn’t see a foul intent with the extra vowel.

“We don’t like it anymore than anybody else would because it is a reflection on us,” according to Wallace.