Louis Farrakhan recently visited Iran, where he trashed America and said Muslims could leave the country — but there’s no indication he stayed there.

Laura Loomer reports the anti-Semitic Chicago-based Nation of Islam leader was in Iran this week, where he interviewed with Marzieh Hashemi of Iranian state run Press TV news agency.

“You, as the leader of the Nation of Islam, what would you say is the greatest lesson that our history has taught you, that can actually help the Iranians in dealing with the United States?” Farrakhan was asked.

“We believe Allah wants us to separate from America,” he said.

“We do not wish to be integrated into that decadent house. We some territory that we can call our own, because are between 40 to 50 million people. White supremacy makes it difficult for us to live in peace with them. There is a plan to kill us, and it’s happening every single day. White America is disagreeable to live with in peace,” he said.

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“A divorce is a proper thing. It would be better for us to have a divorce from America, with land settlements and reparations to build a nation of our own. The big lesson is, we can’t live with them in peace,” he added, referring to “White America”.

Farrakhan recently defended Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar when she was criticized for repeated anti-Semitic comments.

After she claimed American politicians supported Israel because of money, Farrakhan said, “Ms. Omar, from Somalia, she stopped talking about the Benjamins and they trying to make her apologize. Sweetheart, don’t do that.”

“You have nothing to apologize for,” he said. “Israel and AIPAC pays of senators and congressmen to do their bidding,” he told an audience.