Comedian Seth Meyers loves to rag on President Trump, but he seems to realize there’s a lot of people who rather not listen to his political pot shots.

Meyers reportedly convinced the big wigs at Netflix to build in a special button during his new Lobby Baby special that allows viewers to skip over his Trump material, which he concedes is a buzz-kill for a lot of folks.

“It dawned on me that because it was on Netflix, there would be this opportunity to put in technology that would allow people to skip it,” he told CNN Business. “It was away to build in the response to anyone who would say, ‘Oh, let me guess there’s going to be jokes about the president.’”

Some have credited Meyers, a former cast member of Saturday Night Live, with lighting Trump’s candidate fuse at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in 2011, when he took aim at the billionaire developer’s reported plans to run for president.

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“Donald Trump has been saying he will run for president as a Republican, which is surprising because I just assumed he was running as a joke,” Meyers quipped as Trump sat stone-faced in the audience.

Meyers also mocked Trump’s hair, friends, the Miss USA pageant, and the way he talks.

Netflix’s Director of comedy programming, Robbie Praw, told CNN Business he thought it was a good idea to give viewers the option to skip past the Trump bashing.

Praw described the feature as “this clever idea” and praised Meyers for thinking it up.

“We’re thrilled he was able to take advantage of the Netflix experience in such a funny and innovative way,” Praw said.

Meyers told the news site he doesn’t think people will actually use the skip feature, which he called “another joke in the special.”

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“I think, look, sometimes at a fancy restaurant they’ll put parsley on your plate and you’ll think, well, that’s a nice touch, but you’re not going to eat the parsley,” he said.

Last month, Meyers told CNN’s Jake Tapper Trump’s presidency has been a “game changer” for late night comedians like himself. Meyers, who took over NBC’s late show in 2014, has relied heavily on Trump in the years since his 2016 election, when the comedian said he hired an army or researchers to help him craft his jokes.

Regardless, Meyers contends Lobby Baby is generally light on politics, though he couldn’t resist taking at least a few shots at his favorite target.

“There’s not a lot of politics in it. There’s some because I didn’t want to do a special in 2019 and then years later have people say, ‘hey, wasn’t that when Donald Trump was president? You never mentioned him,” Meyers told Tapper. “But at the same time it’s way more of a special about my family and things like that.

“It’s refreshing to take a break from the politics,” he said.