President Donald Trump posted to Twitter this week to assure the American people he’s taking the Coronavirus seriously and working with the best experts he can find to keep citizens safe.

Unfortunately, the post revealed a far bigger problem than the deadly virus sweeping the globe.

Thursday’s headline on CNN: “Coronavirus task force another example of Trump administration’s lack of diversity.”

The “most trusted name in news” assigned Brandon Tensley to the tragedy.

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“Who are these experts? They’re largely the same sorts of white men (and a couple of women on the sidelines) who’ve dominated the Trump administration from the very beginning,” Tensley wrote.

“By contrast, former President Barack Obama’s circle of advisers in the face of the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa was hardly so monochromatic. Neither was it so abysmal in terms of gender diversity. (Of course, to contextualize, Obama’s administration, on the whole, was far more diverse than Trump’s.)”

The real intent behind the task force isn’t to protect Americans from the deadly coronavirus, but rather to sex an example of the folks Trump “deems worthy of holding power – and even being in close proximity to it,” according to CNN.

What Trump’s actually tweeted on Tuesday:

Just received a briefing on the Coronavirus in China from all our GREAT agencies, who are also working closely with China. We will continue to monitor the ongoing developments. We have the best experts anywhere in the world, and they are on top of it 24/7!

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The post included four pictures taken from different angles during the meeting. The images showed Trump at the head of a long table with about three dozen advisors seated at the table and in rows behind, as well as others on video conference along one wall.

At least three women were in the room, including one at the main table, as well as at least one Asian man.

But CNN chose the one photo with only one woman in it to juxtapose against a similar photo shot during Obama’s meeting about Ebola in 2014.

The Obama photo includes only three white men – one being former vice president Joe Biden – seated along with five women and a black man.

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And aside from insufficient diversity, online experts pointed out other problems with the pictures that prove the president isn’t doing it right.

“Literally everyone in the room has information in front of them and the ability to take notes except the President of the United States of America,” KevinlyFather tweeted. “Just an empty placemat. This is where we are, people.”

“Trump is using the coronavirus situation as an opportunity to post some staged pictures of himself like he’s some type of Instagram model rather than the President of the United States, who should be above all that during a matter of international importance and concern,” Eugene Gu, MD tweeted.