South Carolina is no longer a “firewall” for Joe Biden, and he’s attempting to claim he never said it was.

America Rising published a video with Biden’s conflicting statements made less than two weeks apart.

“South Carolina is your firewall,” he was told on today’s “Face The Nation.”

“You said it was my firewall,” he responded, pointing his finger. “I’ve never said that.”

“Your campaign has said that it’s your firewall,” the host Margaret Brennan corrected.

“No, it’s no firewall. I said I was going to do well there,” Biden said.

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Brennan looked astonished, with good reason.

On Feb. 2, Biden told MSNBC, “I think I have a real firewall in South Carolina.”

The AP reported on Feb. 9:

Joe Biden is facing increasingly formidable competition in South Carolina, a state his campaign has long assumed was safely in his column and one he’s repeatedly described as a “firewall” in his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Or this from Feb. 12, via the Los Angeles Times:

His campaign has long regarded the state as Biden’s firewall, given his longstanding support from African Americans, who make up three out of five Democratic voters, and his close association with the nation’s first black president.

Biden’s claim today seems to suggest he’ll do poorly in South Carolina as well, and is seeking to stretch out the life of his ailing campaign.