Joe Biden is blaming the racial makeup of Iowa voters for why he took a drubbing in the Democrat caucuses there.

Peddling a version of revisionist history to voters in Reno, Nevada on Monday, the fourth-place candidate said he didn’t do well because the populous was “all white.”

Biden told the overwhelmingly white crowd that, according to polling, Iowa would be one of the “four most difficult states” for him.

“And they’re good people,” he qualified, “It’s all white, it’s all Midwestern, it’s a lot of farming.”

Biden added, “We did okay if you take a look at what happened there,” referring to the counting debacle.

Biden came in fourth with 15.8 percent of the vote.

Pete Buttigieg narrowly won the state with 26.2 percent. Bernie Sanders came in second with 26.1 percent. Elizabeth Warren edged out Biden with 18 percent.