Is Pete Buttigieg trying to mimic Barack Obama’s rhetoric and style, or plagiarizing him? Or both?

The Recount assembled a montage of Buttigieg and Obama side-by-side, and the video seems to make a compelling case that the former South Bend mayor is simply copying him.


It shows how Buttigieg and Obama say “Just a thought” precisely the same way.

Other lines were markedly similar with a nearly identical cadence.

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“There’s a movement reaching into church basements and barber shops and into universities and union halls,” Buttigieg says, while Obama says, “and water coolers and church basements and in our schools and with our kids…”

They both made similar statements about cities, and then Buttigieg says, “Shines as a beacon around the world,” while Obama says, “Shines as a beacon to the world…”

In the Recount video, Buttigieg says, “And this is our chance to change that,” while Obama says, “And this is our chance to answer that call.”

So is Buttigieg using the same speech coach? Or lifting Obama’s lines? Or both?