There’s a new challenge gaining popularity with students, and it’s perhaps even more ridiculous than the infamous Tide Pod Challenge.

Officials with the Lytle Independent School District in Texas are warning parents that their kids are running through traffic and darting in front of moving trains, dared by their peers to dodge death, Local 12 reports.

Lytle ISD posted to Facebook on Monday:

Local law enforcement recently received a tip about school-aged children here in Lytle challenging or daring their peers to mimic dangerous behaviors. There’s an app called Crossy Road that is being acted out in real life. Children are challenging each other to cross busy roads and train tracks while vehicles are approaching. Please be aware and talk with your children about the dangers of participating in any type of dare or challenge that puts them in real danger.

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The post included screen shots from the Crossy Road app, which involves animals and other characters crossing through busy traffic, similar to Frogger.

“As with many other challenges that come and go (cinnamon challenge, tide pod challenge, etc.) regular parent communication is a key to keeping children safe,” Lytle ISD advised in the post.

The Crossy Road challenge comes just a few years after kids across the country challenged their peers to eat toxic Tide Pods, a potentially deadly proposal that could also lead to severe burns.

The Tide Pod Challenge led to dozens of poisoning cases reported to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, in addition to thousands of other cases involving children too young to know better.

At least eight people died attempting the challenge.