Senator Elizabeth Warren is engaging the little people in New Hampshire in a final push before Democrats there cast primary ballots on Tuesday, though some seem to prefer it if she simply went away.

Warren and her campaign, followed by a gaggle of flashing photographers, descended on a family diner in Manchester on Sunday, where folks gathered with friends and family seemed less than enthused by the encounter.

“It’s nice to see you. Good to see you,” Warren told a woman at the head of a long table, where over a dozen prepared to order.

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Several patrons cast their gaze away in a clear attempt to avoid conversation, but Warren did not get the message.

“I’m from Massachusetts and I know all about you,” an elderly woman told Warren dryly.

“Oh, good, good, I’m glad,” Warren shot back as waitresses nudged her out of the way. “So you can tell everyone. It’s good to see you.”

One man at the table remained focused on his infant child, using the baby to avoid eye contact with the Massachusetts senator. Others attempted to talk amongst themselves to ensure Warren wouldn’t engage.

Nevertheless, she persisted.

With at least four cameramen and several staffers in tow, Warren made her way around the table with small talk, complementing the baby and talking about her three grand kids, as the group did their best to move her along.

Warren then shifted focus to another seemingly uninterested couple in a booth before imposing on a mother and son reading through the menu.

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“Hi, nice to meet you,” Warren said, shaking their hands.

The obvious lack of enthusiasm for the socialist senator doesn’t exactly bode well for the Warren campaign with just hours to go before New Hampshire Democrats decide who they want to take on President Trump in 2020.

In the most recent Boston Globe/WBZ-TV/Suffolk University poll, fellow Senator Amy Klobuchar eclipsed Warren in the Granite State, where she now trails all the top candidates with the exception of “frontrunner” Joe Biden, whose coming off a disappointing fourth-place finish in Iowa.

The poll “found Klobuchar was the choice of 14% of likely primary voters behind Sen. Bernie Sanders (27%) and former mayor Pete Buttigieg (19%),” The Associated Press reports. “Sanders’ eight-point lead over Buttigieg reflected a shift from Friday, when the poll found the former mayor slightly ahead of the senator from Vermont.

“Former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Elizabeth Warren were tied for fourth in the poll at 12% each.”