You want to give him the best anniversary gift as a sign of your appreciation for who he is and all that he has done for you in your marriage. If you are not sure what he will love, here are some ideas that will work from your first to your 80th anniversary. Some of these ideas fit in with the traditional and modern anniversary gift ideas where each year is represented by a different material, helping you choose just the right gift

Personalised man cave sign

Whether his man cave is a shed at the back of the garden, the garage or a room in the house, a personalised man cave sign will make a great addition and shows your support for him having his own space in which he can disappear to do his own thing.

Your text could include his nickname followed by “Man Cave, the place to go for real sports, cold beer and solitude.  Drama prohibited!” If you are looking for 8 year anniversary gift ideas for him, consider putting the sign within a bronze frame. This is something he will love to mark his territory.

Season ticket

If he supports a local team, gift him a season ticket to watch them play. If his favourite team is not local, write to the team manager or the agent of their favourite player and ask for a signed photograph.  If you give a short background as to why he would appreciate such a gift, you may be lucky to get a personalised response. Alternatively, celebrates his success in sport with a golf trophy or a set of poker cards dipped in 24k gold.

Beer Fridge

Gift him his own beer fridge. Have a traditional beer fridge with a black body and a stainless-steel trimmed glass door or choose one in a style you know he will love. Choose a fridge with an integrated lock recessed in the side mount, so nothing needs to go missing. Open the door to an LED light of his favourite colour, and he can enjoy a cool beer any time he likes. This is a great gift for your 11th anniversary symbolised by steel.

Subscription box

Subscription boxes are a creative anniversary gift as they keep on giving throughout the year. You can choose a subscription to have craft beers, cheese and other foodstuffs that he loves delivered to your door each month. There are subscription boxes for fans of gaming, movies of all genres and much more. Whatever he is passionate about, search out a subscription box, whether that’s a new rock n’ roll T-shirt, shoes or a new tie. A subscription box for clothing is great for your second anniversary, symbolised by cotton, or on your fourth anniversary represented by linen or your seventh anniversary, which is wool.

Collector display case

If your deserving man is a collector, then surprise him with a display case so that he has one spot to put everything that he admires. A leather watch case can hold half a dozen watches or more. A glass case to hang on the wall could hold other collectors or a glass box to protect an item on display on a shelf. Leather is the traditional gift for a fourth anniversary

Activity tracker

If your man enjoys staying in shape or is just starting in a new sport, an activity tracker like a Fitbit watch is a great anniversary gift for him as it should your appreciation of the efforts he is making to stay healthy. Activity trackers are built to withstand heavy use and being water-resistant can be used anywhere. This could suit several anniversaries if you want to stick with the traditional gifts since these are made with a combination of aluminium (10th) and steel (11th) or have the colour of copper (7th), silver (25th), or gold (50th).