Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tried to make the case on her Twitter account that the proposed Wuhan coronavirus relief package proposed by Democrats is a trophy for how Dems care about the working man.

She figured that it shows just how progressive ideas and the progressive movement are achievable.

“And it’s a fascinating progressive moment because what it’s shown is that all of these issues have never been about how are you going to pay for it. It’s never been about whether we can do these things or if the logistics have worked out”

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Have you ever heard the term “one who flew over the cuckoo’s nest?” Talk about being drunk with power. She’s lost it, and she’s rushing to the microphone to show it.

No lady. It doesn’t show what you are pushing. It shows how tyrannical the progressive movement is. They are willing for people to lose everything, become impoverished, to die – while they play politics.

A divided country cannot win a war. I tremble for America.

China and South Korea are defeating the virus because (for whatever reasons) their people have acted as one against it. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, et al., do not care how many mountains of dead bodies they have to stand on if only they can hoist the flag of victory over Pres. Trump, who is trying to calm Americans and the economy while finding a way to slow down and defeat the virus.

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They are fighting him. Not the best scenario for a decisive victory over a ruthless, uncaring foe. It doesn’t help when there is no end of stupid people out there, like AOC, the people who listen to her, and others who take fish tank medicine.

This is why I don’t support bills that package pork together with other critical parts. Every line of the bill should be put up to vote, and anything that doesn’t pass should be removed from the bill. Anything that gains bipartisan support can remain law, and any of the partisan BS gets whited out.

Take every D.C. politician, their staff, and every other employee and place them on an hourly wage of 20 an hour. All politicians and their staff are required to clock in and out. Give them only thirty paid holidays and ten sick days. They receive no salary while campaigning and no more recesses. Do this, and then we can talk about the progressive agenda.

The Democratic Party of the party is showing the country its one stripe.

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They don’t represent the American worker, the American family, American business small or large, the American economy, American health care staff, or anything else that may keep America strong. They have become the party of extortion. There is nothing reasonable about their far-left, unrelated laundry list of socialist pap.

We share nothing in common with the Left, Absolutely nothing! It’s about time we start saying it. The Left is at War with us – FIGHT Back! Today’s radical liberal Democrat Party is the Socialist Party. They are Bolsheviks*. They are Anti-America, Anti-U.S. Constitution, Anti-Capitalism, Anti-God.

Their Liberalism is a Mental Disorder. They are America’s enemies who will not support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic!



This piece was written by Wayne Dupree on March 24, 2020. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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